Monday, 30 March 2015


Because there was no one home to receive them!!! So they had to return to the depot and are spending another cold night on the lorry ready to return tomorrow when someone will actually be here to welcome them in!!

I did consider driving to the depot and demanding they free them from the van but our cat Saffy had been at the vets all day having five teeth out and she'd just arrived home and it would have been unkind to just drop her in and leave her. So I decided that I could wait one more day....just ONE they should arrive tomorrow and they'll have to wait until Friday to make their first appearance or maybe Thursday depending on what time allows.

So I thought I'd share a few photo's while I wait....

 Belle and Mini back in the summer sun.

Two of Gill's girls nice and warm in their sweater dresses.

Two of Ellen Church's family.

 Two of Steve's girls ready for a walk.

Two of Louise's talking fashion..

Belle and Claudia in the sun.

Two of Gill's no navel's looking fine.

Two of Ellen's sailors .

Livvy and Ollie facing the wrong way!

Two of Gill's girls doing VS fashion's..

Two of Ellen's no navels looking cool.

There seems to be a bit of a theme going on here two by two.......

another two beauties...

well hopefully my two will be here tomorrow ...



  1. Oh, such a lovely post - real eye candy! If this is what a babies being over due does to you, then I hope they are are delayed againn (not really!) All late arrival of babies ever did for me was make me want to clean my already over cleaned home. Mind you, I don't know that the place has ever been cleaned so beautifully since so maybe I should have another (Sasha) baby??

    Love every photo..but why is Livvy pulling Ollie by the ear?! I remember my brother doing that to me and it HURTS! Livvy, leave the lad alone!

    1. Thanks Jen , Glad you enjoyed it.Just had to do something while I waited!! and twos seemed to fill the bill!
      Boys always need keeping in check by their sisters ;) I am sure she was not too hard on him :)

  2. Oh dear! Another 24 hours of waiting! for ALL of us!
    Perhaps in hindsight it would have been better to have had them delivered here instead (since I am tied to the house at the moment!) and I could have posted their pictures for you? Oh well, just a thought.

    1. Yes another 24hrs , Delivering to you Kendal would mean you'd be happy opening them up and seeing them but I'd then have to wait another few days while you repacked and sent on!! Mind you they'd get to have some professional photo's taken in some very up to the minute clothes.. so maybe next time... :)xx

  3. *fingerscrossed*

    Waiting could be nerve-wracking!

    1. It can! but also annoying when you know they are just out of reach !!

  4. Sorry you're still waiting Dee, but yes fur babies come first :)
    Glad in one way you had to wait, as you've posted a lovely visual blog :) x

    1. Thanks Louise and yes the fur babies have to come first :)
      Well I had to do something while I waited!1 :)xx