Monday, 25 October 2021


 So next up to be changed was one of the boys. Yes I know the poor boys are normally last in the process but that's because they don't complain like the girls, who love new things. The boys tend to be happy wearing the same clothes until they fall off !!

But I didn't forget the boys when I was cruising the sales tables and did come home with a couple of new items just for them.

Zak is so happy to get first dibs on the Dolly Doodles blue monster sweatshirt! He couldn't believe he'd beaten Toby to it !

And he also got to team it for now with the linen look long shorts by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha , so not one but two new items to wear first!

He loves the monster and tells me it's lovely and warm and he won't need to change for years !! Mmm I said well he cannot wear it to bed !

In that case he informed me , he'd sleep with the top under his pillow so Toby couldn't snaffle it!

I have to say I don't blame him as Toby was very grumbly when he saw Zak's new sweatshirt !