Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hattie is with her rabbit Hoppit in her workroom , she's washed her hair , so has tied it in a scarf while it dries.

Going over to the sewing table she look's at her large poster of her beloved Helena Bonham Carter.

She reaches out and say's " Helena I need some of your fabulous style for my new hat range !" then she stands and stares waiting for inspiration to come !

Hearing a noise Hattie turns towards the door to see a little bear standing there puffing !

"Hello" says Hattie " I think I have heard of you!"
" Ha ve  yo u " Puffs the little Bear " I ..don't..remember me.eting you!" he finishes catching his breath.

Hattie helps him onto the table, so she can look him over !
" Why were you running? "
" Oh  , nothing really just trying to avoid that grumpy old Panda!"
" I knew I 'd heard of you, youre Reuben? " says Hattie
" That's right " says Reuben standing taller, it would appear he was getting quite famous , unfortunately unknown to him, for all the wrong reason's!
" Mm yes I remember a couple of my sister's told me how you are looking for an NP to be your little Miss!"
" That's right ! " says Reuben glad these village children were finally getting the message! " and I can see by that thing under your nose you don't qualify !" he finishes rudely

" So on that note I'll be off " says Reuben turning his back on Hattie and getting down from the table.

Reuben makes his way towards the door, hoping that Edward's not still outside in the hallway
" Oh before you leave " calls Hattie removing her scarf now her hair's dried " I'm sure you have been told that here we, the children , pick our bears "
" Yes yes " mutters Reuben intent on getting to the door and out and away
" Good, then as it seems you need a strong hand I PICK YOU !"

the room goes silent as Reuben stops stunned ! Did she just say what I think she said? he cannot believe his ears, he slowly starts to turn.

Hoppit who'd been dozing over on the chair cannot believe his ears either!! HIS Miss Hattie did not need that old bear!

Reuben who'd closed his eyes as he turned all the better for him to blast this little upstart out of the room!
Open's his eyes to see...... a red haired WAIF!!!!

He does the only thing a bear of his quality faced with such a situation can do......he faints!

Hattie covers him with her scarf and goes back to her wool and cotton basket to carry on deciding on her autumn range.
Hoppit  hop's off the chair and tries to strangle Reuben , who is now awake and moaning about his fate!

Reuben manages to push Hoppit off him and catch his breath. " Bad enough that Waif ! " he shivers at that word " think's I'm her bear but she's got a Mad murderous Rabbit for a pet!"

He decides to try to reason with her " Look here you! I DO NOT BELONG TO YOU! " that's told her he thinks, what's that sound?... is she giggling? she is she's giggling ! " What's so funny? " demands Reuben
" You are " she giggles not  even bothering to turn round " I'm sure we'll get on just fine..once you realise whose in charge "
" Why ! I ! It's Not! " Reuben is lost for words , he decides he'll have a word with that Mrs Mum woman , she'll set this child straight!
"What's you name ! " demands Reuben rudely, he'll need to know so Mrs Mum know's which one he's talking about
" Harriet Bonham Carter Owen " replies Hattie " But everyone calls me Hattie "
He faints again!

When he recovers he sneaks out to the computer and sends an video message ...

" Lady Kendal ! I will be visiting your area, tut North !, In a few weeks, please have your Np's ready for me to inspect and please ignore any rumours you may hear of my being..." he swallow's " owned !
your's with the greatest respect  Reuben Red."

He makes his way back to the chair, where he rests still in shock at what's happened!

He starts to plan, he's not finished yet ! It's not over till the NP sings...........for him!


  1. Gotcha this time SS-R!
    Back in a jiffy!

  2. Ah Ha! Well Done K!
    I spot my dear friend Mr Mossy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I C U Mr Mossy!!!!!
    Fab post...I wasn't expecting this and it made me chuckle :)

    1. We aim to surprise ! :)
      Glad you enjoyed it .

    2. You certainly do! And I did!

  3. Yeah I spot Mr Mossy too!
    Well, this is a turn up for the books! Hattie and Reuben, what a combination! I can see hair and fur flying in the near future!
    Hattie certainly is going to be A BIG CHALLENGE for this funny little bear, isn't she!!!

