Friday, 23 August 2013


Today, Winter, Stevie and Agnetha came along with me for a visit to Gill's.A lovely sight awaited me on approaching Gill's front door.

Some of the girl's were waiting in the porch to greet us.

All looking very fine in their Ruth Hartley dresses and shoes.

A nice but expensive greeting as it's made me realise I do want to get the blue smocked set and also the yellow set for my no navel girl's!!

Quick let's go in , maybe I'll forget about that for a while....

Emily and Nell were out in the conservatory enjoying a nice breeze from the garden.

Cough! " Excuse me young ladies " comes a familiar voice " do you know if there are any NP Sasha's in residence? "
Emily and Nell look over at the little bear
"No " say's Emily " Our Mum likes mainly Gotz girl's"
" And us!" adds Nell " re root's and paints!"

"Are you SURE!" demands the little bear " That Mossy told me this house was full of beautiful NP Sasha's!
I had to smuggle myself into the bag with those no navel girls and that Stevie , who twice nearly stood on my paw!"

Some of the other girl's over on the sofa were not impressed with the demanding little bear.

He goes over to a couple of the other girl's who are chatting on a chair " Are you NP ? " he demands to know
" How rude !"
" let's ignore him "
" Let's"
So the girl's refuse to answer Reuben tries to out stare them but gives up and goes off.

He comes across Blossom riding her bike, he climbs into the basket, Blossom stops and looks at the little bear.

"Do you know the way to Lady K's in the north? " he demands
" No " says Blossom bemused
"Do you think if I found a map you could take me there? " questions Reuben
" It's miles and miles and miles and miles...."
" I get it !" says Reuben  " It's a long way! Can you take me there or not? "
Blossom looks at the little bear for a few minutes then replies " I'm not allowed to talk to strangers please get out of my basket before I am forced to call for the police!"
Stunned Reuben climbs down out of her basket and walks away mumbling about what he is going to do to that Mossy when he gets hold of him!

Stevie's come out to talk to Emily and Nell. they are discussing the talented Mrs Shelly , Nell and Stevie sharing all the details of visiting Mrs Shelly for their eye repaint. Emily wonders if she should have an 'eye job' but both of the other's reassure her that her eye's are beautiful and do not need any more paint.
They tell Stevie about the strange little bear , so Stevie explains about Reuben and his quest!

" Oh I hope he find's an owner soon " says Nell
" Well it won't be an NP since Anastasia left " says Stevie going on to explain that she was before Stevie's time but by all accounts a true beauty.
The girl's continue to chat and catch up on what's been happening while Gill and Mum chat and catch up!

But what's this ! it's seems Reuben was not the only bear to have smuggled into the bag......

and no this does not count as an I see Mr Mossy!!!!


  1. Hello! I'm here Mrs Mum and SS-R!
    Be back again hopefully in a mo.

    1. I am really slipping..this is the second time K has pipped to the post (Well Done K)
      What a treat this post is. First to see these beautiful girls and secondly to have a Rueben bear story!!! have got to count this as a I SEE MR MOSSY tag because ALL of us have spotted him and if you don't it's cheating and I shall set my dogs on you :)

    2. Lol them little dogs!! them Frenchies I aint afraid o'them!!! :))Now That Lucas I may have a small worry about :)
      I will give you ALL a BIG CLUE that's NOT the one........dah!

    3. Little Cooper is the one you have to worry about...Lucas is a pussy cat compared to Coop when he is roused :)
      :) :)we want MR MOS! we want MR MOS!!

  2. Ruben really is a crazy bear - every one of those beautiful girls would be a perfect partner for even the fussiest of bears. Mind you, now they've met him I doubt anyone would want him!!!
    Gill's girls are so lovely and so well presented and I also love Stevie's striped outfit.
    Awwwww -But I can see Mr Mossy. ;)

    1. That's bear is walking on ice that is forever thinning :)
      Well done Rosie and eagle eyed Lora

  3. What a crock!!! I see Mr Mossy as bold as brass lounging around enjoying a day out. Reuben needs sorting out good and proper, for a little bear he's very big on the rude front!!!
    All the girls look gorgeous in thier beautiful clothes.

    1. What can I say He is nothing if not consistent :)

  4. Ahhh so now I know who pipped me to the post over that lovely blue and white striped Vintage Sasha outfit!!!! It was Stevie!!
    It looks like you had a lovely day out at Gills, she has a beautiful bunch of girls there, and all so prettily dressed!
    Reuben is hilarious, that bear has NO shame!!! I really wonder if he will ever find the girl he's looking for!!!! And as Rosie says, maybe none of them will want him anyway...he is after all, a bit of a handful!!!
    PS LOVE Blossoms bike, that is sooooo 70s!!!!

    1. That dress was very popular glad I managed to nab it for Stevie!
      Gill does have beautiful Sasha's dressed beautifully.

      Reuben may find himself snapped up soon if he's is not careful ;)

  5. As John McEnro used to say 'I don't believe it!!!' I was just writing the last few words of a LONG comment (as I do!) when I got kicked off the site. (Wondering now if it was when Rosalond published here I go AGAIN!)

    Super Sasha welcome for you at Gill's with all her beautifully dressed and groomed girls in her porch.
    Soooo! Now I know just who got to buy that really attractive VS stripped dress that I wanted but was too late to grab! Stevie looks fab in it.

    Love how you have incorporated the re-rooting, eye enhancements etc into the girl's conversations although I still don't feel that Reuben is getting the message.
    Looks loke Mr Mossy is getting his own back on Reuben now by giving him a taste of his own medicine....although I hate to admit if but I feel as though I'm getting ready to defend that Reuben.....but will wait until his visit up here next month before I make any decisions!

    Super final photo of Mr Mossy looking relaxed and quite full of himself reclining on the chaise -longe!

    1. Ooops! Sorry misspelt Rosalind and missed the 'e' out of chaise-longue!

    2. Sorry Kendal for kicking you off the site. Don't worry about the spelling.

    3. Glad you enjoyed this post and that cheeky Mossy at the end?

      I think Sarah could have sold a few of Stevie's outfit by all accounts.

      I love seeing Gill's girl's which are so different to mine! Her's always being so well turned out and with brushed hair! Which is a thing I am always forgetting to do!!

  6. Tell Gill that I love the little Gotz blonde's sweet face (who is on the right of the photo of the five girls standing on the settee in the conservatory wearing the blue denim VS dungarees.

    Particularly like the posing in the photo of the two girls standing on the chair looking down at Reuben.

    (Where had your No-navels Winter and Agnetha, got to as I couldn't see them in any of the photos?)

    1. I will tell her that you like the little gotz blondes sweet face.

      Thank you , they were standing there and I just made them look down, it worked well.

      I did not put Winter and Agnetha's photo's on because they were standing chatting to Gill's NN, Saskia and Kiesha one of whom was wearing a very lovely knitted jacket in a style that Gill is doing to sell at the Chat n Snap and I did not want to advise it before event in case others decide to COPY and start selling them on Ebay!

      Reuben did not speak to the NN girl's he thinks they look like Pixie's and he's frightened of Pixies!!