Tuesday 5 November 2013

BOYS N THE HOOD.........IE.....

The boy's have all finally been changed into their Dolly Doodles hoodies and joggers! Of course they went straight off to hang around the graffiti covered wall from the Chat n Snap !

Percy ,Toby and Duncan are chatting at one end of the wall while Zak and Nate wait for them to finish and get in line for mum to take a photo.

" Are you three going to get in line? " asks Nate finally getting fed up of waiting!

 Percy and Duncan are discussing whether to change the graffiti on the wall as it was rushed and they think they could do much better!!

" You cannot do it now! " says Nate " So just get over here, so Mum , whose got a bad cold can take the photo's and then go have a cup of tea!"

" Ok Ok ! " Says Percy " We'll do it another day anyway we need to do some research for the coolest tags!"

"What's a tag?" asks Nate bewildered
Toby explains " It's the sign for the person who did the graffiti they leave their sign or tag to show their work" he says smugly " I am surprised you don't know that!"
" Not being someone who paints on public property " says Nate seriously " which by the way is an offence, it is not something I am familiar with!"
" It's Ok! " Says Percy " This wall is a graffiti wall especially made for people to put their tags and work on so no one will get in trouble if they tag it!"
Nate thinks he'll check this out with Mum before he 'tags' anything!

Percy moves into the middle so Mum can take the photo's but Toby's gazing off to the side!!

Mum takes a photo of Zak, Nate and Percy..

Toby and Duncan are still not paying attention!

At last they are all paying some form of attention, so Mum gets a few photo's.

 A final side view before the boy's run off to get to the computer to search the net for their new wall 'art'!!!



  1. Awww such a cute bunch of boys! I love how they're all dressed and look forward to seeing what their tags will be and how they do with painting them on their wall!
    Hugs Sharon xx

  2. How much paint will they get on themselves and their clothes once they get started, will they use spray cans or brushes?

    1. I dread to think!! I think first there will be a lot of planning and arguing and falling put before any painting gets done!!

  3. Replies
    1. Congratulations once again.
      Great place for the Gregors to hang out!
      BTW who did the street art work?

    2. My daughter Lindsey did the 'banksy' then went off out for the evening so It was left for me to finish , so I did the rest although I did cheat when it got late and stick the big central photo in the middle at the bottom after printing it off the computer!!

  4. Am loving those boys...looking well dench :) We have to go urban :) Dench = Nice
    PS What has happened to the lads Dee? You used to have more than these? Have some of the others gone to look for Tate :)

    1. I wonder if Dame Judie realises her name is used in urban slang!!! :) She'd probably love it!!
      Alas the boys got a disease called Dr barnados itch feet and wander off to pastures new and I am sure a few are keeping their eye open for dearest TATE!! Tate Tate!! where are you lad?????? :)

  5. Umm, I hope they realize leisure wear does not mean good to wear while painting.

    1. They will definately have to change if they want to paint anything!! But not sure they own any worn out and torn clothing.. :)