Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Reuben is laying on the bench in the garden, depressed after his terrifying ride with Mossy and Hugo in Edwards car! And even worse was that Edward blamed HIM! He really did not like that Panda! or come to think of it that nut case Mossy! He was going to try and keep well away from that bear while he was stuck in this village.

Wallowing in his depression and quite enjoying himself grumbling away.. he suddenly hear's a  voice!

" Hello, are you Ok? "

"Go away!" says Reuben covering his eye's
" Why?" asks the voice
" Because I do NOT want to talk !"
" But you were talking away when I came up ! You did not even hear me!"

Reuben takes one hand away from his face and looks at the girl leaning over the back of the bench
" Have we met?" he asks grumpily
" No " say's the girl " I'm new here like you , my name's Stevie "

Reuben pulls himself up as Stevie makes her way round the bench.

"Can I sit here with you for a while ? " asks Stevie
Reuben is just about to say no when he notices something , so he says " If you really must!" not exactly an invitation !

Stevie sits down and all is silent for a while until Reuben asks " Are your eye's hand painted?"
"What a strange question? " gasps Stevie " They are just my eye's !"
" What about " says Reuben " a philtrum do you have one? "
" A What!"

Before Stevie can reply , the little bear is standing over her leg looking up at her face.
"What's a philtrum?" she asks mystified
" WHY to I even bother! " cries the little bear turning away

 "NEXT" shouts the little bear
" Next what?" asks Stevie in confusion
Reuben comes to his senses and realises that there is just him and Stevie in the garden
He thinks quickly " Next time pay attention ! and don't make out you are someone you are not!"

 Stevie has no idea what the little bear's on about but says " I think you are quite cute, do you belong to one of the other's in the village ? "
Reuben jumps up suddenly feeling anxious to leave  " Sorry No I certainly do not belong to any of the waifs and stray's in this place !"

" Well " says Stevie " if you don't have a little Miss maybe you'd...." before she can finish Reuben's off....

"NEVER " cries the little bear rushing off across the grass as if his life depends on it!!

Stevie sits back on the bench as the little bear vanishes into the distance, she did not realise a bear of his size could move so fast!
He was a bit grumpy but she quite liked him.......


  1. Yippeeee! I'm here before SS-R!

    Great post AGAIN Dee. Love how you have highlighted the the attributes needed for a NP doll in a charming 'story-like' way.
    Stevie is such a delightful looking Sasha with a lovely caring her new outfit looks really fresh and trendy.

    Great use of that truly beautiful wooden bench. What a superb prop! Attractive background greenery.

    Another interesting bedtime (well for me!) story as I sip my bedtime mug of warm milk.

    1. Thank you Kendal. Reuben wants everyone to know what an NP looks like , so he'll be able to acquire one for his very own....

      I must say that the bench is a fabulous prop and I'm so glad I asked!! :)

      Hope you have a lovely nights rest
      Hugs Dee

  2. You sneaked in again K!! You are getting good at this...
    Love the post Dee, wonderfully thought out!!

  3. Wow, Stevie is the first Sasha in the village to think that Reuben is CUTE!

    I'm relieved that the crazy car ride didn't end in disaster, you've kept us on tenterhooks about that story. Funny how Reuben was temporarily distracted by Stevie's eyes, it kind of 'blinded' him for a moment that she is a waif.

    1. Yes but she's only just met him, so how long will it last???

      I thought I'd best show you that at least they have survived but will have to add to that tale in a day or so...

      Yes when Reuben saw those hand painted eyes...he nearly forgot what else an Np needs....but when he got a closer look....

  4. Yay a match made in ..... we'll have to wait and see.
    Stevie's so innocent and Ruben's so particular - again you've left us all wanting more!

    1. All I can say is the tale is slowly unfolding....:)

  5. Another great story Dee! Love these Reuben stories, lol. I never dreamt when I sent him to you, that he would be such a handful, lol.
    Stevie looks lovely. I am wondering if she might become his new little Miss???? Steve XXXXXX

    1. Thank you , Steve :)
      But I think you protest too mcuh about not knowing that Reuben was a handful!!! lol
      I cannot possibly say who may land up with this rude little bear!!! ;)

  6. Hmmm.... thet guy Steve? Did he KNOW what kind of arrogant, opinionated and snobbish little bear he was sending to the Village? Is he a true friend, or was he trying to cause trouble....? Can we believe his protestations of ignorance re Reuben? SOMEBODY has to take responsibility for the behaviour of this bear, who seems to be as bothersome as a certain toddler boy who lives elsewhere...
    Come on, Steve. Fess up, did you send Reuben to the Village because he was too much of a handful for you to have with you?
    Part of me is longing to hear of a sweet, hugable side to Reuben. I love my bears and don't like to think a bear ever existed who was innately unpleasant. But, if he turns into a sweety, the story will stop.

    1. At Last! someone who's seen through Steve motives for sending such a one as Reuben to this innocent little village full of waifs and strays!

      I bet that Reuben was hanging onto the door post as Steve tried to get him into the box to post!! :) He would not want to have left such wonderful Sasha's that live in Steve's house!!! I heard tell he had to bribe the postman to take the parcel it was jumping about so much!!! :)

      I'm sure he's not ALL bad , unlike a certain toddler who shall be nameless... LUCAS..who said that!! But I don't think he'll ever be truly polite ;)

  7. don't mean a little red headed toddler named LUCAS are you?? :) :)

    1. She would never name him....but I WOULD , YES like Lucas the De'Vil ....I so remeber his aunt Cruella :) I believe she was also a close relative of yours????? :))

    2. Straight to the point as usual Dee...and please don't be rude about Auntie Cruella :)

  8. Awwww Stevie is so pretty, how could Reuben resist her? Quite easily it seems!
    I love the photos where Stevie is looking over the back of the bench at Reuben, so very natural looking. And that is a great bench!
    Shelly did a super job of Stevie's eyes, didn't she!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I to like the looking over the bench shot, came out well.
      Reuben's going to be a hard one to [lace with a Sasha or Gregor!!!
      I love the bench :)
      and Shelly's work is fabulous :)

  9. Well, now I know.. there is more than a little something wrong with that bear - He doesn't want Stevie!!!! How can that be!
    Who wouldn't want her!
    A person could get lost in those eyes!