Tuesday 5 November 2013

TRENDING ......from the Chat N Snap

I thought I would show you the girl's that are on trend with this years Village fashion.

Seven of the girl's have berets to go with their dresses and boots.

They were very unsettled and kept trying to escape but after a bit of stern talk they settled down thank goodness!.

A closer view of some, shame about cutting off their boots!! I have a cold so that's my excuse!!

Another bootless view...

This is a photo of all the girl's wearing Ginny from A Passion For Sasha dresses. I am trying to get hold of some other colour wool to make matching hats for Paige and Sophie.

These five dresses are my CnS purchases.

Closer view and this time with more boot!!!

another but this time we lose a bit of Liberty's beret! remember the cold.....

In all I am very pleased with my dress purchases from the day although I have had to order a couple of others that I turned down!!! So next year I'm just going to buy them first and think later!!But then next year I will have saved up......I will...I will......  :)


  1. Am I first in line? Do hope so!

  2. Yes you are K!! I have just got back from the dentist and the traffic was bad...or I may have pipped you to the post :)
    Well Done!

  3. Great to see how you are progressing with 'The Sasha Village' on Trend! fashion' NOT so far now to go to have all these girls featured here suitably kitted out.
    Are you planning to dress all your Sashas like these? If so, how many more are there to go?

    Can't really believe that you can start saving now for the next year's Chat n' Snap knowing just how much YOU (like me!) like to spend! Good though that you have the intention at this point in time!

    So sorry to hear that you have a cold though not sure that that's a good enough excuse for chopping off so much of their Lisa Hartley Winter boots in several of the photos!

    Get better soon!
    Is there going bto be an 'On Trend Fashion' for the lads?

    1. I don't know if I will dress all of them this way will have to see! I may get side tracked...
      And I have started saving for next year as I could see from the CnS there are many who like to have a good old spend at these things and who knows what will be on offer next year!!!
      Lucky for me my colds come out today when I have a toil day, so will be back in work tomorrow hopefully not still sneezing!! then not working Friday but in on Saturday morning, I am sure I will be fine after another early night!!
      That lad will have a small trend around December...

  4. Think I've been not the last this time?

    Poor Dee, get well soon. (Do you try a 'increasing hot foot bath'? This is what I immidiately do against a beginning cold - it really helps. Warms up the whole body, and eases nose and head.
    In germany :)

    Thinking about the word 'stern talk'. I believe I had to know, what this means...

    1. Thank you Anne I will try this to help me get rid of my cold!
      Stern talk means telling them off !

    Children have colds, men have flu...women just get on with it :)

    1. Thanks R
      That's exactly right! Paul gave me this cold, he who works from home!! Lucky for me this is my day off, so I will be able to soldier on tomorrow and Thursday with a break Friday and a morning work Sat! So hopefully my rest on Friday will see the back of it!!!

  6. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good Dee, but hope it goes away soon. In the meantime, as well as Digne's footbath, you could also try a drop of hot milk with brandy, my Spanish neighbours swear by it when they have a cold!!! And yes, I agree Ronny, how is it that when my hubby gets a cold he has to take to his bed....but when I have one, I have to muddle on just the same....except feeling really crappy? Oh well!
    As for the girls, they look so very nicely dressed. I really need to invest in some tartan fabric because the bits I have wouldn't be big enough to make a Sasha sized dress. I might try locally and see. There used to be a store locally that stocked gorgeous tartans from Scotland and they were really really reasonably priced....unfortunately it shut down some years ago and all the tartan I got from them is all but gone!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon
      Love the milk Idea but not the Brandy being a boring tea totaller!! Never liked the taste ! How lucky I am that today's my day off when it's at its worse!!
      I do love the Tartan's and it's so hard to find the right sized fabric and no one gives their sources away!!! :)