Saturday 30 October 2021


Mixing in ...

 So as I said before not all purchases are made on the day ! Once home you have time to sit and think about it's you have seen and maybe considered buying but never got back to the sales table or just forgot due to everything happening.

But the power of the email comes into play then, in this case I was able to message Ginny of A Passion for Sasha and ask if she had a couple of the dresses still available that I'd seen.

Thankfully she did , so this is the first of the two I then purchased.

It has a delicate little floral print in reddy/ orange and yellow. I teamed it with a rusty red pair of tights and a tomato red pair of Rosie Bloom shoes.

Equally it could have been teamed with the yellow or green shoes and tights but I decided to stick with the green for now.

I can see me carrying various shoes around when I go shopping trying to find the perfect colour match of socks to make tights from !

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