Monday 18 October 2021


 Well the raffle prizes were wonderful and there were plenty of them.

some of the raffle



This beautiful boy from Madelaine Foong

This beautiful girl donated privately


yet more was being added during the day

sorry not a good photo of the beautiful baby boy's layette made and donated by Judith of Dolly Doodles.

Then there it was a piece of the holy grail of Sasha owners, a beret by the talented Catherine French but not just this one but..

also one of her wonderful heart sweaters in a pale blue... 

So it all started, the sweater and the beret kept getting hidden amongst the other raffle prizes but I'd seen where they'd been put. 

So the first prize was a choice between either of the dolls , or the layette ,the one doll not selected would be the last prize and the layette the second !

So the ticket is pulled and it's Theresa and she comes up and asks to have the CF sweater instead of the big prize......................................................... so with cracked heart I say okay !

Hey but I could still win the beret! right ? 

So the second ticket is pulled and Vanessa comes up and she says..... can she have the beret !!!! What's a person to do ! So I say okay as my heart finally breaks knowing I'd have asked the same question !

Finally the three ticket is pulled and the winner, Pearl picks the beautiful girl, then the raffle continues and continues and continues. In the end not wishing to celebrate my next birthday whats not until next July , I started speeding things up, we had double bubble , announced before ticket pulled that ticket holder could pick two items, then we had a speed pick we counted to six and the person could pick four items before we finished, increased it to pick five in five, four in four but still there were prizes.

Finally all the prizes were gone accept the boy who was won on the last ticket by Petrana.

I will be working on a raffle plan for next year ! 

Well I did win a few raffle prizes and they were nice one's I was able to select.

I won these two lovely dresses and also the wonderful garden chair.

another sweet dress and a Halloween set of black caldron, food and apron.

and this lovely sweater, so I did actually do really well even if I didn't get the CF sweater or hat. Sometimes it's just not meant to be , so my heart is fine and I will seek to win another day !

Oh and Theresa I was only joking your not banned really.... well unless it happens again ! ;)


  1. Oh what a day!!! Sounds a bit exhausting but wonderful anyway! Hope someone will have a beret like this for you some day...

    1. It was a great day and yes very tiring. I may have to buy me some teeny tiny knitting needles and spend a couple of years knitting one myself !

  2. Wow! What a generous bunch to donate such fabulous prizes! If I could knit Sis I would make you a beret....but I can't- so keeping my fingers crossed you will win one NEXT year at the C'n'S :)

    1. They are a wonderfully generous lot. If I could knit that small I'd spend three years making one myself !
      Those beret are like hens teeth and one won't appear again until the next blue moon falls on a Wednesday in November ! :)
      You'll see I had to spend on the sales table to ease my poor heart, yes that was before the draw but I

  3. Sasha folks are the most generous people ever!