Sunday 8 March 2015


I was just looking at some photo's comparing someone's Sasha with another Sasha and while in there I came across a few photo's I thought I'd share with you.
You have probably seen most of them before but if you are like me, you don't mind seeing a photo more than once!

This is Jenny trying on the present I sent to a friend for Christmas, I wanted to see if the dress which I asked Ginny make for me was short enough to suit my friends tastes but long enough to be seen under the jacket.

Ginny did a fabulous job, so much so, that I have asked her to make me a few of these dresses in different colours for the summer. Mine won't be quite so short though!

I must say I don't usually like the dresses this short but it does look good and I'll have to get a brown one just for Jenny here.

I thought these next photo's would bring a feel of summer to the day due to the lovely bright fabrics of the clothes.

These are Michelle's girls showing her dresses off beautifully.

I love it when the weather is nice and I can take the photo's outside.

Gill's rainbow of girls in Ruth Hartley dresses and shoes.

Lets not forget the boys, although quite a few of these lads have moved on to new homes.

Mimi queen of the pout!

Once there were seven.....

So there are a few bright light sunny photo's to help us into the spring! These are ones I had on Paul's computer which is why I have only a few.

Enjoy your Sunday I hope the weather is treating you kindly ..



  1. A lovely mix of favourite pics and sweet faces. I really enjoyed seeing these photos Dee.

    Challenge - can you remember the names of all your boys in the big group photo?

    1. Glad you enjoyed them :)
      In answer to your Challenge, from the left Tristan, Alex,Adam,Toby,Nathan,Benjamin,Duncan,Percy,Zak and Ethan and sad to say only Percy,Toby and Zak are still living in the village !
      But they have been joined by Erik, Robin, Valentine, Trendon, Samuel, Sebastian ! So nearly up to TEN does this happen?? It's supposed to be six!

    2. No, Dee. The world must be in balance!!!!!

      There should be as many boys as girls, otherwise, people start turning boys into girls and we all get very confused.

  2. Lovely photos, can't beat Sasha dolls and clothes. Thank you for sharing :) x

    1. I agree Louise a little Sasha photography can brighten a day ! :) xx

  3. I NEVER tire of seeing photos of our Sasha Dolls however many times I have viewed them before so MANY THANKS for this super trip down memory lane to welcome our Spring season ....which is hopefully now just around the corner.

    I enjoyed seeing one of my first ever ex-slate eyed dolls, now living with Michelle. and seen here in the orange dress on the right.

    I'm a Sasha shorter dress lover too ....probably carried over from Chon's childhood when her clothes were so short that I used to always have to co-ordinate the colour of her top knickers (worn over the top of her underneath white cotton ones) to her dresses/pinafores.

    I just adore the brown Karen Warnaka coat and Passion for Sasha Gingham dress outfit. (It's on my Sasha wish list for next year when I'm hopefully back on Sasha clothes buying again.)

    Great to see your boys getting in on the act too. I'm really lookig forward to seeing the Gregors out if full force at the 2015 CnS!