Sunday 8 March 2015


and their mother Kendal I ventured out into the garden with my girls who were wearing their Vintage Sasha coats.
Kendal has put on two inspiring posts on her blog of her brood wearing Vintage Sasha coats and jacket by Sarah and since mine were standing around in theirs I decided now or never!
One of my decisions for this year was to put my Sasha's into any new clothes I buy rather than what usually happens is..  A, I put them to one side,  B ,forget about them,  C ,lose them for months or  D, miss the opportunity to use them.

This post will be photo heavy so you may need a drink and some thing to nibble on, I'll wait.......
mmm  mm la la dum de dum....mmm..  Your back? Then I will begin....

I decided to use this metal painted bench which we forgot to cover up this winter so will need some cleaning and re painting when the weather improves but I thought it would give some character to the photo's.

First up is Sansa in the red and white coat and band.

another view.

Next up is Martha who is wearing this tweedy blue coat over her VS Dungarees.

Artistic shot!!!

I am  pleased with this photo of Martha .

Next is Darcy in the pink/ lilac tweedy coat and hat.

A different angle

The other girls wait while Darcy gets her photos taken.

long view showing the bag I carried them all in .

Now it's Simone's turn wearing the tan coat with beret with black trim.

The sun is casting shadows over the bench area.

Sophie is in the sun only shadowed by me taking the photo.

Sun shine and shadows !

Ginny is wearing the hooded Coat with came with a pair of matching beige trousers, this was the first coat I managed to buy from Vintage Sasha when she listed on E Bay!

Due to the change in the light I decided to move to another place in the garden for some more shoots but before I did I took a few group photo's.

The girls had been waiting patiently for each others photos.

so now we move to the Lych gate.

First up this time is Ginny in the hooded jacket.

With hood up.

Close up of Ginny.

Sophie in the green with the new style hat.

Close up of Sophie

Simone in the Tan set, I love these with the black trim .

Simone's close up.

Darcy in the pink/lilac tweed, showing more Lilac in the shade.

Darcy close up.

Another view of Darcy.

Martha in the blue tweed which brings out the colour of her eyes.

Martha close up.

Sansa insisted on leaning on the post!

Finally got her to stop leaning and pay attention!

Sansa's close up.

Well many thanks to Kendal for not objecting to my request to copy her with these photo's of Sarah's coats.
Also to my gardener, who agreed to get out of shot, mostly when I asked..

The gardener in action! Carrying compost from the large terracotta pots to fill the island bed in the front garden.

He agreed not to come onto this side of the formal box garden therefore getting in the way!

I will finish with this photo of them all which I do like.

I hope the weathers been kind to you this weekend and that the week ahead is filled with fun and laughter.

Many thanks for stopping by.



  1. Since you emailed I have been popping by to check if you had taken photos of your girls in their V-S coats as I have been especially dying to see the two new ones that you recently purchased from the vintage-sasha blogspot's listings..... and which I hadn't seen as yet on your girls.

    How beautiful they all look and it's great to see photos of them all together. Something that I find rather difficult to do getting them to stand smartly in one place.
    I'm always interested too in seeing which dolls you choose to put the coats on not to mention which accessories.

    The new blue tweed is the perfect colour for enhancing Martha's eyes and the pale pink/lilac tweed looks fabulous on your new girl, Darcy. Love the way it changes colours according to the surrounding light/shade.
    Simone's paler overall colouring looks great with the tan trimmed with black outfit whilst that little fun loving Sansa has the right nature for her jaunty rust/beige checked coat.

    The green tweed with it's new styled hat looks super on Sophie with the Gotz longer but thinner hair and softer colouring.
    Ginny has chosen her fine cord patterned coat to suit her adventurous spirit and I like how she has pulled her hair to the one side when she has her hood up.

    I'm so pleased to see that you chose the formal flower garden for your photoshoot as it looks so dainty and pretty with that sunshine and shadows dancing over the trellis.... plus it was nice to see Paul at work. I usually empty my pots at the end of Autumn ready to put fresh compost and 'manure' in ready for the Runner beans but didn't get around to it so still have that to be done....BUT I did get my wrought iron bench sandstoned-off, coated with red oxide, waterproof covered and ready for a coat of grey top paint later this month.

    This was so much fun for us today (and hopefully lovely for Sarah) that if you can ever think of something similar for us to do together let me know.....but give me plenty of time as I'm so much SLOWER than you at these things!
    PS. You've put Darcy's name instead of Martha's underneath one of the middle close up photos.

    1. I was so inspired to get myself outside seeing all those lovely photo's of your girls in amongst the greenery, that I just had to join in the fun! I love Sarah's coats and the last one shown in your post, a grey/blue with little flowers? was the first I ever saw and I did bid on but of course missed out but that must have been a good five years ago!

