Thursday 1 October 2020


 Yes the 1ST !

I thought I would share with you all this photo of my Button nosed kids from a while back. All apart from the Brunette, are still with me and others have appeared to increase their little clan.

Tomorrow is going to be stormy with lots of rain! But I will gather the buttons together for a picture, all apart from poor Olivia, the blonde whose been waiting at least 18 months for her arm to be repaired !

So that's one thing that I must do before Halloween! get Olivia back together and ready for that spooky night.

If you'd like to send in a photo for this month's doll day on the 5th please do. I will be back tomorrow , hopefully with a photo of the button nosed clan that now reside in the village.

wishing anyone whose birthday is this month, a lovely joy filled day.



  1. Hmmm, I might have to submit a pic of my button nose kids (plural - cuz there's actually more than one now).

    1. Lol of course there is more than one... that's how it all starts one arrives and then they mention a friend or make sure the computer is showing another in need of a home and before you know it, there's half a dozen and they are well settled!
      A photo would be lovely :)