Sunday, 27 December 2015


Finally managed to get some of the lads dressed in warmer clothes. Poor Robin and Ragnor were still in shorts and t shirts , yes I know the weathers been quite mild but still a lad does need his elbows and knees covered at this time of year! Plus it meant they spent Christmas dressed that way!

Percy had been wearing his Pj's so he needed to get dressed, so now at least all the boys have shoes and long trouser plus long sleeves.

Here they all are standing by the new snowy backdrop.

Looking much warmer.

a lovely looking bunch even if i do say so myself ! :)

close up

They're been joined by Samuel who was waiting for a pair of shoes which he now finally as!

He said he was nice and snug in his jerkin and sweatshirt , so he'd stay with them.

In a mixture of A Passion for Sasha and Dolly doodles my two favourite boy clothiers.

These two shirts and Ragnor's burgundy cords are winter purchases from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, the red cords by Ginny we already owned.

 a close up

Robin in the red and white.

A close up


A close up.

I was worried this dark colour would be too dark for Ragnor with his brunette hair but I think it suits him.

So there we are, five boys snug as bugs in rugs for the Winter finally! Mind you some of the girls are still in their Pj's so another job to do before I'm back at work!! 



  1. Snap! Those are MY two favourite lad's 'seamstressers' too! I noticed that having privately asked Passion 4 Sasha to make me a couple of those checked shirts she kindly did so but listed them on ebay/Etsy? (and unfortunately I no longer 'DO' eBay etc... for almost two years now!Not enough time!) and they were obviously snapped up by YOU before I got wind of their listing from Sarah W.
    Very smart Winter backcloth.
    BTW My favourite is the dark maroon/plum set.

    1. I always ask Ginny for anything on her etsy shop and she's is more than happy to make you something, just for you, so contact her if you want some shirts and she'll make you some. I love the burgundy set, it looks so smart and such a rich colour. Glad you liked my backdrop because Paul keeps telling me to get some like yours as they are better, which they are, this one's a hard board which folds out and could do with being a little wider! But does the job for now.

  2. I like your new backdrop scene very much Dee. I was just talking with Rick about wanting a variety of backdrops and I think I must purchase one or two to offer some variety with the posts. Well done!

    Your boys are sooooo handsome and very well dressed too. Robin is just fantastic, as always, but each boy is very wonderful. Ragnor looks handsome in his new outfit and Samuel's new shoes are just a super shade of green! So nice to see them dressed for the season even if the weather isn't cooperating very much. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I need to ask Kendal again where she gets hers, as I do need a few more to help ring the changes for when I cannot get out into the garden or the studio.They are very handy to have for such times.
      Robin would look good even in a sack! lol Bad mother that I am it's take all this time to sort them out! but at least they are ready for new year! :)xxx

  3. My favourite clothiers for we boys too, though we go to Aunties Michelle and Diane Duke for the hand knit requests and look out for Rosie Laird things to bid on too. Then we take Mam's plastic thingy to pay for them.

    Oh, Auntie Dee, Bertie waylaid the postman this morning and ran off with a parcel from you. He is being very quiet, sitting under the wardrobe rustling the paper but Mam has done her 'just you dare' stare so he isn't opening it until she has finished helping one of our sisters who has a poorly leg and no clothes. She says he may open it then and she will email you later.

    Lots of love to you all at the Village,
    From Hansi xxx

    1. Hello Hansi
      It's very nice to here from you.We also go to Auntie Michelle, Diane Dukes and Rosie for our knitwear when possible.
      Mum says that the parcel is for Bertie, so it's only right he opens it, she's surprised just how long it's taken to arrive since she posted four days before Christmas 1st class!
      I hope your sisters poorly leg is sorted soon and then bertie can open his prsent.
      It's from Wolfie and Me cos he is our best-est walsh ish cousin
      Love from us villagers
      Ollie Button xxx

  4. When I wanted something from Ginny I contacted her privately on Etsy too and she very kindly made it for me!
    Love the boys in their cool winter gear Dee, they look particularly handsome....of course Robin is my all time favourite, but the others are equally good looking.

    1. Ginny is a wonderful person who helps us with all our requests for clothes when we need them. Sometimes I could do with her going on holiday just to stop me buying things!! lol ( don't you dare go on holiday Ginny! well not yet :) ) I love Ginny's shirts and cords and Robin always looks drop dead gorgeous.. well someone in the family as to! xxxx