Wednesday 28 August 2013


The children in the village were very happy and a little bit envious to receive some postcards via the computer from their good friend India who'd been taken on a lovely holiday to Barbados by her Mum and Dad.

"Hello to my friends in the Sasha village " writes India " It is lovely here in Barbados, today was Dad's birthday so he opened all his cards and Mum treated him to a bottle of bubbly , but I was not allowed any I was only allowed a coke!"

"This is a photo just for Toby ! Look Toby it's just like a walnut whip! How funny " writes India showing off the lamp in the hotel room.

" This is me standing on the balcony overlooking the beautiful island palm trees." writes India " We are off for a drive "

"this is the little car we used to travel round the Island , I wanted to drive but Mum would not let me !"

" This is Mum holding me so I cannot run off and get an ice cream ! I had to wait until after we'd had lunch!"

" Here is a photo of me in amongst the plants, you can see the lovely Beach and sea behind me, it's so lovely here , I wish you could be here too !"

" We spend a lot of time sun bathing by the pool, Mum bought me this sun suit especially "

" I did not feel to good this day, I tried some of dad's beer and it made me feel all giggly and then quite sick! Mum said I had to stay on the sun lounger until I felt better "

"We found this little playhouse , I wanted Dad to buy it and bring it home But Mum said it would cost to much. It's a shame as it was sooo nice !"

" Well I must say good bye I'll be back in England soon and will tell you all about the great time I had ,
Bye !"


  1. A very early Goodmorning to Dee and SS-R.
    Hope that I have got here before you although I know that you get up at the crack of dawn to walk those dogs!

    1. Good Morning to you Kendal and everyone else out there in blogland!
      You got me again!! Well Done!!
      Wow! What a fantastic holiday! Looking at those pictures and India having such a good time makes it even harder to knuckle down and get on with my housework this morning!!

    2. I know it makes you want to do to the sea side...well your only down the road but some of us are miles away!! :)

    3. Am off to the seaside tomorrow...have had withdrawal symptoms, so need a Brighton/Hove fix!!

    4. Well that's good new! They'll be announcing a late surge in sales for the end of August there by helping the UK economy recovery ;)

  2. What a very lucky girl India is.....and what a fabulous location to have a birthday.
    Beautiful scenery. Picture perfect.
    PS. Couldn't see Mr Mossy so gathering that he hadn't managed to squeeze himself into their luggage for a free little break from all 'that hiding and spotting!'

    1. It must have been a great place to celebrate a birthday!
      Mr Mossy had his passport confiscated due to an incident in his youth....I can say know more... :)

  3. Loved the walnut whip lamp!
    What a fantastic holiday. Good job Mum didn't allow champagne when the beer had such a poor outcome!
    India is a really lucky girl....hope she brings back some of that lovely sun.

    1. It great that lamp!

      Yes Sasha's and drink do not mix well!

      She did bring some sun back, these are from Gill's holiday last month, it's just taken me a while to get to post them due to all the where's Mossy and Reuben quest for his NP girl!!!

  4. Ooooh how lovely, what a great place to celebrate a birthday!
    And so nice of little India to be able to go with them too!
    I love that little car, that would suit me perfectly!!!!