Friday 6 March 2015


Well The clearing out is going very very slow ! Mind you not helped by me going off track ! The person who sold me the lovely Darcy just happened to mention she was planning on selling a Vintage Sasha coat with band ! Well I could hardly ignore this information, could I?
I of course requested details and then made the purchase, one does not pass by any Vintage Sasha unless you already have it or you don't like the colour , a very rare occurrence !

So here is the lovely Sansa wearing the new to us Vintage Sasha coat and hair band.

Sansa's says Red is not just for Brunettes!

You are right Sansa! Red is not just for Brunettes!

"See " says Sansa showing that she was already wearing her Vintage Sasha dungarees with red and white blouse and her Jean Jensen red shoes!.

Now with some of my part used wool I decided to make a blanket. I had already started the yellow before the clear out and I started to add the brown.

but the ball of brown is one of these large 500 gram balls, that my eldest daughter had left over from a blanket she made a few years back and gave this spare ball to me. Now I am not a brown person and this ball was BIG! so getting fed up I changed to the blue ball of King Cole Splash but then I finished a row and had a small amount left but not long enough to go round again!.

"So what did you do? " asks Sansa

"Well I decided to start the centre of another blanket as I had some other part used balls of King Cole Splash and one unused ball.

Which is this one. " But Mum there is only a teeny tiny piece of that blue in the middle ! You could have just thrown it away!"

Well Sansa is right but look at these lovely colours blending in together ! Not a problem really ! Well part from the fact that I decided this would make a lovely baby blanket and so.........I went online and ordered several other balls of this wool to help finish it!! I know I know I am supposed to be getting rid of it but I cannot just put the wrong colours together even if I am just using wool

Moving swiftly on!!!!
The Village clan received this lovely box a few weeks back and it's not been until now that we have finally had the chance to look inside!!

First up is a smart RED hat !

A little box of....


 Some bats with attached balls.

a little car and a bottle.

and right at the very bottom a wonderful retro radio!!

"Yey ! " cries Sansa " A retro radio ! Many thanks Auntie Kendal and the Sasha Brood for our New year's Gifts."

Sansa's packs everything back into the box except the Radio , which she is now demanding I find some batteries for! So I had best go find some...speak soon....



  1. Not surprised the clearing out has slowed, you've been too busy! After all you wouldn't want to do it too quickly and regret getting rid of something.
    I had to laugh when you said you'd ordered more wool. Our house has enough wool to last a lifetime and I find I still need more!
    Your New Years gifts are wonderful, I especially love the radio - I've not seen one like it before. Your Sashas will have great fun with all of them.
    Oh nearly forgot THE Coat it's lovely and looks minty too. Lucky Sansa.

    1. Thanks Rosie :) I'm mainly making the blanket while waiting for my day at work to begin as I get in quite early to miss all the traffic and just doing a little at home while watching TV. I know ordering MORE wool does not really help with having less!! But I do have this on the go,so hopefully it will be used and finished and then it's ready and waiting for a baby to come along !
      The Radio is fab, I have seen them with another Sasha but did not know where you'd find them! Kendal is so good at hunting out these items !
      Yes Sansa's is very lucky having that coat! :)xx


  2. You're right: one cannot declutter al the time without filling the emptiness again.
    I'm with you!
    Blondes are looking great in red, Sansa proves that!
    And getting such sashathings filled parcels makes everyone happy.
    Well, not everyone, but me - and you :)

    Gorgeous little Radio, btw. Want!!

    1. This is true Anne but it would be nice to actually finish before I start to fill it up again!! :)
      Blondes do look good in red! :)
      Sasha things parcels are the best only passed by a Sasha filled parcel!! :)
      That Radio is the best!!

  3. I am loving the little classic is fab!!

  4. Sansa's coat and hairband is lovely and suits her perfectly. She's a lovely girl :)
    What a nice box to receive from Kendal and her brood, the radio is cool!
    I did laugh over the wool, all that you sold and now you're buying more....this is why I never seem to sell anything, and why I have so much blooming junk....I always think "that might come in handy!"
    But the blankets are very nice, and very colourful :)
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It dos indeed :)
      Kendal is a kind and generous friend :) and that it!!
      For shame I do hang my head BUT I am actually working on the blanket, so hopefully it will arrive be used and therefore gone!! But it's true if I was not such a must match/blnd/look good, I could have just used the other different makes of wool I have but no! not me..even a blanket that make of odds and ends MUST look good together!!
      I want you all to ask me every month if I have finished it yet until I show you the finished item! :)
      hugs Dee xxx

  5. Loving Sansa's new coat. We too have a copy like that one here (as you will hopefully see in my blog post on Sunday.)

    Judging from this blog post I can well see why your Sasha Room tidying and sorting out is taking much longer than expected with all that gardening and un-planned extra knitting going on....but one does need a break now and then.

    The little woolly bobble hat I thought would keep Elton Ron's head warm from this cold north wind that we are having and the kitchen utensils might be needed for the Sasha Great British Bake Off when it comes about.

    The little plastic purple bottle contains bubble blowing liquid and I thought that one of the balls could be cut off the attaching elastic and used as a ball for throwing and catching by itself.

    I didn't bother getting any batteries for the little radio as it says that it is sometimes quite fiddly to actually tune into the radio's wave lenghts.

    1. Thanks Kendal, I believe Sarah made several, she said it's a very popular fabric and I can see why!
      My tidying of the room is almost at a stand still mainly as it's started coming down into the living room and kitchen, so need to sort those boxes before I tackle the next!!

      Elton Ron will love that hat, RED is his favourite colour! I wondered if the kitchen utensils were to aid the bake off, that's coming very soon.....
      I only told Sansa I was looking for batteries or else they'll be blasting the noise all over the house, I'll turn on the house radio when they want a tune and they can pretend ;) but many many thanks for all the lovely things in the box and especially that Radio :)xxx

  6. What a lovely box of delights from Auntie Kendal! Isn't the retro radio FAB? ( That's a nice retro word there as I'm older than the radio and old enough for 'fab' to have been part of my everyday language.......much to my father's horror.)

    Does it really work? What fun, it sounds from Kendal's description of the tuning difficulties, as though it would be just like those very early 'trannies' that my more (or less?) fortunate school mates used to sneak into our primary school to listen to in class.

    The radio went under the sweater, earphones up through the clothes then hidded by hair and they'd listen to pop music or the cricket match (boys only). But they suffered agony when it squeaked or crackled because they couldn't retune it. Nor could they pull the earphones out because our teacher would be able to hear it. This is, of course, hear-say as my parents were too mean to buy me one.

    Too much fiddling for the off button under the clothing brought the wrath of Mr Webster down, with a bellow of,
    'Are you listening to the WIRELESS?' (much giggling from us because he was using such an out of date word)
    'Or have you brought FLEAS into my classroom?' (gasps of feigned horror because Mr W had indirectly insulted the child's mother and her skill in housekeeping).
    'Into the corner and prepare for 6 with the slipper at break!' (more gasps of feigned horror because we were all quite used to a few slaps with a gym shoe really, it was a normal part of the school day and the cane was the thing to fear. But we liked to make a drama out of it all as an act of solidarity with our fellow victim. Ah the happy days of an early 60s childhood!)

    I should think Elton Ron will love the radio as much as the hat Dee. He'll drive you crackers retuning in an effort to hear the music of his almost namesake.

  7. Sansa looks wonderful in her new VS red coat! What a beautiful girl and it was nice seeing her on FB too! The gifts from Auntie Kendal are very special and I love that radio!!!! Great post Dee and
    I wish you well with your cleaning out work! :) xxx