Friday 20 March 2015


On the Facebook group they are having a Baby photo week, so I decided to go take some photo's of the babies I have now that the grey cloud that stopped us seeing the eclipse had moved off and we had brilliant sunshine!!!
Of course as soon as I had taken some and was going to show them on FB I came across some others I had taken a year or so back!! Right in front of my eyes in their own folder!!! I told you I am unobservant!!

Anyway here are this afternoons photo shoot.

First up are Wilf and Quinn, Wilf is wearing the lovely DD set that Kendal kindly gave me at the Chat n Snap last year. Quinn is also wearing a Dolly Doodle outfit, what can I say he's ready for summer.....

Now they have been joined by Elton Ron on the left and George on the right both wearing outfits by DD that I picked up at the Chat n Snap.

Now we have Dulcie on the left a 69 Quirky baby and Poppy on the right a mint 70's baby with very bad falling hair! Both wearing lovely dungaree sets by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.

Then we have Flora my most recent baby, so is so sweet. She is wearing a Ginny Set .

Now we have Rosie on the left my first ever baby and Mia on the right a Stine with eyes enhanced by Shelly, both wearing rompers by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha on Etsy. I love Ginny's rompers. Well I just love all of Ginny's clothes if true be told.Beautifully made and at a reasonable cost.

A closer look at Mia's Shelly enhanced eyes.

All the girls together , very bad mum as two never got their dungarees from Ginny! I'll have to make sure I buy them some at this years Chat n Snap.

So there are NINE babies in the Village , how did that happen! I like to keep them at about six... mind you there are in truth another two babies, one in the process of being re rooted to sell on and another waiting to be done and possible kept!

To show how sunny it was here are a couple of photo's before I moved things that were throwing shadows over everywhere!

All the things you have to look at for when taking photo's !! It appears I am getting better at noticing these things before I finish and put them on computer!!

Mind you did not manage to notice Wilf is looking elsewhere!!

I thought I would also add some of the baby photo's I found while loading these..

They are from a post I did a year of so back called Tot's in Pots.

a couple fo these babies have been adopted.

I had TEN at that time!!

They started getting restless

George decided he wanted to go in with the girls!

it was nearly a disaster

But all was well in the end.

The boys spread out once the girls leave.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the babies for a change ! Don't know how I have managed to get Nine and I keep looking at others but so far thankfully have resisted... so far.....



  1. I've always loved the baby Sashas and did at one time have the grand total of 26 but am now down to 12 this year. (Also just seen on Facebook that two of the original 26 have been adopted and now live with Cathy Buckler Mellor

    I adore them in the soft feeling Dollydoodle's sleepsuits. They always look so neat, tidy and cuddly.....just asking to be picked up and hugged.
    The romper and dungaree styles are perfect too especially when they are 'on the move!'

    Particularly loved the photo of them getting slightly 'restless' and George then wanting to get into one of the girl's planters.
    Sweet little black baby!

    1. Goodness Kendal 26!! I think I am bad when I start approaching 12 ! especially as I wanted to keep to around 6 !
      They do look sweet and ready for bed in their DD sleep suits but I love them also in Ginny' s baby wear, she uses such lovely fabrics.
      I do like my tot's in pots photo's they came out well for a change ! ;)x

  2. I loe these photos, Dee. Your babies are wonderful.
    Which one left to reduce you down to 'only' nine babies?

    1. Thanks Jen, A couple have lefy but then another couple have arrived ! My babies are a little like a halfway house for babies awaiting adoption! apart from the keeps of Quinn, Elton Ron, George and Rosie and now Wilf. ;)

  3. I love them as well, -the pottet babies are precious!

    How different they look, it surprised me again.

    1. Thanks Anne, they do all look so different ! I like the tot's and pots photo's they came out wll that day! :)

  4. I love seeing your babies Dee! They are wonderful and just adorable! The pot scenes are awesome! I am ashamed to say I do not know how many babies I have now! Mainly because there are some on the shelves and the rest are in boxes...I will organize them one day and I know that I have a couple of black babies that need new Mummys. I do enjoy the sweet babies that are on display in the room. There are eleven of them plus dear Gracie. A great post!!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. I must admit that I do like taking photo's of them in a group and at play, so I suppose I have about the right amount :)
      Sounds like you have a house full too! :)xx

  5. I really enjoy seeing group photos of babies...on their own they look sort of lost, but in a group they look NAUGHTY...and I like that :)
    Beautifully dressed by the way Dee..

    1. Trust you to think a group of babies would be naughty looking!! :)
      Thanks :)xx

  6. Fantastic photos, especially love the tots in pots when they start getting restless, so lifelike :) x

    1. hanks Louise, The pots photo's came from a post from I think it was last year :)xx

  7. What a lovely b unch of babies you have Dee.....I am waaaay behind with my two :)
    I love how you have them all dressed and was interested to see that one of your girls is wearing the very same Passion for Sasha romper that my girl arrived in....and I agree they're so nicely made, I'm going to get some more!!!
    I love those Tots in Pots photos too, they're really great!
    I have to agree that now I have more than one baby, I can see what people mean about them being better in groups, Bertie already seems much better to me now that he has a little friend!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love Ginny's rompers, she made that set up for me in those colours.
      I am pleased with how the tots in pots photo's came out!

      Beware that slippery slope you could be heading for, that's how it's starts two look good but four look better... :) hugs Dee xxx

  8. Beautifully dressed, Fantastic photos A great post!!!
    Sasha Romper