Saturday 9 November 2013


Mossy was sitting on some Pumpkins just day dreaming! when a little white polar bear came
 and sat in front of him!

"Hoy!" called Mossy " You White boy! Can you please move!"
The little white bear does move....

He moves up and sits on the pumpkin next to Mossy! " My name is Charlie Rose " says the polar bear " NOT hoy or white boy !"
" Well I was just trying to get your attention " says Mossy " Where did you come from, I have not seen you round here before! " suddenly Mossy goes a little pale " You don't know any Viking Horde's do you? "
" What's a Viking ?" asks the little bear puzzled
Mossy sighs in relief " Never you mind just hope you don't meet one any time soon "
The little poler bear looks bewildered

" Anyway where did you come from Charlie Rose ?" asks Mossy again
" From the Chat n Snap " says Charlie " I was a gift for Mrs Mum from Mrs Dollmum who was at the Chat n Snap along with her daughter and lots of other people "
"What's a Chat N Snap? " enquires Mossy
" I have no idea " replies Charlie Rose " But it's such fun, lots of Sasha's Gregor's and even babies playing and shopping and having a grand old time " the little bear looks at Mossy " Did you not get an invite?"
Mossy cannot believe that he missed the chatty snap! What happen! where was his invite? he was going to see about this!!

"EDWARD! EDWARD !" he starts shouting " Why was I not invited to the snazzy chap!!" He's going to have a lot to say to that Mrs Mum when he sees her ! Why he is so famous he could have opened her Ratty  trap for her, does she know WHO he IS!!!!... " EDDDDDD WARRRDDDDD"

Edward who was just sitting over at the side of the pumpkins, shakes his head to stop the ringing in his ears from Mossy's shouting. Mossy throws himself down beside him.
" Did you hear about the Batty Clap! Did you know? I bet you did ! and you did not take me with you !"
" What an earth are you on about ! " says Edward " what's a batty clap? "
"A what? " asks Mossy confused " Never mind what it is we were not invited!! and there was loads of people and ice cream and cake and shopping!!!!!!"
Edward sighs " You hate shopping!"
Mossy blusters " what I ..when did I say that?.. I love to shop.. some times and especially if there's CAKE!"
"Well you did not buy a ticket to the CHAT N SNAP so it does not matter "

"What you had to PAY ..Money! " gasps Mossy
"Yes money, cash ,dosh ! " says Edward " Unless of course you were for sale and then someone would have paid money for you...well no one in their right mind would pay money for you but you know what I mean!"
Mossy sits and thinks for a moment " I could have been the star attraction and cut the ribbon!"
" What Ribbon ?"
" the one to open the Fete ! I have seen that on mid summer murders , not that I am supposed to watch but I needed a glass of water, so I saw it!"
Edward realises it's going to be a long afternoon.

Meanwhile Charlie Rose as spotted a nice little pram with a comfy set of white bedding.

He climbs in and makes himself comfortable, he could do with a nap if those two would just keep the noise down. he remembers that the lovely bedding was given to his new owner by Dawn, she said it was about the only way those poor children in the Village would ever get any covers for their pram's as Mrs Mum had still not made any!!!


I would like to Thank Dollmum and R for Charlie Rose a lovely addition to the bears in the Village and also thank Dawn for the beautiful pram bedding that my 'Sasha children' were very much in need of.
And everyone for the cheque towards another Bramber bear for the village, it was totally unnecessary but very much appreciated .



  1. Replies
    1. Well Done K!!
      Another fab post with the bears...Does I C U MR MOSSY count today then??

    2. NOW you know that you have been told that it doesn't count when he is in full view!
      You must stop being so hopeful! He has to be HIDING, with only a little bit of him showing, for it to properly count.

    3. Awwwww! It was worth a try though :)

    4. I'll have to say that for you.....You never give up!

    5. :) :) Persistence is my middle name :)

    6. And I thought your middle name was freezy :)

    7. Thanks for keeping Ss-R in line Kendal :)

  2. Loving Mr Mossy's play on the 'Chat n' Snap' words and his upset at not even being invited to it., never mind not being chosen to cut the opening of the event ribbon.

    The minature pumpkins are delightful. I bought a sweet little one from Waitrose last year but then never used it in a photoshoot .....and completely forgot all about looking for any this year when getting in my usual large tin of Celebrations for the Trick and Treats (and which I am now polishing off very nicely on my own whilst on the computer and watching the TV!)

    Two super gifts here. Lucky you and the Sasha Village clan.

    1. Thank you Kendal, I did have fun with that! :)
      I was very lucky with the pumpkin's which are plastic and I bought as a set in a local Garden centre.
      We are very lucky with these beautiful gifts coming into the Village.

  3. Awww I saw this lovely little white polar bear earlier today on Dollmums blog, isn't he cute! I hope he settles in well there in the village....he has a lot of beary friends to meet and I'm sure they'll make him welcome.....well lets hope so anyway!!!
    Mr Mossy is such a funny fellow!!!
    And that pram set is really nice, I'm glad that Dawn made the pram set for you, because you're girls were looking like they were never going to get their pram kitted out for their dollies!!!
    Two lovely gifts, the residents of the Village are very lucky indeed!!

    1. He is a little sweetie and a perfect sasha size.
      Now Sharon I have every intention of making those prm sets but at least now I only have to make two.. Lol
      The residents are very lucky :)

  4. Mossy is a scream! Charlie Rose looks good on the lovely white pram setting Dawn gave you, you have given him a great Sasha Village welcome in this post.

    1. Mossy is an enfant- terrible !!
      Charlie Rose is very welcome in the village , the girl's all love him as he is so little and sweet I can see him being spoilt!!
      Thank you for sending him to live here :)

  5. Enfant terrible is a great word :) In german he's 'Hecht im Karpfenteich'.
    The one who keeps the others in motion.