Friday 4 December 2015


In the garden deep and murky
lives an old woman, lets call her Gertie
Round a cauldron she does stand
dropping herbs in from her hand

Some would say that she's a witch!
Her reply is " What you Bitch !
I'm just an old lady who
likes to stand and make a stew!"

But if you hear the words she mumbles
while she stirs  and it bubbles
" Eye of toad and leg of doggy
suck it up you mangy moggy!"

"Add the poison hear it sing
don't you just want  some bling!
Bring to me an apple stunning
to lay low by my cunning "

"Someone in this village who
will make them all wish for you
to save them from their awful fate
they'll meet you at the garden gate !"

And so as we watch from shelter near
up pops an apple , oh my dear
It's beauty is such to behold
there's much danger in this fold

She sets it on a twig to dry
and retreats in to her hovel
she really needs to rest a while
and finish up her novel

A hand reaches out towards the prize
strokes it once in wonder
the sky begins to darken
was that a roll of thunder?

What to do If I with you
seeing this before us!
should we run and tell our mum
our voices  as a chorus

But struck in awe and fright we might
 forget what we have seen
our minds a blank our memory's gone
as if we'd never been

And so this stunning apple bad
is stolen from the witch
we know not what is the plot
but it could be a b......

D Owen



  1. Such temptations amiss if this great poem is anything to go by!
    Better beware all you Village people!

  2. O_o ... we suspekt who it could be.

    This is a really shiny apple, wonderful twinkling silver and golden, despite its inner value.
    We understand one wants to get it.
    But it's absolutely necessary to call mum- immediately!

    1. Yes a very tempting Apple..
      They never call Mum until it's too late!!

  3. Oh my goodness, what on earth is going to happen now that the little old lady's apple has been stolen?
    I wait with baited breath to see what should befall the occupants of The Village next!

    1. I know Theft in the village! Who knows where it will all end....

  4. Oh my, what a shiny apple. Hard to ignore and maybe a temptation...beware dear ones in the Village. :) xxx

    1. Ginger I think fate is set and goodness knows what will happen and if we'll survive!