    1. Glad people did not see this combination! Will definitely be a challenge for someone! probably me!! :)

  4. I see you Mr Mossy, it's about time Reuben got his comeupence! Can't wait to see what Hattie has in store for him :o)

    1. Hattie ! It's more Hoppit I'm worried about, he one unhappy bunny !! :)

  5. I see Mr Mossy.

    Reuben needs a strong hand and how clever of Hattie to know that and give him such a shock - hilarious (my girl will love this when I show her the story in the morning while she eats her breakfast). I had noticed that Reuben hadn't yet met Hattie, she hasn't featured much recently (unlike Mr Mossy), so had wondered what would happen when they met - stroke of genius Dee.

    1. Yes you are right , Reuben needs someone to keep him in check! and Hattie should be just the Sasha to do it! Hope R p enjoys the tale :)

  6. So sorry that I didn't get back to you yesterday as promised but time eluded me once again.
    SO much to see, read and evaluate firstly...

    Love the set up. Exciting introduction some hours previously setting us wondering and on tenderhooks as to what was to be happening with Hattie centre stage!
    That girl and her clothing has to be the 'whackiest' Sasha around. (It always amazes me how you dare to dress her like that and today, that turban tops the lot!)

    Secondly, I'm feeling really upset and sorry for Reuben, in spite of his over the top 'airs and graces' if he believes that he is going to be paired with Whackie-Hattie! Poor little bear! Think that I'd be fainting too!

    Thirdly, you are making a fabulous Stage Manager. Fully appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into this. Love the little sewing machine and all its accessories surrounding it.
    The tape measure around her neck and pin cushion strapped to her wrist made me smile (pity that a few straight pins couldn't have been caught between her lips too!)

    Fourthly, the script is just hilarious! With all this going on inside your head I can hardly believe that you work in a Bank of all places.... where everything is so serious and factual and completely down to earth with no room for error....or fun! Your blog must be your respite!

    A million thanks for making my Bank Holiday weekend SO amusing!
    I vote for MORE UK Bank Holidays!

    1. Thank you Kendal for taking the tiome to come and comment, always appreciated :)
      Hattie being a follower of the Helena Bonham Carter school of fashion does have a tendancy to look like a 'bag ladie' at times :) but still with a certain charm I hope!
      See people do feel sorry for that little bear even though he is rude!

      I meant to put a few pins in her scarf but forgot!! Thank goodness I dont do stage managering for real, they would be half way through a scene and the murder weapon would be missing!!!!
      We do have a laugh in the bank ,when it's not so busy and there is a lull :) And the story arrives when I start to type it underneath the photo's, it flows naturally , I could never do one of those courses as it would ruin that flow, however I am terrible at spelling and am always being saved by the spell check or Paul ! Glad you found it funny!

      I vote for more bank holidays too!! ;)

    2. Forgot to add (although have emailed you privately about this yesterday!) that I see Mossy too!

      Well...yes, YOU would vote for MORE Bank Holidays! Be daft not too in your position!

    3. Oh yes I'm ALL for MORE bank holidays! :) I think they should last two days at least!!!

    4. Now isn't that being a little GREEDY? Wouldn't you then only be workimg 50% of the time on some weeks....and think of the Banking queues that you would have to be dealing with on the Wednesday?!?!

      I'd be more concerned about the traffic on the roads, as there would hardly be the time to clear the traffic build up and gridlocks from the first Monday before they started to pile up again on the following day!

    5. No I think it would be lovely!! lol I worked Saturday morning anyway, so technically I have only had 2 and a half days off.
      and the banks are slowing moving over to machines, mobile and the internet, so you'll be lucky to find a 'person' in the bank in a few uears lets hope they keep the bank holidays for maintenance!!!

  7. I see Mr M
    Dee, what a fantastic story - Thank you for all the effort you put into entertaining us, I can imagine how long it takes to set it all up and tell the story.
    I think Hattie must be the only one who could handle Ruben, can't wait to see what she'll do with him! It's so funny that he's now trying to get Lady K on side - don't think he's realized who's in charge!

  8. Thanks Rosie

    Yes I don't think Reuben's ready to throw in the towel re his NP quite yet!!
    I also think of those in the village Hattie is the one to keep him in line.. :)

  9. Hattie and Ruben, seems like a perfect match. I was starting to feel sorry for him. He must be so lonely, and Hattie is just the girl to get hIm straightened out.
    I see Mr. Mosey.