Sunday 6 December 2015


Once upon a winters day
when the wind was cold and bitter
the children were just sitting round
playing with some glitter

Hattie said "it's time for bed
you'd best go brush your teeth"
Through lots of moans,gasps and groans
they began to move their feet

Up the stairs banging shouting
the sound of feet crashing
so loud it seems that no one hears
the downstairs window smashing

Hattie returns to the room
to make sure all is done
She sees the glass another task
to clear before someone

comes back to play another day
and gets glass in their feet
So she works into the night
to make the place all neat

She tidies round without much sound
and soon the floor is clear
The shutters cover up the break
She's glad that she was here

But just as she is about to leave
to find her way to bed
a voice whispers softly
as if it's  in her head

" Don't you want to taste me
to see if I am sweet "
It's then she spies the apple
lying at her feet

Reaching out she strokes it
 a pain shoots up her arm
she stumbles to the sofa
and sits down in alarm

Her heart she can feel
beating in her head
her gaze is going blurry
she wished she'd gone to bed

She falls back on the sofa
her eyes wide open but
her breathing is quite laboured
stops and then they shut!

The house has gone silent
for everyone's in bed
while down inside the playroom
Hattie could be......

D Owen


  1. Oh NO! Surely not HATTIE, the leader of the Village Clan and after all that motherly work of getting the kids off up to bed and then carefully sweeping up the broken glass made by the apple being thrown through the case someone gets hurt in the morning.
    Some injustice here I fear!
    Now who's still up and around to come to her rescue? (I can only think of Mrs Mum who always stays up late and then gets up very early as she says that she doesn't need much sleep.)

    1. Yes Hattie! Where will it all end! Hattie cannot leave she is the Sasha Village ! Goodness knows whats to happen, luckily the next two posts are ready and waiting....
      I'm afraid Mrs Mum's busy with work and Christmas so who is to save our girl?
      Many Thanks Praise indeed from a teacher :)

  2. Well, I love Hattie, but really, she has brought this on herself by bossily (is that a word?) ordering children her own age off to bed and then being fussy enough to make sure they had tidied up to her satisfaction. Then she, with all her intellectual capacity, falls for some whispering from AN APPLE??????
    And where, pray, was Mrs. Mum whist her favourite child (oh, yes she is, Dee!) was clearing up a broken window? Did the poor girl not have an adult to consult when a window suddenly 'broke itself' without warning?
    My finger is dithering over the the telephone keypad. Should I send in childrens' services to rescue these motherless waifs?

    1. Hattie is the oldest in the village by a smidgen and a natural leader and bossy to boot! So will always tell the others what to do if Mum's occupied with other things.
      Feel free to contact child services, the children here are forever ringing them and childline checking what is and is not allowed and informing me or not if it's not in their favour, that we exchange cards at Christmas and Easter !
      And I have to tell you they decided that these children are far to canny to be taken advantage of and actually offered Paul and Myself a home so that we might have a break ! Best talk to Gloria she knows all about us.. I mean them !

  3. Ah, so your lot are related to Pippi Longstocking are they? Totally self-reliant living an exciting, if sometimes dangerous life that no sane adult would risk becoming involved in? Wondered why school never seemed to figure in their lives!

    I think Bertie has reached either Cardiff or Shrewsbury sorting office. I can hear the muttered comments about BORING Bryn Derw where sandwich, cake and apple poisoning never happens and how much fun food Russian roulette in the Village has been. There's just so little excitement here!

    1. Yes Totally Self reliant well except when they want feeding and need clean clothes then they seem to become totally reliant!
      Bertie's luck to be safely away from the village now this poison apples appeared!

  4. Yikes! I do hope a prince is in her future.

    1. A Prince.... mmmmm not sure I'd call him that... :)

  5. OH my goodness me, what has befallen poor Hattie????? This is terrible, we are very alarmed here and my girls and boys are saying that they can't possibly go to bed until they know the outcome of Hattie's fate.
    I hope she will be ok, poor girl.....and there she was just minding her own business and being such a good little helper for her mum!!!
    Great poem as usual Dee :)

    1. Well They won't need to wait long because I have to start work at 7am tomorrow due to the refit, so I'll be posting next installment later tonight. She is such a darling and very dear to my heart.. I hope I'm not going to lose her! :(
      I am glad you like the verse :) xxx

  6. I hope, there was a prince -or someone like that- for rescuing her!
    It is really nerve-wracking!

    1. I would not call him a prince exactly :)