      It was lovely getting outside and using the bench even though it needs a good clean and repaint now! I always like to try and take a couple of group shots if I can and try to remember to make it look like they are chatting while they wait. I had to use the formal box garden due to it having somewhere for the Sasha's to stand and always being mostly tidy looking.
      Paul was taking the compost from the pots because we forgot to put the tulips in them! So we'll use them for something else as Paul wants to put Agapanthus in the ground inside the box as they like restricted roots and the box will aid in that.

      It was lovely joining in your theme today and we'll have to get our heads together for another double post next month! :)
      Thanks for the info about Darcy becoming Martha, have changed it :)xx

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I adore the way Sophie looks to be holding onto the bench, looking a little fearful she may fall though the gaps :) x

    1. Thanks Louise, nice that you noticed Sophie holding on :) she was very worried about those gaps! :) xx

  3. Very wonderful post Dee! I love all of your coats made by Sarah!!!! The coats she makes with the black trimming are very beautiful and that is such a special touch. My favorite is your gorgeous corduroy coat on Ginny! Thank you for showing her several times with hood up and down. I like her beige boots too and they look great with that wonderful coat.

    It looks like Darcy is fitting in nicely with all of the girls at the Village. The photos in the garden are wonderful, so nice to see the sun! I love your garden bench and even better with the hoped-for line up of all the girls in their fab head gear and coats!!! Thank you Dee for a great post and the lovely wishes for the upcoming week! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. It was nice to get them all together in their Vintage Sasha coats and actually go outside to take the photo's. I love Sarah's coats trimmed with that contrast edging gives them that little extra.
      Plus Sarah's hooded coats are wonderful, I love the big hood that sits just right over the Sasha's head and Ginny look fab in it, it comes with a pair of plain coordinated trousers but I thought the boots would give it an edge today.

      It was lovely seeing the sun and it actually feeling not to cool mind you the temperatures dropped now but at least we are not fighting our way through the snow like yourself.
      keep safe :)xx

  4. Wonderful coats and girls.
    I mostly love the tweedy one (for I like the word as well )

    Ginny looks exceptionell in her hooded bloomy coat.
    Well done; Dee and the sun in England :)

    1. Thanks Anne :)
      The girls had a great time getting out in that sun! that's finally remembered where England is !!
      Sarah's Hooded coats are perfection and sit so wonderfully over the Sasha's hair and Ginny especially loves to wear it :)xx

  5. A great collection of VS coats on your girls, I like how they were just 'standing around' in them - they were waiting for your photo shoot. I am sure the gardening weather this weekend was very welcome - I didn't manage to take advantage of it yesterday for gardening which was a shame (and we had rain and a concert this afternoon).

    1. Thanks DM, It's taken us a while to gather a few of Sarah's coats and I always love to try and get a group photo, especially one where they are waiting about ;)
      There is never enough time in the weekend for all we need to do, luckily for me Paul loves to get outside in the garden even a bit of rain does not stop him! But we were lucky and the rain did not get here until quite late in the evening and Paul was back indoors by then. :)

  6. Love seeing the girls in their lovely coats & hats. The garden looks like spring. Just love it!! While I love the more formal tweed coats, I also love the more casual hooded coats. So lovely!! Can't wait for spring. We have a ways to go here!!! Carol

    1. Thanks Carol, I enjoyed spending time outside taking the photo's with them. Spring is trying to raise her head but still have frosty nights and cold winds.
      I love all the coats that Sarah makes only the odd one that may be is a colour I'm not keen on would I pass by.... :)

  7. The girls do look gorgeous in their coats! I love all the different colours and variations in styles too. I was thinking I could copy too.....but then I realised 1) I only have ONE coat here between all my kids, and 2) it's not VS!!!! LOL oh well!
    But it was great to see all yours and Kendals on Sunday, and isn't it nice to be able to get out in the garden and take the photos :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I think you could make some for your girls once you finish all those orders you have! Kendal and myself have been collecting Sarah's wears for a while so we are bound to have a few more than some others.
      It is lovely to finally start getting out in the garden :)
      hugs Dee xx

  8. I can't is a GOTZ overload...I am off for a lie down in a darkened room :)
    Do like the floral hooded coat though...I have a nice Frido Trendon it would look good on :)

    1. I did realise as I was putting the photo's on that it was going to be a GOTZ fest!! :) old people are always lying down in darkened rooms I have been told... :))
      I have a 68 Trendon who may well try that coat on tomorrow just so you can see how NICE it truly is ... :)x

  9. Hi. :) You don't know me, and this is my first comment here, but I've been reading your blog for a few months. I love the stories you post, and seeing all the pictures of your "kids" having fun in that awesome garden. Oh, and I'm a big fan of Mossy, but please don't tell him that. His ego will be entirely too large for his fuzzy little self to contain. ;)

    1. Hi Tiger Anne, Welcome it's Lovely to hear from you :) It's nice when people pop on and comment who have not before.
      I will not be telling Mossy he has another big fan or he'll never get through the door due to how big his head would get!! :)