Friday 22 November 2013


Today I managed to find time to change the last few girls into some warmer clothes. Now the only ones left who need changing are the babies and Hattie ! I think Hattie's dragging her feet as she's annoying the boys by wearing the Elliott hoodie shirt, she's changed out of the coordinating beret and boots ! there's a surprise!

Anyway I finally washed Belinda my 69 single fringe girl's hair it was very dirty but I did not want to spoil the very sixties style by washing it but after washing Erik's dirty hair and seeing the difference I decided to bite the bullet as they say and washed it!!!
I was very careful to keep the fringe separate from the rest as I did not want it vanishing into all her hair never to be seen again!!

Here she is getting ready to have her hair washed.

You can see that it does need washing and she's been very patient with me but after Erik's was washed she insisted I did hers next!.

Here she is while it's still wet but you can already see it's much cleaner.

And here it's dry and had a brush. What a difference! It's now a beautiful shining blonde. It's still got some bounce to it. I will leave it a while before I tease it back into shape.

I love this Ruth Hartley, Limited edition of nine, dress on her, it's just the right colour and length , I was lucky to be at home on the computer when Ruth's Christmas dresses were put on was able to get this dress.

Rosina My 69 brunette was up next for a change .I had already removed her shoes when I decided to take a before and after photo.
Here she is wearing a lovely set by Judith of Dolly Doodles, another outfit you need to be in right place at right time to get!.

A closer view. You can just make out the little bead detail on the Hoodie.

Rosina decided to wear the other Ruth ltd ed of four, dress and apron set we managed to get. Due to the sun shining through the French doors at the side of the table where I am taking the photo's this one's come out a little bright!

A closer view.

Next up is Cornelia my 70's wigged girl. I had been looking at this outfit on Ruth's January Sale page for ages and finally caved and sent for it.

And I am really pleased I did. The skirt is a lovely Apricot and there are matching flowers on the blouse and all my purchasing of different coloured shoes from the lovely Late Jean Jensen paid off because I had just the right pair waiting to finish the outfit off.

Her ribbons are a bit vibrant but I'll look for a better match later I was waiting for my shopping to arrive having defrosted the freezer and cleaned out the cupboards ready to be re stocked! especially as almost everyone is telling me or sending me emails with tales of the winter of 47 or 62/63 and piles of snow.
We can now at least last a couple of weeks if the worse comes to the worse and if not we have a lovely choice of food instead of the bits and bobs that we have tried to use up, what was left so we could turn the freezer off!.

I trimmed her fringe as it was too long and covered her eyes completely but now I am not sure I like it!

Thought I 'd show you a photo of Erik with his nice clean hair, it's been drying under a beanie so needs fluffing up a bit but it's so lovely and clean, it's amazing how dirty their hair can be even though it looks Ok.

Well I am now poor as a Church mouse and of course what's happened the Car is still playing up and I may need to buy another!!! :(

Oh and the heatings just decided not to work! although it was perfectly Ok this morning..... well I am off to buy a Euro millions ticket .....that may at least cover the cost of a plumber!!



  1. I'm now back home SS-R and Mrs Mum!

  2. A quick comment nows that I am back exhausted from a day's Christmas Shopping and need to have a nap before getting the evening's meal.

    SNAP with regards to the Ruthsdoll's two new dresses. I had both of those too but they aren't OOAK but are limited editions, the blue checked is a Ltd Ed of nine and the mustard with the pinafore of four.

    Everyone is looking very smart here with their warmer clothing and two with their clean, shining blonde hair.
    Now just awaiting for Hattie and Arabella to appear. (Are there any more waiting in the wings to be sorted out?)

    1. Well Done K... you beat me! Just arrived back from Brighton/Hove after a busy day, but just had to pop on and comment and say what a great post this is and the kids look fab!!

