Thursday, 21 November 2013


Before the Chat n Snap I asked Ginny of A Passion for Sasha if she would bring some 'trend' style dresses along for me.
She very kindly put a small selection in a bag for me to see when I had time, the same dresses were available to all but these one's I had requested.

Well when I had the time I stopped and she showed me the dresses she brought, of course I could not make up my mind with everything going on around me and other dresses I could see on her table that also called to me!

So I selected two from them and added another from her sales table, paid then asked her to hold the others for a little while, then later said to put them out I be back later and if they were still available I would look again.

Yes I can see you have guessed correctly, when I returned the dresses I was dithering over had gone and I just bought a lovely blue one I liked.

So of course after the day the CnS,  I landed up sending Ginny a photo of the dresses I had turned down...yes every one of them and asking her to make me them!! especially as I had wanted the lilac check to go with  a set of purple boots and a beret I already had!!Luckily for me Ginny had sent for more of the fabric so I did not miss out.

Well they turned up this week, so this morning instead of getting on with the housework I dressed the girls in their new dresses.

Here you can see the three dresses I turned down first time, the red, lilac and blue. The green is one that I saw on Ginny's Etsy store and snapped up.
You can see that I had the perfect beret and boots for the lilac dress and especially asked Ginny about doing a lilac dress yet still I passed it over because I did not remember on the day!!!

Here are all my no navel girl's on trend!.

It's been a case of swapping boots and Berets about in order to have the right pair or beret with the correct dress, so not quite enough to go round yet in that department.

From the left we have Ashley in the red , Ginny in the Lilac, Raven in the blue, Agnetha in the yellow and Winter in the red tartan. I knew buying these boots over the last few years whenever I saw a different colour or ordering a pair direct from Lisa Hartley would be useful in the long run.

I like the shadow of Winter you can see on the board to the right.

These are the three I put back!! yes I know I need an assistant to prod me and say "Whaaat ! " just like one of the minions in Despicable Me ! :) I knew I should buy them but I was thinking 'what if I see something else!! yes  "Whaaat!"

Here is Raven in the blue check, such a gorgeous colour. I have always loved blue's in all its shades.
The beret is by Ruth Hartley and so are the boots I think ! If not Ruth then Lisa.

A closer view of Raven.

Next up we have Ginny  in the lilac with Purple boots by Lisa and A lilac beret by her mother Ruth Hartley.

A close up of my lovely Ginny ( my favourite NN..shh don't tell the others )

Here is another Girl I love Ashley again in Lisa Hartley pixie boots that I asked her to make me last year and this is one of my Berets. I loved this fabric when I saw it but landed up not picking it because I would have then had three red dresses! yes I know  "Whaaat!"

A closer view.

Here we have Sapphire my Velvet wearing the extra dress I bought teamed with A Hattie beret and lisa boots, The tights these girls are wearing are ones I made and some are available to buy on my sales page.

A closer view.

I think we have shown off your outfit before Agnetha ! Pardon ! You have to whisper Ok!
" Someone wanted you do have your photo included because he was desperate ! Who? You cannot say but don't look left? Ok .....

I did not look left but my camera did !!

A closer view.

I do so love the no navel girls! I was so tempted by the one with shorter hair on Shelly's but she is the same as Ashley except for the length of her hair. What I'd like is a brown eyed blonde and a blue eyed red of course the girl with shorter hair is sale pending I wished I bought her!!!!......but that's that way it goes with Sasha's...want want want..... " WHAAAAAAAAAAT !!!



  1. I thought you were out Christmas shopping K!!!

    1. NO, that's TOMORROW!
      Being it's YOU and you're here I'll share this 'first to comment' win with you since you had mis-understood me!

    2. Thanks K! I am off to Brighton/ Hove tomorrow so may the best man win if Dee posts again then :)

    3. Have a good day then on the South Coast! Try to bottle up a few breaths of sea air for me as I haven't been to the seaside for over two years now and could do with some sea ions in my lungs.
      Any dogs going with you?

  2. Oh Joy! A post full of Gotz girls...thank goodness for Velvet :)
    Ginny has done a superb job kitting out the girls....they all look beautiful the way you have styled them

    1. Hey I put a velvet in there for you :) well i didn't really but she is there!! I LOVE the GOTZ no navels... :)
      Ginny is a fabulous maker for clothes for the Sasha's and co , a always a beautiful fit not like some of the things out there!!

    2. I know exactly what you mean ...Ginny's things are a prefect fit....not one size fits all :)

  3. Gosh! YOU have been BUSY.....but NOT with the planned housework from the looks of things.

    You've certainly achieved your wish to have all your Gotz No-navels dressed alike. What's next on your list now that your lads are in Village Trend too......or shouldn't I be asking?

    (Not letting my girls see this post as quite a number of them are still in their Summer shorts and T shirts and shivering uncontrollably when the central heating isn't full on.)

    Bet that you're glad that you have been stocking up on the various coloured boots and berets so that the whole outfit can now be put together much quicker and without the major expense in one go?

    Tell Reuben that if he wants to come and spend Christmas here amongst my NPs he is very welcome.

    Super post and thanks for making me feel even more guilty.

    1. Hey There is still tomorrow for housework ! It' s not like it won't need doing again and again and again.. :)
      Yes I am so pleased to have got all the No navels into their winter outfits, along with quite a few of the others. There are still a couple that need to have a change of wear not necessarily on 'trend' but something nice for the winter.
      I am very glad I have been buying boots for the last few years, always handy if you want some to match an outfit.
      Mmm I am tempted to send that Reuben to you for Christmas then maybe he'll realise what he's missing!! and not an NP!! but then he may refuse to return and then you'd have Hattie coming up by train to sort him out!!!
      this post is supposed to make you feel happy not guilty! Maybe I should stop.....for a while ..maybe ..have December off............................but what about all the things I have ... I suppose they could wait until New Year.......

    2. Noooooo! Please don't stop posting.... I'll try to cope feeling guilty and hopefully get my shivering girls sorted out next week. (A lot of things here get put on hold until next week.....although next week never seems to come!)

  4. The girls all look stunning, I'm really falling for the NN girls fact I love the Gotz girls, I also love the English ones, in fact I love them all....there's the rub!!!
    It's great that you've thought ahead and bought the boots and berets.....though with all your indecisiveness, I'm surprised you got that far to be honest! LOL
    On the subject of housework, you do know that if you let the dust mount up, it forms a protective and warming layer around the whole place and you don't need to turn your heating up so a result, you save money, and that money can be used to buy more Sashas or Sasha things. Now, didn't I tell you that housework is bad for you????? :)

    1. They are well worth falling for! :) But one will not be enough!! All Sashas, Gotz English whatever are gorgeous and addictive Lol

      I'm liking your take on housework :) I but I do need to at least do some... just enough to cover my tracks.. :)

  5. You're so right Sharon -*gg- arguing with 'the protective layer' is great!

    Dee, you are also great in putting something unexpected in your posts that makes me smile or laugh.
    As we all know: laughing is healthy. You benefit the salubriousness of european people.
    I'm sure, bearing such a responsibiliy is more important than doing english housework...

    1. Glad I am making someone smile or laugh! :)
      That's a great idea, I'll say I cannot do housework in the interests of entertaining our European friends !
      I wonder if I can get out of going to work for that reason?? :)

    2. Sounds good to me Anne!!!