Monday 26 August 2013


Ashley, Raven and Ginny  decided to look on the internet and see what was happening out and about in the world of Sasha!
They came across Sharon's post of her new girl Lyric and were taken with her braid ties!

"She's very pretty"say's Raven "I like her braids tied with fabric!"
" Yes " replies Ashley " It matches her blouse "

They find a bigger photo of Lyric and spend some time  inspecting what the Sasha's in Spain are wearing this summer!

A close inspection is needed!

"I like it " States Ashley " I think we should try and go Spanish!!"
" Yes" "Yes" the other two agree..

Time is spent trying to find some stripy socks, Ginny's not impressed with the long one's Ashley holds up!

Decisions made regarding to stripe or not to stripe they go off to finds some clothes to wear like Lyric's.

Some time later they return with their hair braided and tied with fabric and wearing shorts and tops!

"Do you think Hattie will be upset that we have cut up her scarf? " worries Ginny
" Mm maybe " answers Ashley
" It's not our fault really it's mum's !" says Raven
"How come? " asks Ginny
" Well she locked up all the other fabric after that time that Toby and Zak cut holes in loads of it !"
Ginny's not so sure that it's Mum's fault that they have used Hattie's scarf for braids but Raven starts calling out Whola At the top of her voice !!

"Why are you shouting Whola? " asks Ginny
"It's hello in Spanish !" states Raven " Or is it Hoopla ? "
" It's doe not have a W at the beginning " says Ginny firmly " It's hola and hoopla is a toy! "
The girl's all have a giggle at Raven's mistake !

They all turn to the camera and holding up their hands shout  " Hola Lyric !"


I would like to thank Sharon and her new girl Lyric who inspired the idea for this post.


  1. OK SS-R. I'm here and will be back to comment more fully after I have cooked and eaten my evening meal!

  2. Have I beaten Kendal???
    Love the post... isn't copying is a form of flattery? or so I am told. :) :) And you know how I feel about blatant copying but this spin on Sharon's girl Lyric' outfit is very well done the PALE BLUE hair ties are especially fetching on your girls :)

    1. OHHH! You just beat me!Congratulations Kendal!!

    2. Thank you.I think I have given it an original spin ! Some times you have to settle for PALE BLUE when a darker colour would be a first choice :)
      I could have made them lots of different fabric ties with all the fabric I have but I have plans to ACTUALLY make sometime!! yes It's true....well maybe week after next..... :))

  3. Absolutely adored it! A superb idea! What a very clever girl you are Dee!
    Your three girls got themselves changed beautifully and in record time. Perhaps they might send a few tips on this to my girls up here.

    A lovely finish to my Bank Holiday weekend.

    Sorry about that SS-R! You were only a couple of minutes behind me and would have most probably got there BEFORE if it wasn't for the crutches! Better luck next time!

    1. Thanks Kendal.I am pleased I was able to find a few outfit's to go with the Spanish style !Lol
      Thought I give those of us who have not gone away for the bank holiday something else to read!
      I especially like Ginny in her outfit, I have since added a hat and she looks so sweet!

      I'll have to take a photo and post it tomorrow, after I come back from work.. :)

    2. Love the neat braiding especially Ginny's!

      My Gotz waif girl, Holly, wears a hair ribbon that is also made from her Molly dress material.

      Sorry to hear that you have to go back to work tomorrow but all good things have to unfortunately come to an end ...but thanks again for a lovely blog posting weekend.

    3. Ginny's braid's are so neat because she doe not have as much Hair as her sisters!
      Ah Kendal, you are ever the trend setter :)

      Yes this week I must work TWO WHOLE days! well until 4.30..hopefully no later!! It's a hard life.. :)

    4. Oh! TWO days and until 4.30pm is not SO bad then!

  4. I hope Hattie isn't cross that her scarf is cut up to follow the best of Spanish Style - perhaps the girls will have to persuade her that Helena Bonham-Carter has a Spanish mother and would therefore very much approve of this new style move promoted by Lyric.

    1. That's right ! I had forgotten that Helena's mother is part Spanish part French! I will tell the girl's so they can have their story ready!
      But I think Hattie will have her hands full with Reuben , Hoppitt and her Autumn Hat collection!

  5. LOL, this is brilliant, Dee!!! Lyric is soooo impressed with how the girls are 'doing the Spanish hustle' over there in the UK!! She's flattered too that they would change into their shorts outfits and she shyly asks if they want to be her penpals!!!
    The girls really do look pretty in their outfits and their hair ties. It's funny that they should zone in the hair ties because they were actually a 'last minute' thingy for Lyric as I didn't have any ribbons here with me, so thought 'ah, what can I cover the elastic bands in her hair with?' and then it sprung to mind to use the same fabric as her top. I have another idea for a hair tie which I will use soon, and hopefully the girls will like that one too, although I think it might be more suited to Hattie's style.
    I love the little redhead in particular, she's got a very cheeky look about her, and that outfit is just perfect for her colouring!!

    1. They would love to be penpals with Lyric as long as they dont have to write or speak Spanish ! lol They'll be a lot more Hoola's and Whola's if they do!!!
      The girl's will be waiting to see this other Spanish style for tying up their hair :)I just hope poor Hattie does not have to lose another scarf to fashion!!!