Monday 12 August 2013


One of Mossy's fan's requested that he appear in EVERY post for the village as she delights in his appearances!

However I do not feel this would be fair to all the other little bears that live in the village and may also result in Mossy getting too big for his Boots , if he had any!

So I have come up with a compromise! From this post on we will have a WHERE'S MOSSY?

Any posts that do not contain Mossy in the story line MAY have him hiding somewhere in one of the photo's!

If you see him , you can leave a comment of  " I see you MR Mossy!" but not where you see him in case other's are looking and we would not want to spoil anyone's fun.

If you want to know if you are correct then email me and I will  confirm if you are correct or if you are not!

Here are a few photo's of Mossy in case you don't remember what he looks like!!!!

"Excuse me Mrs Mum? "
" Yes Mossy?"
" Can you pass me my letter !"

"I'll leave it here in front .If that's ok?"
" I suppose so . Oh and you should say MR Mossy "
" Really !"
Mossy thinks for a minute considering Mrs Mum's tone of voice " That's ok YOU don't need to say MR"

"You had best do a close up in case they can only see my beautiful green eyes!"
" Beautiful green eyes? "
" See even you agree "
" Wha ! I ! Never mind " says Mrs Mum

" Should I show them my back? in case I am moving away? "
" No I don't think they'll not be able to tell it's you "
"Are you SURE! " questions Mossy then seeing Mrs Mum's look continues " I'm sure you are right "
All's quiet for a few minutes then Mossy  jumps down and climbs in the plant pot behind .

" CAN......Y..O...U......S.E.E .....M..E " he calls out as if Mrs Mum's gone deaf!!
"Yes " says Mrs Mum
" R..E ..A..L..L..Y..?"
" Yes " say's Mrs Mum " so get back here so I can take one more Photo !"

" I'm sure there are enough photo's " say's Mossy picking up his Fan letter " Tell them I will send whoever gets the most correct first, by the end of the year , a signed photo of me! They'll like that "
" Are you sure ? " asks Mrs Mum
" Oh Yes " says Mossy liking the idea more by the minute " In fact I will send one to the junior winner and one to the old.. I mean senior winner! Why it will be the best Christmas present they will ever get !" says Mossy walking away carrying his fan mail!!!


So here is Mossy's competition.
please comment " Count me in Mr Mossy " and I will add your name to list.

On the 5th December, Mossy will send the junior and senior winner a signed photo along with a small gift.

Good'll need it!!!


  1. Of course we're in!
    Oh my, hope my hawk eyed assistant will help!

    1. You'll need a hawkeye'd assistant with this lot of mottley competitors!

  2. Count me in Mr Mossy!!
    Oh! I think I have beaten Kendal!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. have got to knit Mos a red/white striped top and a woolly hat:)

    2. Then he will look like Where's Wally (not A Wally...or perhaps he might...)

    3. Ronny Ronny Ronny! Mossy could not possibly wear a red and white hat and Scarf as that would be COPYING! Although Wally may be flattered by such copying I prefer to adapt and use my own imagination , although I am sure that for years before where's Wally arrived someone somewhere was doing that exact same thing! And anyway Mossy prefers Green and he is not getting one in that colour either!!
      I know this is just a plot to enable you to see him easier than having to resorting to asking young children off the street to find him for you due to your icy gaze ;) you know it's not bob a job any more, they would probably want a Fiver!!! :)

  3. Definitely count me in Mr Mossy.
    Wondering now if I should quickly sell a doll on and order my much needed new spectacles immediately rather than wait a month or so until I can gather the necessary cash together.

    Judging from the comment above though I'll have to count myself out this time in my other 'first to comment' competition with SS-R.... BUT might I be allowed a medical compensation with only just coming back from the hospital yet again.

    1. Kendal, you have the eye's of a Hawk looking for his breakfast!! I bet them new glasses are to make you see less that your already Hawkeye , so that you stop tripping up while commenting on Mrs H down the road and two door's left, letter that's been dropped on the mat!!

      You'll all need to pay attention, there will be extra points to gain and forfeit!!

  4. LOL, count me in, I like looking out for MR Mossy!!!
    One question, now, am I young enough to be in the Junior section or do I have to be in the Senior?!!!!

    Does anyone remember years ago in one of the tabloid newspapers, there used to be a daily competition during the summer months I think it was, where one of the newspaper staff was out and about at the seaside and if you saw him you had to say something like "You're Chalky (I think that was the name) and I claim my £5".....Am I showing my age? LOL

    1. Nice try Sharon, you are in the senior section ! :)

      I do remember that now you say about it but not the name but a paper doing something like that.

  5. Count me in - I like Mr. Mossy's attitude!

  6. Count me in Mr. Mossy. What fun!

    1. Mossy is loving that all these people will be looking for him! He is already getting a big head!! :)

  7. Count me in, Mr. Mossy. This will be fun!

  8. Count me in Mr Mossy and I hope he does get a big head it will make it easier to locate him!

    1. Michelle, he'd just have to hide under a bigger item!! If there was one !

  9. We'd like to play too, Mr.Mossy:) Although he was so well camouflaged in that flower pot, I'm not sure I'd be able to catch him in other photos!:)