Sunday, 6 December 2015


Dawn is slowly breaking
and in the playroom gloom
another persons sitting
and waiting for their doom

They did not mean to hurt her
they'd just been playing round
they'd prodded and they'd poked her
but still she made no sound

The stupid witch's apple
had made her look like death
thank goodness she's still breathing
it's faint but it's a breath

Should she take the apple
and vanish down the path
no one'd know she'd done this
it was meant to be a laugh

but seeing Hattie struggle
to breathe  and look so cold
she was getting quite frightened
this will haunt her when she's old

Thank goodness she just touched it
and did not take a bite
she's never face this morning
if's Hattie died last night

but how do they wake her
she'd spent the night in thought
she considered all the options
and all had come to nought

So now she was just waiting
for the house to stir and wake
she just hoped they'd not beat her
and chase her with a rake

Drawing forth her magic
she tries it yet again
but just like every other time
Hattie cannot hear her name

And so Elfine sits waiting
for fate to drop the bomb
but she would give anything
just to right this wrong

D Owen



  1. Oh Elfine, a case of learning your lesson? How could you harm a fellow red head (or any of the others in the Sasha Village) with a stupid poisoned apple. Maybe you need to call her by her full name - ie Hattie Bonham Carter, that just might wake her from her stupor.

    1. Let's hope she learns her lesson and thinks about what's happened!

  2. Oh Elfine, Elfine, Elfine, what have you done???? I did wonder if maybe you had a hand in this, you obviously don't realise the strength of your own magic! What can be done?
    We wait with baited breathe for the return of poor Hattie!

    1. Exactly , she's been a very silly Elf , I just hope Hattie does not pay the price for Elfine's naughtiness :)xx

  3. This story telling poem is the very best so far IMO! Perfection in every line!
    Just goes to show that as they say 'Practice makes perfect!' So many MORE please.

    1. That's very kind of you Kendal, I am certainly getting some practice at the moment! They may be a couple more... :)

  4. No I don't think she's a bad elf just a young elf who does not realise just how magic can harm people, Christmas is so close....

  5. ... nailbiting ... ahh!