Thursday, 12 March 2015


Well I wanted to find out if Meredith was a Single fringe 68 girl with a side part. So I asked Steve who owns a couple , one is  also a brunette.

So here is the photo of his girl taken by Shelly from when he saw her and bought her.

Her fringe was also swept up in her hair.


Steve tried teasing some of the fringe out.

But then he gave up and sent her off to Brenda to sort out and here she is with her fringe restored!

So I will search for Meredith's fringe and work on her hair to try to achieve a look nearer to this as she should be and failing that Brenda........

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his photo's and knowledge.

also in the Sasha Bible it says....and I quote

From the latter part of 1967 through all of 1968, all brunette girls had side parts to the crown on the left side. All brunettes to the end of 1968 were dressed as Gingham.

It also says ... The hair colour for brunette boys and girls from 1966 - 1968 was very dark , almost black.

also it says  From 1966 to the end of 1968 the fringe were very thin, only one rooted row.

So I have established that she is a 1968 single fringe side part Gingham, my favourite year and style.

I found this information in the three Ann's book Sasha Dolls, Series Identification, the best book to have to help you identify your Sasha's and their clothing.



  1. I guessed that she was a 1968 Gingham Fringe girl from her introductory post.
    What a very lucky 'girl' YOU are! Bet that you're now even more 'over the moon' with this find?

    1. So did I Kendal , well that she was a single fringe when I bid but did not realise the brunettes were also side parts! Being as I never read the book until after!!
      I was more certain that others out there must have been aware and would outbid me!! So was over moon that no one did!! :)

  2. Yahoo Dee!!!!!!!!!! Meredith is just stunning and I am thrilled for you!!!!!!!!! Steve's girls are stunning too and I remembered when he posted them on FB after Brenda worked her magic. It will be great fun to watch Meredith as you begin to work your magic! You will do a great job! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I love her for her face even if she wasn't a single fringe but it's an added bonus that she is :)
      Meredith will be allowed a small respite to get used to her new surrounding ( she's been kept in her tube for the last few years) then we will begin the find a fringe project!! :)xx

  3. She's really lovely Dee and there doesn't seem to be any doubt that she is what you think she is.....what a great find, you're really lucky to have that eagle eye and spotted her like you did! :)
    And Steve's girls are gorgeous too.....there is definitely something particularly gorgeeeeeous about the 1968 girls and boys, isn't there!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Yes I am so pleased she is what I thought, it is nice to manage to get hold of what you see and have it confirmed your instinct was correct. :)
      The 68's are the bees knees so to speak!! :)
      Hugs Dee xxx