Monday 23 March 2015



I thought we could have some fun  and if you have a photo of one or more, we especially love group shots, of your Sasha kids in Gingham, send them in and I will add them here.

To start the ball rolling here is a photo of Ellen Church's No Navels in Gingham.

So how many more can we get... it's over to you.....

A lovely photo from Kendal of her girl in seersucker gingham perfect for Spring.

An indoor photo of the same outfit.

A pretty girl in Gingham with a lovely hat photo from Anne.

Carol in Canada has send in this lovely Sasha in her gingham smocked dress.

Louise's girl's in gingham and Checks.

Gill ( Louise's mum ) in Gingham with a twist , pretty flowers.

Jenny in Gingham


  1. Yes, we at the Sasha Brood do!

  2. I'm afraid I plan to, but never quite get round to it. I try to tell myself that most of my girls feel they spent far too long in blue gingham, just I felt I had spent far too long in red gingham at the end of primary school.
    It is a lovely, versatile fabric......tempting, but a new doll that insists I buy him/her keeps eating the bank balance!

  3. I love gingham too! I will have to look through and see what I have and have photographed as here at the coast the girls (and babies and toddler) who've come with me only have their one outfit that they travelled in....except for Teddy, being a small boy he's had to bring some changes of clothes just in case he has any little accidents!!!!
    I love the photos above, very nice and very spring like :)
    Hugs Sharon xx

  4. Just thought about Robert Tonner (you know the dollmaker?)
    His dollclothes are made to possibly wear also by women.
    I saw it on a convention-runway: the dolls and the real ladies -in the same dresses.

    Imagine how WE look, if we wear the gingham dresses as well ... *gg