Friday 18 December 2015


Well sort of.. :) Way back in January , I said I'd only buy Ten Sasha's this year and well That was supposed to be way more than intended but turned out to almost be a target. The deal was that if we went over that figure stated we'd pay a forfeit to Charity.

So this week I did just that ,  paid my forfeit to a Hospice charity, I was extremely generous , even if I do say so myself, however not as generous as I could have been......

The Charity were delighted with my donation and sent me a little something in exchange , it was rather dirty and in need of a good wash.. you think they'd have made an effort after such largess but never mind, I am used to dealing with such things myself.

The funny thing was while I was washing and cleaning the item the song by Cilla .. Step inside love kept whirling round my head and I sang a few bars, I said to Paul Cilla's a Red head , he said what about Sheridan ? ( Sheridan Smith played Cilla in her life story ) so I thought yes Sheridan ! Sherry for short if needs be..

Oh you'd like to see what they sent me as a thank you for my generous donation? Well this is it before it's wash ...

This tatty dirty old 1968 single fringe girl.. in need of a good wash!

A very beautiful face yes under that dirt!

I had negotiated with the charity with regard to how much I would donate with a few others interfering and saying I should pay more! Until we reached a happy conclusion .
It was very kind of them to send this girl along as a thank you for my gift. :)

And here's Sheridan after a good wash and a change of clothes.

I managed to tease out a few strands of her fringe which promptly vanished as her hair dried!

Still some wave in her hair. While I was negotiating what my penance would be for going over the limit for my doll purchases I did happen to notice this girl and she reminded me so much of my lovely girl Belle.

Here they are together.

Sames style of hair.

So I have paid up for my Sasha overspend and can now relax in the knowledge that a worthy cause as received a lovely donation and I had completed my forfeit in a most fortuitous manner !

However I now have a dilemma !

Who is going? I do not really need two blonde 1968 girls as well as the two single fringe blonde 1968 girls, so who do I sell on?

Babette or Teddie?

At first I thought Teddie as Babette arrived first but then I took some photo's of Teddie and now I think maybe Babette should go?  Why is it never simple?

Belle and Sheridan are of course safe from the chop...

I don't need four blonde 1968 girls , now do I? What I really need is a Red haired single fringe 1968 girl... I'll just have to keep my eyes open!!

*** I have decided that Babette is going up for sale gorgeous though she is , she'll not come in the clothes see in the above photo but will be nicely dressed, please email if interested , she the one on the right in the floral smocked dress.****



  1. So, if we BELIEVE all this charitable donation stuff and how it led to yet another girl moving to the Village, then all I can say is, how does our Dee come into all this charitable good luck?

    Nobody should be sold on, Dee! It's the season of goodwill to all men and Sashas, you know - not the great Sell a Sasha into Slavery Season. How can you look either Babs or Teddy in the eye whilst saying to yourself, new waif in equals sisters, so recently reunited,torn appart?

    ....I'm getting really worried about the Village kids - haven't seen Lucas, the Velvet twins or all those fab lads for quite some time...have they been sacrificed in Mrs Mum's desperate bid to find the perfect group of residents?

    1. It was a Charity selling the Sasha, so therefore my bids and final total have gone to a very worthy cause! :) Two birds and one stone.
      As regard Teddie or Babette going, I have to keep to the rules one in one out.
      I never intended to buy another 68 blonde after I got Babette but could not resist Teddie as she was gorgeous, but I don't need lots of gorgeous dolls just standing about.
      And we don't do 'perfect' in this village as Hattie, Zak , Ginny etc are far from perfect but are the village core, as are the twin's and the boys , who are all around and about
      As for Lucas, he's about to star in the Christmas story that's going to appear as soon as I set up and take the photo's.

    2. YAY!
      Mine brother star in a Village Christas story! He goin' be Little Lord Jesus, or maybe the donkey or a King from Orian Tar --- (sorry Mam? Oh the 3 kins from the Orient ARE1 Right, got it, Mam.)
      Or Auntie Dee, it going to be 'nother story for Christmas? Oooh! Is it Star Wars? Mine brother make a good ale-y-on.
      Can't wait for tell mine friends that mine bruv is gonna be big star in story.
      Happy Christimus
      Connor xxxx (none of kisses is for Lukey cos we boys.)

    3. Shhh ! Connor
      Them nasty teachers says I gotta be a score p man I not want to be Score P man ! What him got to do with that kid Jesus Christ Mrs! You
      just wait and see what's gonna happen I got plans.... got to go as I am sulking in mys's bed !
      Lukey ! not Score p man

  2. I'm very pleased to hear that you've kept your promise and 'coughed' up a donation to a charity..... but am not so sure that such an expensive reward, or indeed a reward at all, was due to you in return! As the saying goes 'We shouldn't give with the view of expecting to receive.'

    Unfortunately too, her arrival has brought on a rather unpleasant knock- on effect for either poor Babs or Teddy who have only quite recently come to live at The Village.
    PS.(I do know which one I would keep but don't want to be a part of such an awful decision to the other twin at this time of the year.)

    1. Whilst writing and publishing the above your reply to Jeanne's comment has just popped up making the situation a lot clearer.

  3. I love your new fringe girl Sherry! I watched her too along with her brother. It is wonderful that she came to live with you Dee plus helped with your charity donation. Sherry is stunning!!! My Sasha purchases of 12 for 2015 were way off too. I have made my donation locally to an animal shelter. Tis the season!

    Merry Christmas to you Dee and your Sasha clan. Sherry is so lucky to join your lovely family. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I am glad she decided that here was where she'd like to live, I did offer her brother an invite but in truth she was the girl for me :)
      Merry Christmas from Sherry and all those in the Sasha Village :)xxx

  4. She is absolutely lovely Dee...and what a worth while cause. Don't envy you the task of who moves on is always hard to box them up and let them go!

    1. Thanks Simps :) A very worthy cause indeed. It is hard to chose but someone's got to I'm afraid :)

  5. For a moment there I was completely confused, but got there in the end! (It doesn't take much to confuse me though, does it! ;) )
    Sheridan is a beautiful addition to your Sasha family Dee, she will be a great asset to The Village, but it's sad that one of the other girls has to go...but I can appreciate the 'one in one out' thingy because that's what I try to do.
    Of the two I think I prefer Teddie, but both are lovely. I don't envy you this decision but good luck with it!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, she is a darling :) It's always a shame that one must go but it's really the only way to keep the numbers down, hard but necessary.I need to buy a glass fronted cupboard to keep some of them in !
      Funnily enough Teddie's the one who will be staying... for now... lol :)xx

  6. I like your way of paying your dues for stuffing the village with more than your year's limit with another 68 girl! I did see this girl and wondered who would get her.

    1. Stuffing ! I don't believe the village is quite stuffed full yet but that's because I move some on now and again although the core Sasha's and Gregor's and babies stay. You could say the village is like a long running series , with the cast, then the actors who come for a while before moving on to their next job.

    2. You can't possibly separate the twins, so keep all 4 of the 68 blond girls and keep your eyes peeled for a red-haired 68 girl. I couldn't move any of ours along (we have 9 now), they are all here to stay, with some of them getting more of the limelight than others on my blog. The Village is certainly like a long running series, with an interesting cast. I'm so glad Hattie recovered from her bewitched apple, it wouldn't be the same without her vibrant presence.