Friday 16 October 2020


 Well Paul's been working almost everday on the stairs and hallway, trying to get it finished.

We have run the wallaper above the picture rail and below ceiling.

I think it works well with the Farrows cream paint.

The walls are very high and even with this ladder, it's a struggle to reach the very top, while holding a long heavy piece of pasted wallpaper.

Paul's been spending a few hours each day wallpapering. It's hard work with having to change the ladder position and having to try and reach across to highest points. Plus anyone whose done decorating and needed to constantly go up and down a ladder will know it's hard on the feet.

The wallpaper is up!!!!! and we are very happy with how it all looks.

another view

Looking down.

The wallpaper has really warmed the area up.


So apart from a couple of touch up's on the paintwork, it's all finished!!!!!! well the decorating side is. However we will need to wait another four or five weeks before the flooring and carpet can be laid !

Now it's a weekend free of decorating, then it's into the living room to freshen that up!




  1. Oh wow! It looks beautiful! Kudos to Paul for his hard work and expert wallpapering skills.

  2. im actually in awe as i cant believe hes done that ...amazing !!! xxxx

    1. He's always been great at hanging wallpaper and painting, thank goodness! :)

  3. Thank you Linda. Paul does do a good job and it was a nightmare in places.
    Yes the colours are lovely and warm :)