Friday, 29 October 2021


 Well some of the kids were not so happy that they did not get a full new wardrobe of clothing  ! But I told them that's what happens in big families, only a couple of new items and then it's hand me downs ! 

Toby was not impressed that Zak beat him to the DD hoodie but I did explain that the only other one available was dark grey with an orange monster, he knew there was no hope I'd buy that with those colours !

He did cheer up a little when this alien t shirt arrived with some of our extra Ginny purchases, so he happy teamed it with the second pair of linen look long shorts I bought on the day from A Passion for Sasha, and some Rosie Bloom shoes that matched.

Although he say's he'll be needing some long trousers soon and a sweater !


  1. He'll probably need warmer clothes soon - but as long as he doesn't stay away too far from the central heating, he looks very smart. I love the alien pattern!

    1. He is already searching through the boys clothing box for what he wants to spend the winter wearing !