Monday 7 December 2015


Elfine just sits waiting
her fate she's yet to know
When down the hall is coming
a person whose unknown

The door is pushed open
a head appears around
Elfine sits up straighter
her fate about to bound

Then seeing whose just entered
Elfine's shoulders do relax
It only that moanie Reuben
mumbling loads of facts

With just a glance about him
he takes in all that's happened
He hurries to the sofa
to study all the patterns

The apple big and golden
the child short of breath
the elfish Princess waiting
the stillness of her chest

"If you've hurt MY Hattie
I'll see that you do fall
Into a deep crevasse
never to be seen at all"

Then turning back to Hattie
He studies all the signs
Thank goodness he'd come down
he's just arrived in time

"Go out into the garden
and bring in mistletoe
Ivy and a banana
Don't just sit there GO!"

Elfine gathers up her magic
she's just about to strike
when suddenly she remembers
and off she goes to hike

She rushes out and gathers
everything he'd asked
despite her being fairy
and it should be his task

Once returned she finds him
standing with a book
He asks her has she got them
she gives him such a look

Taking up the Ivy,
 the Mistletoe and such
he binds them all together
then beats them to a mush

He chants some strange new language
reading as he goes
he takes up the mush
and spreads it on her toes!

" Now we wait and hope
that what I've done is right
you'd best bend you head
and pray that she's alright"

D Owen


  1. WOW, who'd have thought that Reuben knows some sort of magic too! And this time, hopefully, good magic, magic that will bring poor Hattie out of her poorly state and back into the land of the living. I hope that Elfine is learning a lesson through all this too, and that she will be much more careful in future. As for Hattie, we'll be sending positive thoughts to her and hoping for the best.

    1. Yes! Reuben of all the bears! who'd have thought ! Let's hope he's got the right magic to help Hattie and save Elfine from her foolishness.
      Thanks for the positive thoughts for dear Hattie xxx

  2. Sending lots of get well wishes and love to Hattie, love to the saviour (we hope) Reuben, to Mrs. Mum and to Auntie Sharon.

    Wishing the wrath of the Queen of the Fairies (AKA Jake's friend E, who said he would try to read this blog) falls on the head of that GIRL Elfine. Oh yes, Elfine, there is a strong possibility of you losing your right to wands, wings and magic, you may well be turned into a mere mortal! What a horrible little imp you seem to have become!!!!!! At the very least, I hope you have your name changed to something wet like Peasblossom!! And I thought you were so CUTE...... Just you stay away from my sweet Tilly. She may look a smidge like you, but I don't want her playing with you after this!! You might be a MURDERER! Off with her head!!!
    Oops, I got a bit carried away there - what I meant to say was, that was not very nice of you, Elfine, was it, dear?

    1. Thank you, Hattie is in desperate need at this time of all the goodness she can get.
      Scuse me Mrs Jenni, who do you think you are threatening with the Queen of the fairies? My Mother IS the Queen of the Fairies, actually! And I didn't know them Sasha children could not touch the apple without getting sick, I touched the apple but because I am fairy I did not harm me!
      And no one's changing my name it's PRINCESS ELFINE to you! you muggle.....

      Sorry about that just had to let the dog out, where was I , Oh yes, I am sure Elfine did not mean to be so bad, she's a good child at heart. xxx

      as she gone?.... and another thing that old Tilly's not as sweet as you think, I could tell you tale about her that would make your hair curl and your toes too! So there..
      your sincerely Princess Elfine

  3. Jenni have you been at the Wine Gums???!!! ;)

    1. Wine Gums? I think she's been on the sherry trifle !!! :)

  4. REUBEN!
    Wasn't he the one only loving NoPhiltrum?
    What a wonderful change. But - I hope so much the magic will work.
    So far I know there have to be something like a kick
    to get the apple right off the throat.
    Perhaps not in England!?

    1. REUBEN ! yes he is the one who loves only the No Philtrums!
      Maybe Hattie's worked her magic on him!
      A good kick might indeed dislodge the apple if she'd bitten it but she just stroked it with her hand, so if we kick her hand I think it just may hurt but not save her! :)

  5. TRIFLE???? EUW! Mixed up pudding made out of left over bits, doused in booze to make it look and taste better than it is, is NOT my thing - who knows what the likes of Elfine might have added in that you can't taste because of the strong sherry? Now wine gums...hmmmmmmm haven't had any for years, must buy some....

    Dee, while you were out of the room, that ex-fairy brat threatened me. Moi?I you ask me, she's a BAD INFLUENCE and should not be allowed near Lucas or easily led green bears. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Mr Mossy in quite a while. Has that wicked fairy kid done something to him? I'll be over there to burn her wings if she's harmed my little medical Mossy, he saved me with that emerald of his, you know.

    (all went well for the Mum and baby - phew! I WILL be a granny in March!Will email tonight and try again to send to you, too Sharon, if you read this.)
    J xxxx

    1. I'm not coming to your's if that's how you make your trifle! Only quality goods go in my trifles and NO Booze! However having had the tiniest spoonful of one of Kendal's trifle's I have to say if you wanted to get sozzled , hers is the trifle to inhale!!

      Now Jenni how can you say Elfine threatened you? She's very upset by all this business and as taken to helping everyone and even cleaned the kitchen!
      Where have you left your glasses? Mossy the green was hiding behind a book in the so calm post before all this happened, he's probably hiding somewhere by now!
      ( Glad Mum and baby are still where they should be and look forward to March ) xxx