Sunday 11 August 2013


Storm's been out in the garden taking Diggory and Mossy for a ride in the pram, much to Mossy's disgust!
She hear's someone calling her and stops to wait for them to catch up.
It's Callie.

" Hello Callie " smiles Storm " I'm taking Diggory and Mossy for a ride round the garden they love it"
Mossy mutters " Oh no I do not!"
"What's the matter lad!" says Diggory " It's bracing to be out in the fresh air!"

" A parcel came for you and Mum sent me with the letter and what was inside"
"Ooo !" sigh's Storm getting excited.

Callie puts the letter down for a minute and  Mossy see's a chance to escape!

Callie show's Storm a photo that came with the letter.
Mossy starts to slide quietly over the side of the pram towards the ground .
" You off somewhere lad? " asks Diggory making Mossy jump and start shushing him!

Here is the photo.

Mossy's made it safely to the ground, Storm still unaware that he's escaped!

Here is the letter , It's from Lora saying that she's sent Storm a shovel to help Mum and Dad with the garden and it will stop Lonely trying to 'help' out there!!
Ps How is Mr Mossy? we are big fans at the cottage!!

Callie gives Storm a pretty green shovel, while she is admiring it, Mossy who was trying to get away appears to be busy trying to read the letter Lora sent!

"Never mind that old Shovel ! " says Mossy loudly " Where does it say WE are BIG fan's of MR...did you hear that MR MOSSY!"

Storm looks at the tag attached to the shovel, it's from my good friend Lonely, who is now safe from the Ice Queen !

She reads Lonely's message with help from Callie ! Oh it's for Ice Cream Yum yum," says Storm  , Callie replies " Lets go and see if Mum will give us some Ice cream so you can try it out!"
Storm thinks that's a great idea.
She puts her lovely new ice cream shovel in the pram and before he knows what's happening , Mossy finds himself back where he started!

"Ow! " says Mossy sitting on the shovel " What's this thing I'd sitting on! Oh it's green! My favourite colour!"

Storm is just about to move off when Mossy cries "NO! " leaning over the side he points at the letter from Lora " MY FAN MAIL ! I want it!"

Callie rolls it up and put's it beside Mossy, who cuddles against it lovingly.
"What's that you have there? " ask's Diggory

" It's from MY fan Lora in the cottage !" says Mossy smugly " No one else in this village has a Fan letter! I must show Edward ! " smiling happily he settles down to hugging the letter all the way back to the house , where he can be heard calling " Edward! Edward! It's me MR Mossy!"


  1. Just HOW do YOU do it???? Another superb story and featuring two of my favourite of your little bears.

    How delightful to see a little girl playing with a dolls pram....such a shame that you never seem to see anything like this happening these days in real life. Come to think of it you hardly ever even see little girls carrying their dolls around with them either.....well apart from us BIG girls carrying our Sasha Dolls where-ever we dare!

    So pleased for Mossy to have got some evidence/proof that he has 'devoted fans.' Wondering now if Reuben will ever get to this stage? Probably not unless he changes his ways!

    Love Storm's spade from Little Lonely. That is far nicer than our ones here which haven't the raised lips on the sides. Smiled at the gift label saying that she had licked it clean so that it's ready for use. Hoping that Mrs Mum has some ready and waiting in the deep freeze!

    Many thanks Dee.

    1. Yes It is such a shame that you do not really see many children with dolls or prams about.
      I am going to buy a silver cross dolls pram off ebay once I have my studio! I have wanted one for years and when I lived in my big edwardian house I had room but here not, so now with the studio space and after seeing Dawns, not one but two, and a local shop as one for displaying bags and things, I know that I am not alone! in wanting one, supposedly for the granchildren but really for me too!! lol

      I think Lora will have created a monster by calling Mossy MR!!! Poor Edward will never hear the end of it! and now he know's he's got FANS! Well!!

      I'm afraid little Storm wil have to make do with digging into peaches and cream for now but i'm sure she'll enjoy that until we get some Ice cream!

      I have to Thank Lora for providing me with the material for this tale! Thank you Lora.

  2. I am losing my touch...ANOTHER point to you K!!!
    Superb post with the bears and Storm! I too, loved the' licked it clean' quote, that was very clever Rosie/Lonely :)

    1. I to liked the I licked it clean quote, very clever and a great gift for my post.From Lonely, Rosie and Lora.

  3. Thank you Dee so much for the superb story. Everyone here is thrilled to bits.
    The copy of the photo - it was a surprise to me and what I discovered one Saturday on returning from shopping. Marc (Gregor) is saying 'Nooooo Lonely, not Dad's cactus'
    I'm afraid I can't take any credit for it, but it was all thought up by Mossy's biggest fan!!!

    1. I must thank Mossy's biggest fan for her superb photo, shoval and letter without which I could not have told this tale!
      I can see some tales running off of this one... :) I will not give game away....
      I'm glad Marc managed to save Dad's cactus from Lonely's 'help'!
      and I am happy that Mossy's biggest fans at the cottage enjoyed what I did with their lovely gift!

  4. Oh this was such a lovely story! Like everyone else, I loved the 'licked it clean' tag, so perfect! At least she didn't get her dog to lick it clean though! I love their dresses, the little pram, Mossy trying to escape, all just perfect Dee!!!!
    I don't know how you think them all up!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I had the help of Mossy's biggest fan Lora.
      May be I am a child at heart!! Lol I do like playing with Dolls and Teddy's and prams!! :)

  5. I've been noticing that in MY heart and mind it's that little MR Mossy that my eyes are first looking and watching out for way before I start to notice the other details in the story post.... like the Sasha Dolls, their outfits, props and surrounding scenery!

    Just look more closely at his activities here. Firstly looking captured and bored in the pram. Then intently listening to the girl's conversation followed by trying to escape as they become more involved in looking at the photo, reading the letter and gift tag and finally admiring the spade....but having escaped the pram's clutches he hears his name being mentioned and curiosity gets the better of him and so he abandons his previous plan.

    His quick 'skim and scan' of the page and then pride at finally reading his fan mail in the PS (you can almost see his little chest puffing itself out!) which he naturally wants to keep as evidence but which then quickly turns into an opportunity for self boasting his moral and status against Edward!

    Meanwhile with all these thoughts swirling through his mind he is picked up and plonked back into the pram without even a hint of a protest.

    Truly magnificent!!!!!

    HE is definitely stealing the show for me so please can you try to give him a part, however small, in each and every post as he literally 'makes MY day!'

    1. Kendal He would be unBEARable to live with if he appeared in every post! and would you enjoy it so much when he does appear like now!

      But it's given me an idea which I will post in a moment.

    2. I'm pretty sure that I could NEVER have TOO much of Mr Mossy!

  6. There will be no containing Mossy now he is getting fan mail.