Tuesday 27 August 2013


I thought I would share a few more photo's of the three No navel girl's Ashley, Raven and Ginny in their 'Spanish ' style summer shorts and tops outfits, with fabric tied braids.

I think they look very cute in their fabric tied braids.I love the No navel's, they are Sasha's but with a different look to the others. They have a sweet pixie look to them.I confess that when I first saw a No navel I was not in the slightest bit interested in them! but like all things with this obsession your tastes change over time, so much that I find it hard NO to buy a No Navel when I see one!

But I must confess that Ginny ( Virginia ) is my favourite, she just has such a sweet look to her.

A true waif, having several missing plugs to both sides of her head and also the back at the bottom.
her fringe has been cut by some youngster in the past but luckily enough underneath the top layer, so does not look to bad.

She is also strung in such a way as it makes her have to stand with her leg to the side throwing her hip out and she is quite petite compared to her sister No navels.

And she can wear an outfit like this one and look so cute! She was the first No navel I ever bought and would be the last one I would ever sell, she is for me a Keeper!

hey ! and she's a red head, what more could a Sashaholic want!!


  1. Dee...I totally agree with you AND the redheads ARE the best but rarely appear ,my collection of Sasha dolls are quite out numbered with redheads lol, not all no navels though,only one.. but hey,who cares !! red hair with their skin tone is SO fetching IMO I like you would snap up a NN in a heart beat....love your blog so much and SO upset I can't make the Sasha day...maybe next time?

  2. YES RED IS BEST !! I must confess though that I have sold a few but bought others , but they are holding their own against the blondesa nd brunettes!! :)
    And it's so true that not many of the older Red's appear often, same with no navel's! Would love to get another Red haired No navel girl but Gunny will always be my top NN girl.

    Glad you love the blog and such a shame that you cannot get down for this Chat n Snap but if people enjoy it and want me to arrange another for same time next year I'll let you know.
    You'll be able to enjoy the photo's of it here once it's finished..and hopefully on Kendal's to!

  3. Interesting to see the differences in the sizes of these three girls. Something that we don't often notice unless they are lined up together.

    You could attracted to Ginny the best, her being your first No-navel and your fondness for the red heards but for me personally I like Raven the most.

    Am I right in thinking that Ginny's outfit is a Pinestreetstudio one as it's so like mine?
    Great follow up to yesterday's post. Thanks.

    1. But Kendal that's because you like the brunette's best! :) It is true that as my first No navel girl and a red Ginny does have a head start, no pun intended !, but I do think it's just her!
      I love the other NN to just Ginny edges them out in the forever Keeper stakes :)

      her outfit si by Aletsa off ebay, I missed the first one and asked her to make me the set which she very kindly did. It does look good on the red's :)

  4. You're a bit late on the scene tonight SS-R! Have missed you and hope that all's well down there.....will look again tomorrow morning just to make sure.
    Apologies for the spelling mistake heards/heads!
    Don't seem to bother so much with proof reading these days.

    1. She's probably sleeping , having pushed poor Merrick out the bed so she can rest her knee!! I'm sure she'll turn up .......

      No probs re spelling mistakes! I am always hitting the key next to one I'm aiming for and not noticing until after I have pressed publish!!! or my other favourite of typing faster with one hand than the other so you get ahve instead of have!!! :)

    2. I heard that :)
      Finally here! Had internet problems (:
      Have speling mistakez too:)

    3. Nice of you to pop in especially when I remember that you've gone off Gotz.. :)

    4. I hate to admit it I have gone completely off Gotz, but I do like a nicely dressed Sasha (which your girls are) I am drawn like a magnet as I do enjoy the clothes :)

    5. The words of a shopaholic ;)

      I must go to brighton and check out the delights of them shops!! :)

  5. Ooooh I really love Ginny too! I think she's very cute. I have to admit that when I first 'got into' Sashas...coming up for my 1st year anniversary soon....I really liked the straight forward blond Trendon girls. Then I saw the Gotz girls and didn't like them much at all, thought the 'no nose' and 'no navels' were 'odd' and not for me.....Oh my goodness, what a difference a year makes. Now I love them all, I want one of those little monkey faced no nose boys, I want a sharp nosed boy, I want more Gotz girls, including a 'no navel' girl......where does it end????? And I still love the blond Trendon girls too, but the others just as much!!!!!
    So I have to agree that Ginny is a KEEPER!

    1. Thanks Sharon
      I was exactly the same as you when I first started collecting Sasha's, I was NEVER going to own a No nose or a no navel and yet here a few years later I own a no nose and FIVE No Navel's....:) all I can say is that slope gets a lot slippier :)