Wednesday 20 November 2013


The boy's were very impressed with the Elliott hoodie made for simply sasha lads by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha that they decided that would be their trendy gear for this winter!

Nate, Percy and Duncan are showing Erik round the village, now mum's managed to give him a wash and dress him in warm clothes.

" I don't know why my new mum won't let me wear my cloak!" complains Erik
" Because it's now warm enough " Nate tells him
" It's plenty warm enough !" says Erik " and anyway what's this hoodie you all say I must wear!"

Duncan points up to the top of the wall.

There Elliott's name's written for all to see.

"It's sad because he's not here any more " says Duncan " but his mum decided that she wanted her crew to be wearing the hoodie style shirt that he loved  and got Ginny of a passion for Sasha to make them and Ginny called them Elliott hoodies and shirts"
" Why's Ginny not called a passion for Gregor! " demands Percy
" They never have a passion for us it's always the girl's !" complains Nate.

 "Ok I'll wear my Elliott hoodie with pride " says Erik " But I think it would look even better under a cloak?"
" Nice try !" laughs Duncan
"Anyway what are we going to play ? " asks Percy

" Let's play football " says Percy
" You always want to play football " moans Nate " let's play cricket"
" It's not cricket season " moans Percy back!

" We could play...Vikings! " says Erik happily
" We could.......NOT!" says Percy " what's with the Viking's all the time!"

just then Hattie turns up and she's wearing an ELLIOTT HOODIE!!!!!
" WHAT!" cries Duncan " Where did you get that? It's NOT for you girls!"

" Did you take that off Toby or Zak ? I'm going to tell mum " says Duncan waving his arms about in annoyance. " IT'S OUR TREND THE BOYS NOT GIRLS " he spells out so Hattie will understand

" Have you not heard of Missy ELLIOTT?" asks Hattie smugly

" Have you not heard of MISS ING TEETH ?" Duncan comes back with
Erik starts to look worried.

" Only mum's " says Hattie and the two fall about laughing
" You'd better not let mum hear you say that !" says Nate from behind them! It's takes a little while for the two to stop giggling! Hattie carries on her way, leaving Duncan still miffed that she's wearing an Elliott hoodie.

" Don't worry about it Duncan " says Percy slapping his back " Remember it's Hattie! She'll take one look in the mirror see she's colour coordinated and have a wobble and chuck off the shirt for some outrageous Helena  BC style thing!"
" Whose Helena BC ? " ask Erik
Nate fills him in.

"What and she dresses like that all the time!" exclaims Erik
" Most " confirms Nate " hey but then you wear a cloak !"
" Mm that's true " replies Erik.

"Come on " says Nate following the others " Let's go knock some dollies out of bed!"
"What an earth's that !" asks Erik
" Well we knock on peoples doors then run away " Nate tells him
" Where do dollies come in to it"
"That's the ladies or dollies that have to get out of bed or get up to answer the door and no ones there"
" Ok I'm sure Viking's would knock dollie's out of bed, so lets go !".....


Thought you may like a couple of photo's of the boys in their new hoodies.

Looks like the line up we'll be having later when all the village ladies come round to complain about boys knocking on the doors then running off!!.



  1. I am writing this with a lump in my throat ..I am so very touched by your remembering Elliott ...thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx
    They all look well dench by the way.... :)

    1. Love Ya S!! And you D, and K and ..........just insert your name here :)

    2. I am glad you liked it and was not upset by it, other than a good upset, if that makes sense!!
      I'm glad they are well Dench :))

    3. The post is lovely...everything is all good :)

  2. Ahhh so that's where all the Elliot Hoodies went!!!! And my four boys are here freezing their little butts off (not as cute as Zac's butt I have to admit!) whilst all these boys from The Village stole all the Elliots!!
    Only joking Dee, the boys look really lovely in their new shirts, I think I need to pay another visit to Ginny's Etsy store to see if she's restocked!!!

    1. I'm afraid that the Village clan always have to be up the front for any decent trend! If their not wearing it it ain't trendy
      Zac may have to take to wearing skirts on the blog , if you keep looking at his butt!! lol

      It's a good trend for your Spanish lads as the shirt is cotton, so not too hot for them in that lovely warm I only need a cardigan in November sort of weather!!!
      If you ask Ginny , she'll make you one... or two.... :)

  3. Sharon, I so concur!!! Went looking for the Elliot Hoodies - not a sausage to be had! But they do look amazing in these shirts! And eventually we shall all be able to find the odd one on Ginny's store! We need more good ideas for clothing forwarded to those who can sew!!! Fab idea, Elliot! Love the story line, Dee! Always a good read and a chuckle along the way. Love Karin

    1. Karin , you must ask and you shall receive, Ginny does make things to order.. or course now they are trending she had a busy order book, so best to get in quick !!

  4. Love how your boys are able to solve their probs in their peer group :)
    And I'm admiring your documentation.
    (O_o ...this sound weird and like german english)

    1. This one was a little hard to understand Anne :) But glad you like the boys and their chat.

  5. Congratulations SS-R!
    I never thought of looking after my brief visit early this morning presuming that you were at work.....BUT obviously you weren't!

    Great post. Big Gregor spend. Love the clothing, backdrop, story, references, speech.....absolutely everything. Thanks.
    PS. Well done Hattie. You just show those lads!

    1. I'm off all week Kendal.. :) I am supposed to be doing house work and making things but had to wash Erik, then redresshim and one thing led to another!! :)

      Glad you enjoyed it :)

    2. You might have told me before this as you don't know just how hard it is for me to keep abreast of SS-R in the 'first to comment' competition! The only rest that I can take and have is when I know that you are at work!
      (.....and judging by all your lads' new clothing I would have expected you to be working even longer hours.)

    3. but this is not a competition , it's a blog :)

    4. No, it is a competition Dee...believe me:) Trouble is, K is getting rather good at it :)

    5. A private request as I'm out ALL day tomorrow Christmas shopping so is there anyway that you can NOT post tomorrow until I get back in the early evening?
      If not, please can you add the message 'Kendal's here SS-R and Mrs Mum' immediately after you have published?
      Failing those then please could you, SS-R, try not to comment until I email you to say that I'm back home?

  6. Aw, Nate, I have a passion for Gregors..... My boys are the special ones around here.

    1. I love my boy's :) It was the Gregor's that first drew me to them when I first saw them years ago ! :) they'll always be Gregor's in this Village :)

  7. I love my lads too (especially with life not giving me any real life sons) BUT I'm exercising my parental rights here and banning this post from their laptops...... as I certainly don't want them picking up any of these bad habits like the game of 'knocking dollies out of bed' or the 'missing teeth jaw punching!' Whatever next? Trick or Treat is bad enough and have to tell them to just walk away even if there isn't a treat.
    (Besides (and as importantly) I also don't want them spotting the 'Elliot Shirt Hoodies' as I have enough expenses to cope with over the Christmas.Period without having to buy thirteen of these on top of everything! )
    Fab. post though!