Sunday, 18 October 2020


  Well that was a busy week ! lots of comings and goings ! But even better the hallway and stairs have been decorated ! So now it's just a case of waiting for the flooring to go down, which won't be for a while yet but we are one down and two to go!

The best part is it will be completely finished once the flooring's down , we are hanging the pictures so it will be just waiting..  So after having the weekend off, we'll be moving on into the living room to refresh the paintwork etc. Mind you seeing how nice the wallpaper in the hallway is , we were tempted to maybe change the wallpaper over the chimney wall but I still love that wallpaper, it's still in great condition and we've bought the paint to suit it.

However, never say never because there is always the chance we could suddenly decide to strip those walls and re paper them.... only the next couple of weeks will tell!

We have finally booked an electrian to do all the small electical jobs around the house, so that will start moving forward and means, we won't get stuck waiting for the electric job in the wall in the sitting area to get done and slow us up on the decorating of that area, hopefully !


 We have now started to hang the pictures back up in the hallway, so that will make space as they are no longer standing around.

 and we have a lot of pictures!

We have finally ordered a laptop ! What stress! there are just so many out there , that do all sorts of things and have all sorts of figures that it's a nightmare for someone who just wants something that will do what this computer's been able to do! Someone out there, in the world of tech, needs to start adding extra notes for people like myself. That says after all the jargon , it will have great picture quality, a proper keboard, good storage, etc , even if you read the reviews they can be techo gobbled d gook !

But it's now done ! So we can start clearing out Paul's old work desk etc once it's arrived and it's up and running. And I can finally bring in my arts and crafts bureau.

 Yesterday would have been the Chat n Snap, which sadly was cancelled this year due to the covid virus , however it will make next years one all the more special, once we can all meet up again and chat about what we have been doing personally and also dollwise and again snap a photo or an item of or for our dolls. Lets hope next year we will all be able to go about our lives without any thing but normal worries.

On the doll front I have had a good week, selling a couple more after my p/t exchange deal, so there are now actually less dolls here, who knows how long that will last but I did notice space on one of the doll shelves... a first !

However on the doll shoe front, thanks to Petrana, it's been colour colour colour!  Did you all see the wonderful different colours and styles of shoes she's now got available? No ? then go look at facebook to see them all together in their different styles, such beautiful collections in their own right.

But Petrana did give me permission to use a couple of her photos here today, so look at those colours people......

 Look at those colours !

 Such gorgeous colours.

 So far on my larger bjd dolls, I've looked in one box and removed my Maskcat doll from the other and she's been just sitting on the dresser, waiting for me to try some different wigs and clothes on her !

Instead I've been paying some attention to my Schoenhut dolls , especially poor Gloria. Who now sports, along with her new shoes, a new red jacket from Ginny and a hat that I had sitting around.

She even got taken outside for a little photo shoot!  So at least she's now happy and warm for the winter. I have also organised a new dress for Gudrun, the old Kathe Kruse doll, and bought some tights for her as well, so in a few weeks she'll be nice and snug for the winter.


Well I have spent most of today with lindsey and Paul while we decided what picture should go where! When you look at the following photos you will now understand why I had Paul board the downstairs walls. You see the problem with being an art lover while also being a person who get walls knocked down is you will invariably land up with more pictures than you have walls to put them!



 However by boarding the doors they came become part of the wall and therefore become available picture hanging space!

We have used these new command strips for picture hanging on the doors but also the normal hanging picture hooks especially on the larger pictures. Time will tell if they are as good as they say! and for the sake of my watercolour collection, that I have acquired on various holidays over the last forty years, I hope they are! 

So I will wish you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead and hopefully be back new week, new laptop permitting!



  1. It's looking wonderful! I really love framed art in a hallway and along a staircase.

    1. Thank you. I'm so happy to have my pictures up where I can see them at last. :)