Thursday 31 December 2015


For this year ! Did that get you worried? or relieved? lol

This years been a very interesting one and a very indulgent one on the doll front!

Back at the beginning of the year old Simples challenged people to state how many Sasha's they would buy this year and if they went over that total they would have to pay a forfeit to Charity.

Well thinking to be clever I set a limited of TEN Sasha's / Gregors for this year planning to buy no more than four if that. I don't know if my subconscious saw this as a target to reach or what but Sasha's and Gregors started falling over themselves to come live in the village !

I don't think the typeface was dry before someone offered me a red haired No Navel  with the most gorgeous thick hair, so I was up and running.. yes running as I soon had another three or four dolls in the pipe line or on the way but in my defence they were dolls that anyone would have plunged in to buy ignoring any old challenge that may have been around.

Darcy who brought my red haired No Navel's up to four but I have since sold her on.

I went from No Button Noses to three...

then four....

Then FIVE!

I also found a brunette NP' eyed boy to join my red and blonde boys .

The lovely Ragnor.

Millie joined Sebastian and Samuel who had also arrived, Sebastian has moved to a new home.

Teddie rapidly joined Babette who just happened to come our way... both 68 Girls, Ragnor is also from 1968 and this again seems to be a theme running through this year with the arrival also of

The lovely single fringe 68 girl Meredith ( Merry) and then

 just this month Sheridan ( Sherry ) another single fringe 68 girl.

Oh and lets not forget ...

Georgina (Gina) a red haired baby I could not let pass me by....

so it would appear that I not only went over the limit I went 50% over! So that's taught me an important lesson...... Take no notice of Simples she'll just lead you into trouble... :) and never ever say how many dolls I will buy or not.. it's just impossible!

I have also bought some other dolls, Kidz n Cats and  Zwergnase, a Natterer or two and also my first Schoenhut doll.

At least I have cleared out and sold a lot of  Sasha clothes and also Fabric and wool that's been around for years and a few dolls which as all helped pay for the rogues gallery above.

My collection of Sasha's is ever changing, I sometimes get the, there are too many or there's too much stuff/clothes connected with them and then a big clear out begins, I can feel that another one will probably happen soon ! Maybe one day I will get to the level that will just tick along without adding to or reducing from the numbers.
I just don't have enough time to 'play ' with them all, which is a shame as I do enjoy dressing them and writing the stories for the blog and I do have so many stories that come to mind but never get be written.

The Chat n Snap in October was a lovely calm affair , where everyone was happy and friendly and I believe enjoyed themselves. So I will run another one next year and will start taking membership in January.

My Sasha Village studio is finally underway and I hope to be in there early next year taking photo's for my blog posts, there are still a few things that need doing and as soon as the weather starts to improve in Spring I'll be in there enjoying the space!

I would like to thank everyone who drops by and reads or views the photo's, leaves a comment or not. It is nice to receive comments as it tells me if you are enjoying whats being shown or sometimes it can lead to wonderful discussions or memories and laughter being shared in the comments, somethings there can be a thread of comments that are better than the post written !

It's also lovely to receive people photo's especially if you don't have a blog of your own to share them on, we all like to see others dolls and what they are wearing or doing for that matter.

So another year draws to a close, for me it's been a lovely Sasha and doll year and I look forward to sharing 2016 with all of you who continue to drop by, for who knows what the coming year will reveal ?

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year, see you in 2016

Dee xx


  1. So pleased to see you finally admitting to buying ALL those Sasha Dolls that were way above your set 2015 number limit.
    Confessing allows forgiveness!

    Our thanks for all your delightful and fun Sasha blog posts that have kept us both interested, enlightened and amused throughout another year.

    Thanks too for organising and hosting another much enjoyed Chat n' Snap.

    Wishing you and all who live at The Sasha Village a very happy and healthy New Year.

    1. I am nothing if not honest kendal! :)
      Glad you have enjoyed your visits over this year and look forward to seeing you again next year.
      The Chat n Snap is such a fun event it's a joy to organise and it's so nice that people love to attend.
      Thank you for your good wishes for the coming year.
      We wish you and the brood a lovely healthy year ahead :)xx

  2. Wir wuenschen euch auch ein frohes Neues Jahr,
    viele nette Begegnungen, viele freudige Ereignisse!

    Und ich wuensche UNS -of course- dass du hier ein paar von den Geschichten erzählst, die dir ungeschrieben im Kopf herumgehen :)

    Bis naechstes Jahr!
    xxx Love, Digne und die Commoneos

    1. Danke Anne und die commoneo ist, ich zu hoffen, einige dieser Geschichten, die rund um die Reise in meinem Kopf geschrieben werden! :)
      Vielen Dank für all die wunderbaren Geschichten, die Sie geschrieben haben und Ihre schönen Fotos, wir freuen uns auf nächstes Jahr diejenigen.
      um Ihnen auf Deutsch Ich gestehe ein weiteres letzten Sasha, wie gerade in diesen Jahren Charge rutschte ... shhhh;) xxx

  3. Happy New Year dear Dee! Thank you for a delightful 2015 of Sasha Village blog posts! I have enjoyed them so very much. After all, it is the journey that brings us happiness and your blog has given us a wonderful Sasha journey! May 2016 bring you and your family the best of a healthy and happy year!!! :) xxx

    1. Happy New Year Ginger. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I think we've both had a very wonderful Sasha journey in 2015 :)
      I wish the same for yourself anf your family in 2016 and hope to get to meet you:)xxx

  4. A beautiful bunch of newbies Dee, gorgeous all of them!
    I have enjoyed your blog posts very much again this past year and look forward to more this year!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, you can see why I could not resist!
      That is kind of you to say, I hope you enjoy this years ones when they appear!
      Hugs Dee xxx