Saturday 30 November 2013


Ellen Church read yesterdays post about her three No navel's with one looking much smaller than the other two and set out to investigate.

It would appear that Hazel, the petite looking girl , does not look quite so small against her sisters as it would appear.

Ellen's kindly sent us some photo's so we can have a good look for ourselves.

In this photo they appear to be almost the same height but Hazel on the right's shoulder looks slightly lower than her sister sky's.

Ellen says that Hazel's legs appear thicker than her sisters and her torso also.

Hazel being the girl with a brown ribbon in her hair.

I think the legs appear the same size but maybe the torso slightly shorter?

but then here Hazel looks the same as her sister?

This is what Ellen had to say..

Here are the two NN girls that were standing beside each other in the dressed photos. Hazel, with the brown hair ribbon and brown eyes, seems to have slighter shorter chubbier legs depending on what angle you look at them. Hazel definitely appears to have a wider torso and less of a waist than Sky’s that looks to be thinner and more drawn out with a more shapely waist. I think the way the parts of the body were pulled from the mould can play a part in these differences. When several body parts that are differ from the standard are put together, the effect can be made more noticeable. It also makes a difference in where the photographer stands with the camera. Photos taken at an angle can also distort the image to one side or the other

In fact thinking about it Ginny my red haired waif No Navel is smaller than her sisters ! I will take a couple of  photo's of them together tomorrow. In Ginny's case her leg always sticks out to the side which probably alters her height when standing with her more up right siblings, but these girl's Hazel and Sky appear to have nice straight legs.

to be continued......


  1. Goodmorning SS-R and Mrs Mum!

  2. Thanks Ellen for investigating this height difference between these two girls.

    I too thought that it was due to the way that the body parts were pulled out from the moulds as if you have seen the Trendon Factory video it is obvious that some small force was required to pull them out.

    It is also quite an art to get both girls standing as identically as the other due to the way the legs are able to move and be angled within their torso (which can be seen here in a couple of the photos.)

    PS. Noticing just how methodical you are with the labelling of your girl's with their identification tags. Afraid that I never have time to do this so just have to rely on my memory which is unfortunately getting to be somewhat unreliable these days..

  3. Hello girls...well done K!!
    Naked Gotz dolls on a Saturday...what is the world coming to?

  4. Very interesting, thanks!
    I think I can't trust my eyes. If I really want to know the difference, I had to mesure exactly -and then compare.

  5. This is very interesting Dee, and thanks again to Ellen Church for sharing her nudie girls with us. I think in the first photo you can see that the shoulder on Hazel is slightly lower than the other girls, plus her hip joint where legs are attached, on her right, is much lower than the blue eyed girl too. However, it's not so noticable in the second photo. Also I think that the legs appear further into the socket, but I feel that could just be how she is posed.
    In the last photo, I can definitely see how the blue eyed girl, Skye, has a slimmer torso than her brown eyed sister, Hazel.
    Finally, I'm interested to know where I might be able to see the Trendon Factory video that Kendal it on line anywhere? Does anyone know?

  6. I see the same things as Sharon, particularly the way the legs are joined. Hazel looks like she has her legs turned out a bit, also, that might affect her height .