Monday 5 October 2020


 Yes it's the 5th of October , the middle autumn month and the chillier evenings are starting to arrive. But we can spend some time admiring all these lovely photos that have been shared with us today.

From Ursula's school of riding , we have Milo practicing his riding skills on this fine pony.

 His sister Grace is already a very fine rider and can ride bareback she is so good!

 Meanwhile over in Gregoropolis Rolf is in heaven because finally there is another button nosed kid in the family!

He is so happy he invites her for a drink and to listen to him play some music and impromptu Oktoberfest is soon going strong with Paul and Kurt joining in the fun.

The music and drink flows and soon she is dancing with her new brothers while Rolf sings songs from the old country. I hope that was ginger beer in those steins or there will be some sore heads in the morning.

Here in the village the, all but Olivia , button noses finally got together for a photo.Margot, Peter,Beatrice, Olivier and Magda.

The girls started asking when would Olivia be returning , so I had to promise to sort her out.

 Then Peter started on about how Ollie misses his twin sister ! Ollie looking sad and nodding in agreement! These buttons do go on when they get hold of an issue! So now I have promised to go find her and her arm!

From Carol we have this month's diorama, I love all the small details in these.

 and she's also shared a photo of just where it sits in the kitchen and we all like to know these things.

From Viv we have these two sweethearts sheltering from the rain inside wondering will it ever stop!

Over in wales, Jenni's girl Paula is out looking at flowers while the rains stopped.

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in photos this month, there is still time to have yours added.


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  1. Another great 5th Of The Month get together. Ah, those Button Nose kids, perhaps it is just as well Bertie Button is an only, he does enough chattering without competition from a sibling.
    I do love every pic here but was particularly pleased to see Carol's little Hitty and her friend (is she a Ginny?). The small dolls are dear to my heart. Because I'm a terrible photographer, I find it hard to take good pics of mine but it is great to see others.