Sunday 20 December 2015


Lucas was in the children's room with Ben.

Ben was back from boarding school for Christmas with the family. Lucas loves Ben because he's got red hair just like him and he's very strong and very clever , just like him!

This year the childrens room seems to be full of snowmen!

"So" says Ben " You are right there are no Score P .. I mean scorpion's at the nativity " Lucas nods " I knew that!" he says triumphantly
"But" continues Ben  " There are no snowmen either!"

" Are you sure Ben ? " asks Lucas " does your paddy know everything? "

Managing ,only just , to keep a straight face Ben replies " Yes Lucas , my ipad does know nearly everything and there are no snowmen at the birth of Jesus, sorry "
"Sure? "
"Why? "
"Well because it's a very hot country where Jesus was born and if a snowman went there he'd melt!"
"Yep "

Lucas ponders on this for a while , his little grey cells whizzing round.
He's just about to ask Ben why Jesus cannot be born in the north pole this year when the door opens

Seeing Hattie Lucas raises his book to hide.
"It's no good hiding Lucas! You need to try on your Scorpion costume !

Ben gets up to help convince Lucas to try on his costume
" Come on Lucas , you'll love it once you see it!"

Socks tries to get under the book with Lucas, while Hattie and Ben try to convince Lucas to come out!

Lucas struggles to stop Hattie taking the book

Finally Hattie manages to get the book " Now Lucas, are you going to try on this costume? or shall I give it to Mrs Hope's little boy Bernard !"

"No! Bernard have it NOT Lucas!"
"Fine! " says Hattie

Ben says he'll come along with Hattie as he wants to see Mum.
Lucas throws himself back on the sofa hugging his snowman and telling him, It's all right he won't let him melt just so that Jesus can be born in a barn!

Socks watches worriedly as Lucas sigh's with a little sob ! He did want to be in the nursery play but not as no score p man! He would have been a snowman , if he could!

Suddenly a voice says " There there little man don't cry I'm here to make it all better!"
Socks growls at the tiny little bear that's just appeared on the arm of the sofa!

Lucas turns his head " Socks! Did you just talk to Lukey! "

A little twinkling giggle sounds behind him " Dog's cannot talk silly! "

Standing quickly Lucas turns towards the voice " Who are you? " asks a surprised Lucas

" My name is Queen Petunia Delphinium Rosemary  Bearkins but you can call me Petal " she smiled warmly at Lucas and it made him feel all warm inside. " Now sit down and tell me all about your woes!"

So he did, he told Petal all about Nativity's that had Score p man's, penguins and robots in them but no snowmen ! He did not want to be no score p man ! The others laugh at him and says he's nasty boy but he's not! He's been good..well mostly since he's lived in the village.

"I see " says Petal " That's so wrong! Calling you nasty names but even more having  Penguins, robots and Scorpions at a nativity ! Let me think a moment! " The little bear stares into space for a minute, her head nodding as if she talking to someone and they are answering her!
"That's it! I know exactly what you must do "

She motions for Lucas to tilt his head so she might whisper in his ear. Lucas's eyes widen as she tells him , what he should do .

Socks tries to get closer so he too can hear what the strange bear says but she whispers so softly only Lucas can hear her.

Suddenly laughing happily Lucas turns to Socks and smiles " Socks we have lots to do, it's only five days to Christmas and we must be ready! "
" Huh ! " thinks Socks

"Come on Socks, stop sitting about it's time to act!" so saying Lucas heads to the door making plans as he goes , closely followed by a bemused Socks !

"Have they gone? " ask Petal reappearing on the sofa beside the snowman " Good !  Now for my little treat for doing my good deed for the day !"

" Jam tart ! Yummy , I cannot remember the last time I ate a whole jam tart and strawberry my favourite, yum yum !" she giggles gleefully.

