Tuesday 19 November 2013


Today I went to visit Gill , three of the girl's came with me. looking forward to seeing their friends.
Lots of exciting things had been happening at Wild Wood Manor  since the last time we visited.

Gill's girls were excited to show off their new red pram, It's lovely with a nice red hood and cover.

A very proud mum shows off her baby.

The rest of Gill's girls were wearing some of the new dresses Gill bought them from the Chat N Snap.

Luckily most of Gill's girls were in long sleeves as the heating had packed up the night before and she was waiting for the gas man to arrive.

Out in the conservatory Gill's two no navel girl's were checking out the sweet available in Dolly Mixtures , their new local shop.

There are lots of lovely sweets to chose from which makes it very hard to decide!

Jelly babies, bonbon's, hard gums, so much so tasty!

Decisions Decisions...what to have!!

The rest of Gill's girls went outside to wait their turn to go off to the sweet shop.

A closer look at the girls lovely dresses. I love seeing two girl's wearing the same dress adds a little something.

Lots of lovely dresses by Ruth Hartley and Ginny of a passion for Sasha.

The girl's are STILL trying to decide!! They had best get a move on I don't think the others will wait much longer!!


I had a lovely time at Gill's, the gas man arrived and fixed the heating about half an hour before I left to drop my car at the garage and be collected by my eldest daughter who was late , of course , so I sat and froze there for 30 minutes and it made Gill's house seems positively tropical !! 



  1. Fab post...always good to see Gill's well dressed crew!! Glad the heating is now fixed as it is so cold out there!!

    1. Yes Gill's crew are alway beautifully dressed. It was not a good day for the heating to give up espeacially as the weather is going to get colder!! So well done the gasman for turning up quick and solving the problem. :)

  2. Oh what a lovely day out with Gill! She has some gorgeous girlies there and all so prefectly dressed. I like the matching dresses too.....and see that some are worn by 'matching girls' too!
    Those girls take about as much time as I do to choose their sweets from the Pick N Mix that we sometimes go to in Nerja. Well, I suppose we have to make sure that we get just what we like, eh girls?
    Love the prams too, aren't they gorgeous!!!

  3. It was a lovely day and I always like to see what Gill's girls are wearing. Gills new red pram was lovely.
    The little jars of sweets are great and I am sure once the other girls get a chance to pick they'll be a lot of empty jars!! :)

  4. I'm sure you had a lovely time at your friend Gill's house, it must be nice to have a friend who shares your interest in Sashas.
    How beautifully turned out Gill's girls, always, are.
    I love the two NNs hair - is it called French Pleats or am I mixing that up?
    The sweet shop is great, the little jars remind me of the mini sweet shops that lucky kids used to get for Xmas.
    I don't suppose the sweeties will last too long with all those girls!

    From Rosie, who is having trouble commenting at the moment.

    1. Thanks Rosie
      The french plaits do look lovely but I'm sure its hard to do! I believe the jars come from one of those kids mini sweet shops !
      We love Ginny dresses on our sasha's, beautifully made and not to expensive :)

  5. Shelly gave me a boxed set of the little sweet jars filled with mini sweets for last Christmas and I have been patiently saving them for when I get my shop front this Christmas.

    Lovely to see twin girls amongst Gill's Sashas. We have twin girls in our family and I did enjoy buying two the same of everything when they were very little. After that they tended to have the same clothes but in different colours.

    I was pleased to see that I can now name yet another doll from the Chat n' Snap photos on my blog as belonging to Gill.

    Lovely minature pram, well suited for Christmas being in red and white.

    I, too, love the French Plaiting on Gill's two no-navels. (I remember admiring Judith's Sasha Willow's French plait at her Sasha Saturday and wishing that I could do that too.)

    Sorry to hear about her central heating breakdown. Couldn't have come at a worse time with the weather turning so cold that day..

    1. You'll be having such fun come Christmas Kendal The post on your blog will be coming thick and fast :)
      I love twins, I do regret selling Violet :( but I am sure I'll get another couple of twins sometime .... :)

  6. What a series of gorgeous pictures of those beautiful girls! So pretty. Fabulous wardrobe! I adore the hair of the NN girls. Looks extremely difficult to do, I might say. I can't even get a ponytail straight! And isn't that shop darling??? Altogether a great post, Dee! Love Karin

    1. Thanks Karin. I would say that french plaiting is very hard to do! I love the little jars of sweets , these little shops are so versatile :)