Wednesday 23 December 2015


Some how Edward and Mossy managed to escape from the zoo and catch up with that tike Lucas!

 Edward could not decide if this was a good or a bad thing!

"Isn't this great !" calls Lucas laughing

" That nasty old teacher gonna have to let me be a king now! and you can be the other kings!" says Lucas gleefully.

"Let's practice ... We three kings of Orient are... "

" All singing now!" demands Lucas waving his hand

" Bearing gifts we travel sooo farrrrr "

"You'll be travelling to prison that's where you'll be travelling young Lucas, if you don't agree to turn these animals round and take them back to the zoo " argues Edward sternly
Lucas ignores him , busy enjoying himself "  O star of wonder, star of night, star of royal beauty bright!"

"LUCAS!" shouts Edward losing his temper, behind him Mossy follows mumbling.. " Why do I have to have this plain ole crown! I want one with points like that! It's just not fa.."
Without turning Edward growls " You''ll have no need of a crown when they slam the prison door shut on you for stealing a camel ! "
"Pardon! I did not steal a camel! That boy did , he took them all not me!"
"Well when they catch you on one , they'll not worry about who took, it just that you are riding it! "
" I'm getting off this camel right now!" say Mossy looking about for somewhere to jump down onto, but the ground seems very far way for a little bear!

"Born a King on Bethlehem's plain...Gold I bring to crown him again "
"I'll crown you young Lucas if you don't turn these beasts about and head back Now!
Edward tries to turn his beast " tut tut , " he pulls on the rope to try and turn him but the camel just spits and pulls back and carries on following his mother in front.

" Why me ! why" says Edward forlornly giving up and resting against the little camels hump knowing it's going to be a long night... which would probably end with him in prison....



  1. Awww The Three Kings! They're so cute looking, love the camels!
    Well they can't take the camels back just yet because they have to come to Spain and deliver the presents to the little Spanish children who will be expecting them on the night of the 5th January. They have just enough time to walk here, deliver the pressies and then get back to the should take them a week or so to get here I suspect. And tell them not to worry, just as British children leave out mince pies and things for Father Christmases reindeer so the Spanish children leave out mantecados and Anis for the Three Kings and their camels. There you go...sorted!

    1. I'm sure those Camels would love a trip to Spain where it will be so much warmer and more what they are used to! But I think it's a little far for Lucas , Edward and Mossy to travel alone, who knows what else Lucas would get them all into travelling that far.
      So it may be best they come home in time for Christmas and hopefully not via a prison cell!! xx

  2. How fantastic! Dear Dee, you have turned my worry for Lucas into wonder and awe! It is a delight to see him on the camel's back along with Edward and Mr. Mossy. We Three Kings of Orient Are" is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. A very wonderful post! Merry Christmas Dee and a very Happy New Year! :) xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Ginger, I do love Christmas carols and when I saw those camels well I just had to get one, then one lead to two and then three! lol
      Merry Christmas and a happy New year to you and yours :)xxx

  3. Absolutelovely.
    The three kings sitting on matching camels, discussing their next steps.
    I hope they will NOT ending in prison!

    1. Glad you liked them with their camels ;)
      I too hope that they can escape the police and not spend Christmas in Prison !!

  4. Well, I wasn't expecting this Dee..he may have been naughty when he lived with me...but he has become a CRIMINAL living with is no good I am on my way to sort him out/rescue him from a life of crime >>>>>>

    1. I think what he went through in the Ice palace was much more than criminal! So it's no wonder he can at times slip off the right track but never fear love and care will bring him home.. well and a Camel it would appear !:)

  5. Is this grand theft camel? what is the required prison sentence for that?
    Oh, poor Edward and Mossy, they may have to go on the run.
    And where is that darned fairy bear NOW? And is Elfine her Little Miss?

    Will we know the fate of bears, camels and badly supervised toddler (he seems to be running wild and I think Lucas should go into foster care somewhere......would a stint suffering Welsh weather be a good placement for him?)
    How long will we be watching this space for answers? Boxing Day? New Years? Can we WAIT so long?

    1. It is quite a grand theft! Who would think to steal a camel? But we are all assuming he's stolen it? but do we know for sure? Jumping to conclusions..tut tut.. ;)
      He I am afraid cannot possibly go to Wales for foster care due to his cough! It always arrives as soon as anyone talks about moving him out of the village..
      How long indeed! Today? tomorrow? new year? new wave? Can you wait that long? can you? :)

  6. Brilliant Dee - loved it but think I'm getting soft in my old age - it was lovely to see Lucas enjoying himself so much. No one could be cross with him and he's probably rescuing the camels. 'Tis the season after all?

    1. Thank you. It's nice that someone sees that there could be some good in what he's up to! I am sure he's got a good heart even if it's also Mischievous :)