Wednesday 14 August 2013


Cornelia decided to try on the only other wig in the village. This wig is a slightly more trendy? style being two toned.

Mm I think that the fringe is to long ! Are you in there Cornelia??

Oh good you are in there! Yes it is a bit long maybe we will have to cut it?

Let's look at the back? Mm nice and wavy , interesting with the brown under the white but

Is it really Sasha!!!
All opinion's welcome on this wig number two!!


  1. I like the basic style and fit of this wig. I personally am not a fan of the two tones--too trendy for me. I do like the white/blonde with her colouring.

    1. Thanks, julie, I too like the white/blonde against her skin tone

  2. Although I know that I'm here BEFORE SS-R I'm forfeiting the point because I know that my competitor friend is caring for her daughter after her operation and that wouldn't, IMO, be fair.
    Will leave my comment in a mo.

    1. No! Kendal ...the point is YOURS:) He who POSTS .. Wins!!
      Unless you have dissected Mossy and used him as a wig I can't find Mos in the picture either :)
      I do love the curls on the girl, but not the two tones...are you sure it isn't Mos sitting on her head???

    2. I most certainly have NOT turne dMossy into a wid! We in the village do not dissect our family members, unlike those at T.A.T.E house :))

  3. I'm really livid. I was just finishing off the last few words to this comment when my computer decides to shut down to update itself so now I have to start all over again!

    I do love this wig on her IF it wasn't for the darker brown tones underneath. Personally I wouldn't trim it but ease it back a bit and try to hide the darker hair so that that didn't show as much.

    I'm noticing that she has another new dress on which is very pretty and nicely colourful for this great Summer that we are having.

    Searched for my bear friend Mossy but couldn't see him today.

    1. These computers can be a right pain sometimes!!
      Unforntately this wig shows the cap underneath if you try to put the hair to the side, so will have to have a play about with it and try and solve that problem.

      I had the dress which is by Ginny of a Passion for sasha on another one of the girl's who I had since changed, so when I needed a Dress for Cornelia I grabbed this one that I had not yet put away.

  4. I love the wig, even the two tone, I really like the white part on Cornelia, and the type of waves, but yes, something needs to be done with the long fringe. I don't know whether you should cut it or try doing something else with it, some sort of clip or slide, or something. It does seem a shame to cut it, but on the other hand, you might as well get your use out of it.
    It does look lovely and soft though!
    Love her dress and her Stocks!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I prefer this wig on her to the other , may be the lighter colour.
      I will have to have a play with it to see if I can get it to look better on!
      Those Stocks are coming in really handy for putting with the summer dresses.

  5. I have to agree with most of the comments - the wig is fine, but the two-tone doesn't flatter. I do like a two tone look, but more of the scattered throughout type.

    I like the curls - especially with the light blond - although I would be clipping that fringe to the sides immediately - I am not a fan of hair in the face .
    Wouldn't she look cute with a thin hairband?
    The dress is adorable!