"Now Snowy " she says with her best bedside manner " You must tell me your wishes while I eat my tart and once you've finished the Nutcracker lads can tell me theirs but not Mr Hoot, he's to busy pretending I don't exist! Okay Snowy fess up ! " then she looks back at the tart  with a covetous gleam in her eye...



  1. Oh dear, I have a feeling that this sweet little bear might be misleading Lucas and yet if questioned about it afterwards will appear completely innocent of the whole affair. I hope I'm wrong but I just have a feeling in my water! I will watch with baited breath for what comes next!!

    1. Yes I have never seen this bear before!And Lucas after making a lot of noise in his room as gone very quiet! xxx

  2. Precious! Totally. I really admire your skills.

    The boy on the sofa is so real. And the wonderful deus ex machina -äh- Queen Petal, who didn't forget rewarding herself.
    And the small tarts, of course.

    (I just think about how they'll taste if they flaméed...)

    1. Ben , a kidz n cats boy, is a very real looking young lad ;) It amazes me how all the visitors to this village manage to find all the good food!!
      Mm Flameed... that's all I need that Queen Petal setting light to things..... :)

  3. How strange..... a score p man at the nativity? Penguins? Won't a penguin be as uncomfortable as a snowman in a hot country?
    I do hope that bear is not going to get Lukey into trouble, it has been a long time since we have seen him so I presume he's been very good this year. What a shame if he breaks his record and gets into trouble now.
    Connor, who IS in trouble (blog written but not published yet) is watching his bestest buddy with anxious eyes - bad enough that the Big Man in Red might not bring him anything this year, but tragic if ALL red-haired toddlers are to miss out....
    I have a 'Ben' too, but his name is Will. He is my favourite of the Kidz'n'cats boys - such a shame he's been 'retired.'
    A great frstive post Dee. I wish I had your skill and patiene for settig up sets for photo shoots.

    1. Have you never seen the film Love Actually? They have Lobster's and an Octopus at theirs!!
      I hope Lucas is not up to no good,He's been quite good lately, we'll not mention Mrs raga's washing line and the mud! but I have not seen him for a while , I may have to check up on him!
      Ben is a lovely Kid, I never liked him in the beginning but his face shape grew on me!

  4. Interesting 'fairy?' story starting amongst this delightful room setting with Lucas' snowman collection. Dread to think of what happens next knowing how that little lad always seems to attract 'mischief' in one form or another.

    Am just wondering if a throw a tantrum will that little fairy bear grant me my wishes.... (which begin with the finishing off the writing of my cards and the wrapping my few Christmas presents, then queuing to post at the post office, the decorating of the house and finally the buying in and putting away of the Christmas food shopping!)

    PS Father Christmas came round here last night and very kindly bought me a Sasha Doll hidden in a Xmas stocking. He actually gave her a little kiss before handing her over to me... but the camera unfortunately missed it as it was still recovering from the last picture's flash. He said that he has a lot to do this year so was starting early.

    1. I am glad you find it 'interesting'! :) Mischief..mmm.. yes that word does suit Lucas!
      We don't know what wishes that little fairy bear is granting.. is she good or is she bad or is she even worse careless..... :)
      How nice of Sanata to bring another doll this Christmas.. I may have to have a word with him about sharing those Sasha's around... :)x

  5. Dee, I really like this room setting. You have a great knack at putiing rooms together to look so cozy and warm. Every detail is perfect even the darling little owl looks perfect nestled on the arm of that lovely plaid chair.

    Lucas looks like he is headed for trouble again. I like to think that fairies are "good" but this one gives me pause. We will see... :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, that is nice of you to say :)
      Lucas was doing so well, I so hope that it's going to be all right, I would hate for him to miss out on a Christmas present ! :)xxx

  6. I have a feeling this is going to be a great story - I hope Lucas is going to show us a new side to his character - but we still want him to be mischievous. ;-)

    1. I hope so! Mind you I never 100% know exactly how it will all turn out, sometimes, other things take a hand... :)