Sunday, 3 October 2021


 Well the last week or so just vanished ! I did start writing a post for last Sunday then some how never went back and finished it  ! 

So the week before last I spent most of at my youngest daughters house helping with the grandchildren. Due to the lockdowns, now we have opened up again , everyone is catching cold and other viruses and they had had one after another over six long weeks, so some moral support was needed from mum.

They are both darlings and I love them dearly but oh how we forget just how much work two under fours can be ! But it was lovely spending a few days with them helping out and playing.

When Adam first met Hattie , he stroked her hair and touched her face. When she followed him into the playroom he was convinced she was up to something !

Hattie had driven herself there not knowing there was about to be a petrol problem !

Once I was home it was back into the garden between rainy days to get the compost bins moved over and back against the new fencing. We have now gained about 18 inches we can add to the raised border and extra space to walk past the bins.

We also have lots of lovely rich compost to add to the garden this winter , to enrich the soil ready for next year. Our new wood shredder is proving to be a great investment, reducing lots of garden waste down to small piles to be recycled or composted. So with all the change happening at the end of the garden, design changes are being thought of and planned for the spring months.

Inside is just ticking along waiting for the garden jobs to end and then we can start a few of those over the winter months.

On the doll front, the Chat n Snap is rapidly approaching and since it will be a simple affair this year I actually don't have too much to get done until the last few days. However I do need to sort out a few things to give to Michelle, who has a sales table ( I gave mine up to someone else ) to sell for me , so that's something I really need to get done next week and not at the last minute.

We have some lovely raffle prizes , so will hopefully make a nice figure for the charities.

I have some dolls to send off and some that will be collected at the CnS, so I need to get them boxed and ready. Once the CnS is over I'll have a little more space in the Studio.

A reminder that it's almost the fifth, so please send in those doll photos so everyone can enjoy seeing them, we don't have a lot of commenters but we do have a lot of viewers, so well worth the effort.

So wishing everyone who has a birthday this month Happy Birthday and to everyone have a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. Adam is a handsome little boy! Gosh, he is growing up so fast!

    1. He is now ten months old! walking round the furniture not quite letting go yet ! :)

  2. Good thing you didn't bring Toby and Zak along. I could see those two encouraging Adam into all kinds of mischief!

    1. Perish the thought ! Toby and Zak with Adam ! doesn't bare thinking about just what that Toby would get up to with Zak following behind urging him to stop ! makes a granny's blood run cold...