Friday 15 November 2013


I love buying coats for my Sashas, Gregors and babies but then forget to put them on them. Mainly because I like to see their clothes !

But when I was gathering some of the girls up to go and visit Gayle I decided that they must all wear a coat due to the cold November weather! Nate of course being a boy refused to wear one , saying it was not cold enough yet!! But he was in his DD outfit with a gilet, so I knew he would be fine.

Here is Callie who just pulled on a lovely blue jacket over her Ginny dress to keep out the cold.

Arabella, much to my surprise, picked a Duffle coat! Which she wore over her Hagnolly kilt and Gill Nash cardigan.

She agreed to do it up for the photo's but wanted it open once again so people could admire her lovely new clothes.

Arabella is looking a little wind swept!

Next we have Stevie who wore a little Austrian style jacket to ward off the cold.

She is still wearing her hair band from her summer outfit! having informed me she would like more of these in a range of plain colours!!

Paige also went for a Ruth Hartley Duffle coat and being quite petite it looks like she's got plenty of growing room!

I do think she looks sweet in her 'oversized' Duffle!

Now Ashley's been wearing her coat for a while, when it arrived she took one look and decided it would go with her Ruth Hartley dress perfectly and she's been wearing it ever since!
I do think she'll be needing to change soon into a warmer dress and tights!


I would just like to mention my white backdrop which I saw at Kendal's and she very kindly told me that you can buy it from Hobby Craft for around £5, it is a great asset when taking photo's where you want the focus to be on the clothes or dolls.. It's cardboard and folds shut on itself for easy storage.



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    1. Dee , I can't keep up with your posts today - I turn my back and there is another one :)
      Sasha kids are looking mighty fine in their outdoor wear, just the thing as it is getting colder...shouldn't they not wear them indoors though or they won't feel the benefit when they go out :)

  2. Snap!
    I too have been slowly dressing my girls into jackets and coats as for the last couple of years now I haven't been putting them on them as around October each year I usually dress them in their Autumn clothing (which consists of mainly dresses and pinafores) and then with being so busy over November/December with sorting out the garden and Christmas preparations they seemed to remain in those until the Spring/Summer warmer weather.

    So this year I decided to miss a season and pop them straight into their Winter coats and ski wear and save myself some time. (Mind you I've only done about 15 so far, so still loads to go IF there are enough coats etc!)

    They are indeed all looking as warm as toast in their gorgeous coats.

    1. Yes Kendal there are not enough Month's in the year for us to get them into all their lovely clothes!!
      Missing a season sounds good to me! I wonder if we ( People) could miss Winter this year? on account of last years not ending until mid April??? any chance????

    2. Words taken from the musical 'My Fair Lady' .....'Oh! Wouldn't that be lov-er-ly!'

    3. lov-er-ly wouldn't that be lov-er-lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

  3. so stevie wants plain hairbands does she !, I shall see what I can do, its just so hard to get quality plain fabrics, or I realise any nice fabrics at all after a disaster trip to the fabric shop today that just seemed to have only huge garish prints ....xxxxx...(the girls look lovely in their coats )

    1. Hi Sarah
      I was not meaning that she wants you to do them! I am sure I can make a few to keep the little darling happy! :)
      Isn't it always the way when we want little prints all you can get is giant size!!! Don't these people know there's an army of Sasha's and Gregor's out there needing winter clothing!!!
      :) xxxxx

    2. I spend hours searching online for tiny prints and checks and patterns in fabrics - sometimes a bigger pattern is fine, but mostly I want them small and to scale.
      Coats - now that is something my Sasha family lack, I need to do something about that after I've sewn all the Christmas swap items.

    3. I think there are probably hundreds of people looking for those small prints normal in vain!! It's so hard to tell unless they put a coin on the fabric.
      You'd best a move on with those coats, winter is nearly here!!! :)

  4. Their coats are all lovely, I particularly like the duffle coats....I need 12 now! As it happens, none of my dolls have coats, but then they don't really need them...I have a very thin 'mac' type coat and rarely wear it. I put a cardigan on for the first time I will save my money and enjoy your lovely kids wearing theirs Dee!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I love that the weather in england changes through the seasons, not so keen on Snow but do love a cold crisp winters day. where you can wrap up and then go home to a lovelt real fire and a cup of hot tea...and apiece of cake :)
      You don't want your sasha children to get too hot, so best to just admire from afar :)

  5. I too love coats, but rarely seem to put them to use. Will have to change that! Will also see to getting more headbands, as those I do put to good use.

    1. I was the same until now, having lovely coats just sitting in the cupboard or box never used apart from for a minute, now they can keep them on for a while...even if we have to turn off the heating so they are not too hot!!
      Headbands are very good to have! :)

  6. Lovely coats for lovely dolls, Dee…I am a huge coat fan myself!


    1. Hi Charla, me to! At least this year I'm going to use them not just leave them in the box! :)