Friday 15 November 2013


Novembers bear of the month is..


Edith is French and would love to live once again in Paris enjoining walking along the Seine and buying fresh food from the markets and visiting the Louvre to look at the beautiful Art.But she would never leave her little Miss and for now her little Miss is here.

Her little Miss is Marcella, who is called Marcie for short. Edith call's her Cherie and dotes on her like a Mother.

"Vous cherchez très belle ma chérie dans son béret et robe "  says Edith
" Mercie Edith " smiles Marcie
" Vous êtes enfant accueil "

Mum asks Marcie and Edith to please look at the camera !
Edith who understands English perfectly having lived here for many years, pretends not to understand so several minutes are lost with Marcie translating everyone's word's.

Edith looks at Mrs Mum, who stares back ! Ah! she can see that Mrs Mum knows the game Edith plays and that for now she lets Edith have her way....



  1. Have I beaten K?
    Edith is a super little bear...I am liking her very much :)

  2. Congratulations SS-R! I had completely forgotten about the bear of the month as such.... although I did check into the Village blogspot twice already but nothing new until NOW.... so had presumed (wrongly!) that you were back at work after yesterday's outing!.

    Edith is a really pretty little bear and she and Marcie make a good pair, both being of French origin!

    1. They are a very good match as you say Kendal :)

  3. Edith is a very pretty bear and French sophisticated! I love that she also has a little French Miss to keep her company so that they can converse in their own language sometimes.
    The perfect match!

    1. Yes that's true Sharon, they are perfectly matched :)

  4. ...perhaps Edith now has forgotten some french words -living that long 'en angleterre'?
    Mais j'ai oublié aussi beaucoup de mon francais d'ècole :)

  5. This could be true ! but I am sure she knows enough to make her point!
    J'ai été envoyé hors de la classe de français à l'école en dépit d'un nom français!