Wednesday 16 December 2015



While Shepherds watched.. By Rosie Laird .

Congratulations Rosie and tp other other two entrants, it was a very close run thing but Rosie just pipped the others to the post with her humorous entry. We all remember singing this carol with  ' washed their socks' as a posed to watch their flocks!.

Many thanks to all who took part this year and made the 15th of each month a feast for the eyes on Sasha's and what they were up to! and many thanks for all those who took the time to vote.

I will list the winning photo's in a post tomorrow , so they can be seen together.



  1. Congratulations Rosie! Loved your shepherd's outfits. I'd never heard of this take on the wording 'watched/washed' before!
    Such a close finish to a wonderful year's set of monthly photos!
    Thanks for this great idea and all your hard work with this, Dee.

    1. Thanks Kendal. I'm sorry to say I know naughty versions of a few carols!!

  2. Thank you every one - my shepherd's are so chuffed!

  3. Well done Rosie, a good entry!!
    The shepherds are very well dressed :)
    I hope they get those socks washed and dried so that they can put them back on before going out into the pastures to look after their sheep!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  4. A worthy winner! Well Done Rosie!!
    Well done everyone who entertained us all by sending their photos during the year!

  5. It is the one Dmd and would both have voted for but I just didn't get time to email Dee, so a clear winner (though we loved the other entries too).

  6. Perfect, Rosie ;)
    Your shepherds are now the most freshed washed young men out there!

  7. Congrats Rosie! A great photo and I just love watching those socks! :) xxx