Thursday, 24 December 2015


It was very late when  Lucas , Edward and Mossy finally reached home.

They were all tired and what had seemed like a great idea , now felt not so.

Suddenly someone appeared out of the darkness " Is that you Santa? " asked Lucas in a worried voice.

"No" Said the person moving forward " It's not Santa ! I don't think Santa will be visiting here tonight, do you? "

"WHAT!" cries Mossy, tears gathering in his eyes " No Santa? "

"But Ben I was just being a king for Jesus time!" gulps Lucas also looking tearful

" I can see that but you took these camels from the zoo without permission !"
Lucas replies in a tearful voice " But I left them a note and all my pocket moneys !"

Edward collapses in relief ! maybe he won't have to go to prison after all !

Taking hold of the reigns Ben starts leading Lucas towards the garden, so that the camel's could be sheltered for the night.

"Lucky for you , they found the money and the note and after calling Dad, he smoothed it all over with a donation and a promise that you'd not do it again " said Ben " Oh and in the summer Dad's taking you to the zoo, where you have to help clean out the camels every Sunday for a month.

" Clean out them's poop! " says Lucas wrinkling up his nose in distaste , then yawning  " That's not fair "
"Yes It is " says Ben then smiling gently continues " I'll come and help you, so don't worry "

"I love you Ben " says Lucas tiredly
" I love you too Lukey " grins Ben " Merry Christmas Imp  "
"Merry Christmas Ben "



  1. Thanks for this great story involving Lucas the scamp - I'm impressed with those camels.

    1. Your welcome :) I just could not resist them as soon as I saw them.. :)
      I expect they'll be back..

  2. Wonderful to see the three kings safely home in time for Christmas. Ben is such a good brother to Lucas to so nicely explain the results of Lucas' actuons. Shoveling camel poop sure beats prison! A great story and that large camel's expression is just so wonderful. Nice! Merry Christmas Dee! :) xxx

    1. I'm glad they made it in time, it was touch and go for a while! :)
      Ben is the best of brothers :) I could not resist that big camel because he looks so full of character ! Merry Christmas :)xxx

  3. So you just done a borrow, or did you done a buying of camels, Lukey?
    You going to keep them? or they got to go back to the zoo and you still have to shovel up poopy stuff too? That not fair!

    We got little camel called HodshmakakaH and his story book but we not find him this year, he hiding. Anyway, he LITTLE so never been riding on a camel. Like your one. What his name?

    Your bruv,

    1. I did leave all my's money Connor! £1 and seventy four pence and I left a lovely muffin that I had only had a tinee tiny bite of and my last TWO rolo's ! And they still saying i's got to shovel them camels poops!

      And that old mum says I have to wait till boxing day to get my present! I was going to phone them social peoples but Mum just says good maybe they come take me a way and she gets to have a rest from all the worries I cause her!
      So I don't do that cause I don't want to get taken away, I like it here, well I have to go, I is eating them chocolate ornaments that hang on Christmas tree, I am very careful to put the wrapper back once I eat the chocolate looks just like it's still there !
      Hope you Mam get you a present Connor

      your bruv
      I was gonna call my Camel spit but mum just give me that look , so i call him humpy

    2. Hi Lukey - I have no ideas what my camel's name means, but it sounds like a cuss word, so I like it!
      Know what? I ate up all the mince pie middles and then put the pastry lids back. Nobody noticed yet, but I feel a bit si...... oops, need to go into the bathroom for a while!

    3. Hi Connor, My mum would wwash me mouth out with soaps if I said cuss word! I thought she was gonna do that when I said his name was Spit!!
      I only likes mincey pies with cream and ice cream, so cannot eat middles but that very funny that you do that! lol, hope you feeling better soon
      your mate Lukey