    2. Arabella was on the other day when we went to Gayle's but I will post a photo soon.

      Hattie may be a while , she is enjoying tormenting the boys at the moment but I did overhear something about sneaking in her room when she asleep and getting the Hoodie :)

    3. Glad you popped in Ronny after your day at the seaside sipping Tea and reading the paper :)

  3. The little blond looks lovely with her newly washed hair, she'd look even lovelier though standing on my dressing table with the others here in Spain! ;) I love their outfits too, very were very lucky to have been on-line just at the right time.....please give me some lessons on that!!
    Erik looks rather sparkling clean, doesn't it make a difference to their hair, it really does glow now, and yet he didn't look that dirty! I think it's amazing when you're washing their hair, how dirty the water looks.....absolutely filthy in some cases (thinking here of Mr Stinky!!!)!
    Thanks for another lovely post Dee, although I do feel rather inadequate and guilty when I see all these lovely outfits.....I feel kind of cruel that my dolls have to wear my home made clothes rather than outfits made by the Sasha designers!!!

    1. YOU are a Sasha Designer S!! You are SEW good you don't realise how good you are :)

    2. I agree Erik's hair did not look as dirty as Belinda's but its come up so clean and blonde! He's lost the helmet look to! It may return but I quite like it like its got, more natural.
      I'm sure your Sasha Kids love wearing things their mum's made especially as they fit so well and are originals and I agree with Icy :) you are an designer of original Sasha clothes and we don't get many of them !!

    3. Sharon - you are a Sasha Designer! Your dolls are very lucky.
      Dee, I love the washed hair, it makes me think I might gently wash baby Leo's hair to make his fringe lie a bit more naturally. I'm wondering if baby Drake is going to feature soon...

    4. It's a surprise how clean it becomes! I have always washed the babies hair with out a worry, so go for it.
      Baby Drake is on his way to you, he should arrive Monday....He is looking foward to playing with his friend Leo again.

    5. You are all very kind indeed, thank you, I appreciate your words of encouragement.
      After I wrote this, I thought back to my own childhood and how my mum would make loads of things for me....I was not impressed at the time, but recall now that when fashions came in, I was always there at the front with them because she made them for me. I had hotpants before anyone else (those were the days when I had the legs for them LOL) and tiered skirts with matching kneckerchief/scarves, oh you name it I had it. And I think I may have been a bit ungrateful because she made them, not just because she could, but because she wanted to! I must thank her when she comes over on the 19th December!!!!!!!
      Maybe my dolls won't thank me so much now for making all their clothes, but in years to come...well who knows! LOL

    6. Sharon you know if them Sasha's could talk they'd moan about Mum's home made clothes ! Just like you did!! :)

  4. all very lovely dee and i do have a soft spot for your lovely erik xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Sarah. Erik is very sweet, a definite heart stealer :)

  5. Erik looks quite a bit like the young viking who lives with us for some weeks - very friendly and a little serious.

    Good you remind us on having reserves,
    I had to go to the cellar counting my preserves :)

    1. That's good I will Tell Erik he looks like your young Viking, he will be so happy!! :)

      Are you a poet Anne :)

  6. Not really and NOT in english *g

    I'm able to rhyme in german, but this is not enough to be a poet.
    In this case (reserves/preserves) , the rhythm (or messure?) isn't correct
    and the rhyme itseld seems not to be very sophisticated :)

    But you are, right? You made nice long stormy poems lately...

    1. Yes I have not made any poems/ rhymes lately maybe I'll do one in December.. :)

  7. Good you remind us on having reserves,
    I 'll go to the cellar to count my preserves.
    A better rhythm.

    But this 'poem' happens by accident. I'm always happy to find some word seeming to express what I want to say. This is not easy for me, but a good brainy exercise.
    Sadly nobody ever point up my mistakes ;)

    1. It is good that you can write English and we would not won't to upset you by correcting you :)
      But I will point OUT this mistake :)

  8. OOOOH! The 62/63 winter. I LOVED it! I took my sled to my Auntie's house where cousin B and her family of Sashas lived. It was meant to be a weekend trip but I got snowed in there for weeks - no school for 3 months because of the useless 60s done-on-the-cheap school heating system dying. So I had months of Christmas, Sashas, sleds, snowmen and pony rides. What more could an 8 year old want?

    1. I would have been seven in 62/63 and for the life of me cannot remember it! But I did live in the middle of London, so maybe it was not so bad?? or maybe I'll remember when I am in my Nineties as they say the older you are the earlier you remember!!

      And I do NOT want to be snowed in for three months...nor drive in the stuff for that long.... :)
      I so hope this is just a ploy by the supermarkets to sell more tinned food :)