Friday 8 November 2013


Edward's been sent to find Mossy , whose not been home for two days! At last he finds him in the village high street sitting by the Tea rooms.

"At Last! " exclaims Edward " Mossy where on earth have you been ? Miss Ginny's been very worried about you!"
Mossy just sits looking dazed!

Edward seeing that Mossy was looking a little...upset, sits down and talks calmly and softly.
" Miss Ginny will be so happy when you get back home, she's kept your place on her bed ready for you to have a nice rest " Mossy just stares at Edward, which makes the little Panda very worried he continues talking " I see you managed to get Mrs Miggins to give you one of her lovely cakes !"

Mrs Miggin's runs the Tea Rooms in the Village, where you can stop for a lovely cup of tea and cake or a ice cream sundae, It's very popular.

" Yes " whispers Mossy " She said I looked very scared and needed something nice to perk me up "
" Well than was very nice of her " says Edward soothingly " Why were you scared? "
" Because I saw her!"
" Who? " asks Edward " Mrs Miggin's? she's a nice lady ! why would you be scared of her? "

Mossy looks away before saying " I saw know...the one the sage told us was coming "
Edward's confused for a moment then remembers being with Mossy in the garden in the summer and being told some one was coming to stay and hide in the village.
"Well " he says bracingly " I am sure we will cope with whoever 'she' is! So you have no need to worry"
" But I saw some thing else!" trembles Mossy..

Edward moves round and gives Mossy a big hug " What ever it is we'll face it together "
" It .. " whispers Mossy " It....coming...It's......a Viking hoard ...blood thirsty Vikings with swords and shields to do for us in our beds ! " finishes Mossy in a rush.
Edwards sighs " Well I am sure we can defeat any Viking hoard that attacks the village " not believing Mossy sure he's been watching dvd's he shouldn't have  " any way I'd just let Gertie and Aimee loose on them and they'd soon be running off home!"
That makes Mossy smile.

"Come On " says Edward getting to his feet and helping Mossy up " If the Viking's are coming we'd best go tell Gertie and Aimee to keep watch. If they get past Gertie and her moaning and Aimee and her question's
we'll need Mrs Mum, Nothing will get past Mrs Mum !"
The thought of some Vikings daring to wave  swords at Mrs Mum , finally makes Mossy giggle and get to his feet, he's going to make sure Miss Ginny and Him stay right beside Mrs Mum until the danger's passed. He's not sure about the other problem but he'll worry about that when it appears!

Edward helps Mossy off home " Let's get you a nice cup of tea with a big spoonful of honey to go with your cake, then you can have a long rest in bed "
" Mm Honey tea sounds lovely but I am sleeping in Mrs Mum's bed and so is Ginny !" he states firmly
 Edward wonders what Mrs Mum will say to that!!!



  1. Good afternoon SS-R and Mrs Mum! Hopefully I'm on the ball here today!

    1. Well Done K!!!
      Well Done D!! Great post with the bears...does I C U MR MOS count today by any chance ??!!

  2. Personally I think that I'm more concerned as to what Mr Dad will say to that last sentence!!!!

    Loving the little cakes for sale in the tea room. They are making me feel so hungry that I'll have to go and raid the cake and biscuits tins after publishing this.

    Great to see how kind Edward is being to my friend, Mr Mossy as usually they are 'at each other's throats!'
    (Luckily I'm kind of 'in' on the secret of ' The Viking comings' so have a slight idea of what's to be in some of the future posts.)

    (Can barely wait to get MY shop front at Christmas now that I'm seeing all these possibilites that you are using it for..... though doubt if I will be able to show even a quarter of your superb imagination with it's use but will do my best! )

    1. I'm sure Mr Dad will be very kind as he walks them back to their own bed!
      I could have done with another shelf to hold all the cakes! and goodies ( is she never happy ! I hear you are cry! ;) )
      I'LL say nothing about the rest of your comment.......

    2. Obviously you have watched some of the 'Nanny Jo' TV programmes!

  3. Oh NO - poor old Mossy!
    Vikings? Whatever can they be?
    Good to see Edward looking after his friend, but I'm sure Mossy could sneak in between the pillows on Mrs Mum's bed and no one would notice - Mum's bed is always the safest place!

    1. Yes Poor Mossy
      Although after he's had a couple of cup's of honey tea , his cake and a cuddle from Ginny, he'll have probably forgotten whatever it was that was worrying him!!

  4. Perhaps it will ease poor Mossy, if I tell him, that today Vikings seldom wearing swords?
    We got one here for some weeks. He's seventeen, with long curly hair and a very calm expression.
    I'm pretty sure, he don't want our blood, he only want to learn some more german :)

    1. I am sure Mossy will be happy to know that Viking's no longer wear swords and no longer want his blood! But best to tell the curly haired one not to wander near the Sasha village should he decide to learn english because poor Mossy just may run away!!

  5. So good to see that Edward is being kind to poor frightened Mossy, I'm looking forward to the next instalment of this story.

    If you need additional shelves in the shop window for cake displays, you could try what we did with my elder daughter's dollshouse - see - look at the shop window (scroll down for close up photos). We made white cardboard shelves hung in the window with chains (cheap necklaces bought from the local Oxfam shop) and suspended them from the ceiling of the bay window. You could do something similar - fit a couple of screw eyes to the underside of the shelf and hang a shelf from it, which could be removed for different displays (the screw eyes will be useful for hanging other things in the window too).

    1. Yes Edward does love his little right hand Mossy ! Just does not often show it! :)

      That's a good idea about the hanging shelves, I had said to the DH about putting some hooks in the top so that things could be hung from display these could possibly used to hand an extra shelf when needed.Thanks for the tip :)

  6. I love the way Edward is being so kind to Mossy - he truly has a good heart!

    1. He does have a good heart ...honest :)