Friday 20 March 2015


On Wednesday I had to go into London ( The big Smoke ) for an afternoon training course for work. So found myself waiting for a train at noon.

This train came in on the other platform heading towards Cambridge, while I waited for my train.

Now I received an email from Gayle , who lives in US but frequently comes to the UK with her husband for his work. She asked if I would like to meet up in London with her and a few other Sasha friends on WEDNESDAY! So it was a wonderful coincidence that it was the same day as my course, so I was able to say yes!

So on Wednesday after my course finished I went on to Russell Sq and met up with Gayle, Callie, Dawn, Catherine, Rosie and Lee and enjoyed a few hours of Sasha and other chat and a lovely meal in Giraffe in the Brunswick Centre before heading back home at around 10pm. It would have been nice to have had more time but was so lucky how things worked out.

Sorry no photo's was too busy catching up and admiring their Sasha's and their clothing. We had a great time seeing what was in several packets that had been delivered to Dawn's for Gayle to collect and take home either for the CFA at the Texas Festival or things she had purchased for herself or her friend. Lots of lovely clothes and shoes appeared making us want to buy things!!
Gayle very kindly gave everyone a skirt for their Sasha.

So Back to work Thursday and now it's Friday!! Hooray ! A non working Friday so time to rest and catch up.

I thought I would share a couple of photo's of the twins Samuel and Sebastian who have now changed into something comfy but so far are refusing to put shoes on, saying they like the freedom of not wearing shoes indoors!
Bobby changed out of her 'Oscar' outfit and into these winter white cords by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha and a stripy top I bought off ebay a few years back.

The boys are settling in well and enjoying being able to play and watch what's going on after so much time waiting for freedom from their boxes.

I do love Bobby or Tatty's (as I also call her ) face she's got lovely eyes and I like the length of her hair but it is Tatty!!

Well I am off to peruse the internet and see what's going on..just in case that NP or Studio Sasha is out there miss listed for a buy it now price of £20....... how's that song go? ....... To dream the impossible dar de dar de dar darrrrrr.....



  1. Must be a nice meeting -with so many Sasha Lovers!
    I so understand your twins. I'm constantly walking indoors without shoes, perhaps with socks.
    So do my dolls :)

    One day the doll will apear, -but what to do with an NP, Dee?
    Only admiring and saving from harm?

    1. Forget to mention the tatty Bobby. She's darling! Who needs a studiodoll :)

    2. It is nice meeting up with other Sasha you will find in October ;)
      At least the twins are saving me from having to find them shoes!!

      Of course I would only be doing my duty in taking care and saving form further harm any Np or studio doll that should find it's way into my home for a pittance!! :)

      Tatty Bobby is indeed one of those sweet Sasha's :)

    3. Oh Anne - it's obvious what Dee would do with a NP at £20 - sell her and buy lots of no navels and 68 girls!

  2. You lucky little devil ! What a great way to spend a Wednesday! I am liking the CARS shirt on one of your boys...if you get fed up with it do let me know...those cars look very much like VW's to me !!

    1. It was indeed lucky that I could meet up with them and a lovely way to spend Wednesday evening :)
      Those cars do have a look of the VDubs... I'll remember should Seb decide he's no longer happy with it!

  3. Well, I saw an early Gregor listed with a starting price of a few dollars, a couple of months ago, so there are definitely still people who have no idea what they're selling. I wonder who got that one. :)

    Tatty Bobby looks great with her short, shaggy hair. It looks okay from the front, like that deliberately choppy, asymmetric style that was super popular 5-6 years back.

    1. There are thankfully a few out there who do not do any home work about the doll but it's when they are seen and people ask to buy on a BIN for a pittance Which I do think is unfair on the seller but if it goes by a bin that they started with or an auction that finishes low because no one's seen it then that's fair game.
      Mind you there was or is someone who feels it's their duty to tell a seller that a doll is worth more than they have started it for, don't know their reason's but to me a doll is only worth what someone's prepared to pay for it or who has the money to pay, so you get the market rate at that time on that day.

      I like Tatty Bobby's hair but do wonder about at some stage having it 'done'!! :)

    2. The doll in question ended up going for $480. Not too bad, considering the starting price was one - 1 - dollar. Shelly has a really similar one up now, listed at £400.

  4. When I heard of this planned meeting a few days ago and that you were able to go too, being already up there on a work's course, I was definitely looking forward to seeinmg some photos of the event and especially the accompanying dolls.....even if it meant that you had to forego actually participating of the meal's food!
    (Could have perhaps done without seeing the platform and train photos as this only went to prove that YOU even had your CAMERA with you!)

    Guessing though that you tried to slightly ease my disappointment by including these Sasha photos of three of your attractive lately purchased dolls in part two BUT.............!?!?

    1. Well unfortunately for you I was more interested in enjoying the evening with friends and I saw the dolls, most of which you probably saw before at the Chat n Snap last year, So I was very happy ! :)
      Yes I did have my Camera with me but there you go !

    2. Oh and I did see a lovely train with pictures on the side and the picture of Knebworth House that is just down the road from me was right in front of me, but by the time I thought that would make a good photo and started searching for my camera it decided it was time to leave the station , so gave up.... :)

  5. Congrats Dee, so nice to have a mid week Sasha gathering! A real treat!! I enjoyed seeing the trains and the twins and Miss Tatty too! So nice to have that Friday off! A great post! :) xxx

  6. Sounds like fun was had, super :) x

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely day Dee, and how great to meet up with the Sasha ladies....I too wouldn't have got around to taking the camera out, I'd have been chatting so much that I'd not have given it a second thought! I was the very same at the CnS, spent so much time chatting and enjoying the company of the lovely people I'd previously only met online, that the few photos I did take were hurried and not great :) But my memories of the day stay longer in my mind :)
    Loved seeing the little shaggy haired Bobby again, she is indeed a little Tatty Head but so sweet looking with it! And the boys, what a handsome pair of twins you have there :)