Sunday 31 October 2021



To all our friends celebrating Halloween.

So It's fallen on a Sunday this year. Due to Covid last year there was no one knocking on the door for treats , not sure if anyone will knock this year but will have a few sweets ready for if they do, although I think this year should still be quiet.

I was saying to Paul, I'd love to be in the US who celebrate this event in such style for Halloween , in a small town that really get into the mood and watch all the children and adults and see their costumes and all the houses decorated. 

Here we used to have bonfire night on the 5th of November, which was a big thing when I was a child but over the years this has now fallen by the wayside and is no longer what it once was . Now I spend more time complaining about the huge noise the fireworks now make ,when some idiot is wasting a few hundred pounds letting them off over several days before and after the 5th. 

It's a nightmare for anyone with pets who don't like the sounds plus trying to keep them safe. I'm all for local organised displays, held safely in a local park or area , well supervised and attended.

So down off the soap box ! What I have I been up to this week. Well mainly it's been garden related. We have so much that needs cutting back and composting or digging up etc. That most of the weeks been garden based.

We have taken out a huge honeysuckle and evergreen clematis on the right hand side of the flower garden. The photo shows just a tiny bit of the plants. Then Paul removed all the Rubeckia ,that had started to take over, apart from a small section by the side fence. Then replanted the bed with plants we have bought over the summer.

The replanted bed , now the sun will be able to get to all of the space and the plants won't try to grow away from the trellis and fence.

We also took a trip to a big garden centre , One I go to quite often to meet my friend for a coffee , but Paul and Lindsey had not been to for years, so it was a big change from last time they went. also it was half term , so was full of woman and their children. The centre has a small animal zoo and a children's sized railway plus outside was a carousel. It's somewhere I would take my grandkids to , if they were staying over.

It's full of everything, household treasures, Christmas wares , clothing, indoor plants and outdoor plants and 100's of pots and other items. Could of spent a fortune but only bought some bulbs.

On the doll front, another doll has found a new home and a few items of clothing have also gone. Amazingly no dolls have arrived  ! I know I may have to get that bump on my head checked out ! But it's sort of nice that a little space is appearing and there is now space for dolls to fit together. 

It cannot last, this no doll buying, but it's good at the moment. I was supposed to spend time in the studio this week but didn't so now will need to get my act together this coming week, a little old woman I know, is starting to give me hard stares and talk about digging holes in the garden !

So on that note I'd best end and wish you all a happy healthy week ahead



  1. Happy Halloween Sis! Don't forget not to scare any trick or treaters that knock on your door tonight....they are only young and will be scared for life:)

    1. As if I would.. not :) A little scaring will do the little bugg... I mean darlings the world of good! We are too woke with the kids these days , they need toughing up ! lol

  2. :) :) Indeed they do! After buying a shedload of Haribo sweeties NOT one Trick or treater showed up!! Must be because we are English :) If I had known that no one wanted my Sweets I would have bought chocolate (which I can't get enough of)!!

    1. Now sis ! Never buy a shed load of Haribo unless you like them! I will buy a few packs of Haribo then chocolate mini bars , so the kids get Haribo first then chocolate later, that way the ones you want are left !
      We didn't have any callers either, I think Covid still an issue not if you English ;)