Sunday 11 October 2020



24th October 2020 

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 Well yes it's Sunday again and we are steadily moving into autumn, with the leaves starting to turn golden and red, filling the world with that special autumn colour.

The house refurb is moving along nicely. I finally found a nice replacement for the standard lampshade.

Although this part of the room's not been refurbished yet, I couldn't wait to change it. Plus there are now several boxes sitting around waiting to go in place , which means yet more things to store! If you saw my Friday post, you will know I've been sorting and moving books, so that the book shelving can be taken down and stored while we decorate.

Once I'd finished removing all the books and cleaning the shelves, Paul took the book case apart and it's now stored in the carport, where it will stay until the floorings been laid and we decide what we want to do.We do know that if it comes back in, it will be cut in half and remade into two units with a polished wooden top and sliding glass doors.

We also decided to remove all the carpet and underlay from the living room, while the place was in a mess, ready for when Paul starts on that room once the hallway is finished. We are definiately re designing each area as we get to it.

Now we are retired and Paul's doing so much work on the house, we are trying to keep the weekend as that, so no decorating this weekend. It's also now getting colder, so we have jobs that need doing outside, like getting the plants that need winter protection moved undercover etc.

On the doll front , another two of my Schoenhuts have found a new home, however I did also do a part exchange on them for some Kathe Kruse dolls along with the payment. So did not quite make the space I planned! However I do love the Kk dolls, so I'm looking forward to adding them into my KK family.

It's seems to me that as one style of doll reduces another style increases, even when I didn't plan that to happen!

I also took my larger bjd dolls out of the studio, before I filled the space with books, so that I can 'play' with them and restyle one. They have had next to no attention and I need to see if I love them enough.

. She did at least fit into these Sasha clothes and shoes.

I'll be trying some wigs on her and also restyling her hair, to try and get a nice look. Most of the Sasha's and gregors could do with being changed into winter clothing which I will start doing over the coming week as time allows and if I can get to their clothing!

We will also be buying a laptop next week, so that this computer can be returned to Paul's work and his desk removed and thrown out into the skip we plan on getting the week after next. This will open up a wall of space and allow us to get my arts and crafts desk into the house, where the laptop will be used.

So if I don't re appear next Sunday , it means I'm still getting the laptop set up and finding my way round it. 

And not that note I'll finish as I am still clearing photos etc from this computer ready to download onto a stick to save them.

Wishing you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead.



  1. Busy Dee, not busy bee!
    How big are your larger bjds? I've only had a couple and neglect them terribly but admire what they look like when shown on blogs and your little elf girls are particularly beautiful.

    Good luck with the computer thing. It is exciting when you get a new one, if a little hard work getting used to it and transferring all your pics and required links.
    Is throwing Paul's desk away the new retiree's version of burning school uniform at the end of your high school days? I couldn't throw my desk out when I retired, it was the property of Powys Education Authority, but I did bury my horrible high school tie and blazer at the end of purgatory 40 years before, hee hee.

    1. They are 57cm slim but quite heavy.They do look good when dressed and posed in photo's.
      We need to go and buy one but are busy with the decorating, but it needs to get done.
      Paul's desk was actually made for us by his old firm but it's ours. We didn't need it now we are free agents and it's sitting in the area we want to make into a sitting area facing the garden. So It's got to go! :)